SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 7-8

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Chapter 7.
Aadarsh: Swara stop this madness!
Sanskaar: He’s right I think we went to far.
Swara: No give it one more minute.
Kunj: Fine one more minute and then u put an end to this S***.
Lakshya: In mind ( Agar tum meri Ragini ho,,toh tum yeh kar pau gi.

XYZ place.

Ragini is showing training to relief her mind from stress.
Someone is watching her from a far building…
Just at that moment a slab of stone in the air between buildings like a bridge held up from multiple pillars is shown.
Ragini: In mind (I have to do this if death is God’s will for me then so be it..)
She is shown climbing up a pillar.
As she reaches the top platform a train is approaching…
She runs….
at the edge of the platform she is shown leaping onto the running train just away from the edge of the platform which is hanging on thin air.
“HUFF HUFF!” she breathes heavy but she’s not done yet.
“Whoosh!” she jumped of the train onto a building 8-9 feet away..
She rolled on the ground and leped up again only to go to the edge of a building to jump off into a black hole in the bottom of the floor…
End of flashback.

Lakshya : Use kuch nahi hoga…
Ragini is shown taking off her jacket and after taking a huge breath at the top before the tank fully fills up. She dives down and stuffs her jacket into the water pipe causing the tank to crack..
She is shown lying on the wet floor on pieces of glass.
Aaryan: Ragini!
She stands up: I’m fine.
Swara: She’s ready…

Chapter 8.
New Zealand.
Endavour: The virus’ are nearly ready to be transported to India…
Man: Tell the boss.
Man 2: Yes Sir i’ll inform them.
Man: Let’s hope that the RAW agents don’t get in the way..

Raw headquarters.
Ragini,Sanskaar,Swara,Lakshya,Kunj,Aaryan are shown exiting the lift into the building.
Swara: I want an update from Bihaan,Thapki forun(now).
Others: Yes mam.
They all enter an office except Swara,Sanskaar who went to get some information, and Ragini who went to change.. A girl is shown handcuffed to a chair.
Aaryan: Yeh criminal kaun hai? Ab iss ne kya kiya?
Girl: Shut up i’m not a criminal. I’m an officer.
Aaryan: Sure believable.. then why r u handcuffed?
Girl: i was checking them when i accidently locked my self in.
Aaryan: Sure you were doing this (demonstrates) and accidently locks his hand in the other cuff.
Girl: Exactly…
Kunj: Wah bhai kya kaand kiya hai.
Just then Swara and Sanskaar enter.
Sanskaar: Guys meet Aaradhya she is a new member in your team.
Aaryan: Toh yeh sahi ke rahi thi yeh criminal nahi hai.
Sanskaar: Nahi yeh criminal nahi hai.
Swara opens Aaradhya’s cuff and is about to open Aaryan’s when Ragini comes in wearing Black shorts,black tank top, black and white super stars and a black adidas jacket.
Ragini: Ek second Swara uske nahi chor na hai.
Sanskaar: (to Aryan) Betaa tu kaam se gaya.
Kunj: Why.
Ragini: wait i’ll show you. and she puts a video on the projector from last night but stops it just after Aaryan stops singing.
Hahaha all burst out into laughter.
Ragini: Now you can open him because the video is already shown.
as soon as he is free he says: Aree Ragini puraa video nahi dikhaya?
Lakshya: It’s okay if she didn’t show us then you can show it.
The video continues.
Ragini is shown singing and dancing…
Kunj: aab aaya ouuht pahar ke neeche.
Swara: Okay enough now let’s talk about the mission.

Swara: We sent 2 agents to New Zealand to keep an eye on Endavour and a mysterious source has revealed that they have created a virus that can kill the whole population of India within days.
Ragini: So we need to stop that virus being released in India.
Swara: Yes,
Sanskaar: However they recieved more information today that the virus’ are nearly complete and will be shipped here soon…
Aaradhya: So we need to stop the shipment of the virus.
Sanskaar: Bingo!
AarLakKunj: so what do we do.
Sanskaar: You go to New Zealand and destroy the virus’ by infilrating Endavour.
Swara: Lakshya you are the team leader,
Aaryan, Dept. leader,
Kunj, Base,they will work on your knowledge and orders while out on the field.
Aaradhya,Tech and surveillance.
Ragini,tumhe toh apna kaam patha hai.
Ragini: Ofcourse.
Sanskaar: New Zealand poach the hi tumhe thumara contact mil jayenga. Aur weapons aur sab jet pe mil jayenge all the best.

Boss: Ms Ragini Rathore, I’m waiting for you…

Who is the boss?
Who is the contact?
And what do Swara Ragini and Sanskaar know that the others don’t?
( Reagarding Ragini’s test and her knowing her job).

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