SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 6

Sorry for the late update… i lost motivation when the 2nd post had way less comments than the other one as a lot of you liked it,,, if you guys didn’t enjoy it plz let me know because i’m writing for you guys,,,,i thought you would like this story but it seemed the opposite so i’m writing once more and if you do not like it let me know i’ll stop writing,,,or if you want any changes tell me..xx
enough of me talking now i’ll start with the next chapter..

Chapter 6.
Unknown place..
A dark room is shown,,, 3 people are tied to a chair when suddenly the light turns on,,,
Groaning sounds are heard…
Lakshya: Hellooo! who the h*ll dared to kidnap me Mr Lakshya Maheshwari,,
koi himmat hai then let me go,, u won’t be able to see the sun,,,
Aaryan: Shut up and let me think of how we got here…
Kunj: Lakshya did u hear that,,,
Lakshya: yeh I think it’s the kidnapper,,, just wait I think I scared him…
Aaryan: Just shut up Lakshya i’m not a bl***y kidnapper…
Lakshya: how do you know my name if ur not the kidnapper??
Kunj: idiot I think ur hungover,,, you’re the one who shouted “I am the Lakshya Maheshwari. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!.

Ragini: Hey will u stop arguing and help me,,plz…
Aaryan: Ragini where r u ,,,, r u ok ,,, wait let me do something…
Lakshya: (in mind Ragini,,nahi yeh Ragini nahi ho sakti,,yeh meri Ragini nahi hai.)
Kunj: Guys to help her we must be able to see first naa…
All: Sh*t you’re right…

The door opens
Welcome a voice booms.
Voice: untie them
Sanskaar: no Sh*t sherlock…
Ragini: wait Sanskaar..
All look on with shock..
Voice: what a guess Ragini,,you can’t even recognise your own sister’s voice but you recognised his voice perfectly…
Aaryan: Swara!!
Lakshya: Great agayi chipkali…
Swara: iss ko akhri mein kohl naa…
Ragini:( Lakshya,, no it can’t be,,i won’t be able to face him again.)
Lakshya: sorry!! plz open me I promise not to call you chipkali again,,tumhari kasam…
Sanskaar: shut up and stop acting like a drama queen and open your eyes,,,she untied you a long time ago…
everyone laughs…

Ragini: will someone untie me…
Everyone turns around and get shocked seeing Ragini inside a huge cylinder tank..
Lakshya:( wah! God! tussi great ho mujhe apni heroine ko bachane ka chance mil gaya.)
Aaryan: (sees Lakshya glaring at his Ragini and Gives him death glares )
Kunj: Ragini ?? Ragini Rathore??
Sanskaar: ha Ragini Rathore tumhari sabse aachi dost…
Lakshya: (lost in thoughts)
Kunj: elbowing Lakshya go save your kumbhakaran…
Lakshya: hmm!!!
but before he goes Aaryan goes near the tank and tries breaking open the door…
PHEW! PHEW! an siren rings and the tank starts filling with water…
Aaryan: Swara stop this she is you own sister,,,stop this madness…
Sanskaar: Swara I think we went a little to far….
Lakshya: Swara woh dhoob jayengi…
Kunj: Ragini daroo mathe hum tumher bachaa lenge…
Ragini:mumbling Breath Ragini,, Breath…

What will happen next???
Will she get out from the tank???
Who’ll save her???
Why have they been kidnapped???
Plz comment on this ff,,,
all views and opinions are accepted.
This is A.xx signing off.xx

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  1. Madhu

    It was Nice. Continue Dear….

    1. A.xx

      thank you Madhu.xx

  2. Nice part…..

    1. A.xx


  3. Kakali

    Awesome one dear… loved it… don’t feel bad dear… we all love ur ff naa ? soo do continue it… thnk u… ;-*

    1. A.xx

      thank u soo much,,, i’m glad u liked it and so do a few others.xx

  4. Mahjabeen

    Wow awesome…waitng fr nxt

    1. A.xx

      thnx will post today.xx

  5. DivzS

    Hey, how to read previous episodes? And, there’s another ff with this new changed name which is written by another person, you should put previous name only, I got confused, and I can’t find your previous epis on search….

    1. A.xx

      i will link the previous epis in my next one so that u can read them,, and the title has to be what is written as it is written especially for a certain scene… but i’m glad u liked it.xx

  6. Eagerly waiting for next … Amazing episode

    1. A.xx

      thank you soo much,,it means a lot.xx

  7. Balaji

    eagerly waiting fr nxt ep

    1. A.xx

      thank u dear.xx

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  9. Silent_writer

    Great dear i read this part now only loved it buy cnfused to the 1-3 epi u gave is flashback of past of raglak

    1. A.xx

      yes all of that will be revealed soon,, i’ll add a flashback in the next epi and then it should start coming together for you as i know the first update is different than the rest of them.
      anyway glad you liked it.xx

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