SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 6


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Recap of part #5 -“Sanskaar getting jls of Kabir .. Swara calling Sanskaar.. Swasan talk.. Kabir calling Swara.. Swara ignores Sanskaar .. Misha getting jls of Swara.. Kabir and Swara goes for coffee.. Sanskaar following them.. Kabir drops Swara at home ”


Sanskaar was so much angry on Swara which was pure jealousy.. The thing which did the work of kerosene was Kabir giving a good bye hug to Swara..

Mostly ppl can’t understand thier Feelings when they are in love.. They get angry on small matters..on ppl they love… When that person normally doesn’t say hello to u.. U began to worry a lot.. But ppls like Sanskaar who believe in worldly things.. Materialistic things .. And don’t believe in love doesnt understand this feeling.. And gets more confused.. Small small things bother them.. Which disturbs thier peace of mind..

They think with brain more than heart.. Of course brain is the most powerful thing.. It never let’s u down and have only one goal to win..irrespective of if u are happy or not while heart it only sees happiness.. May Is from winning or loosing doesn’t matter in regard with this.. Well Sanskaar is a person who thinks more with mind that is comfort oriented not happiness.. So he is not able to understand the situation from which he Is suffering from !!

Next day.. He tried to be calm..
But same scene irritated him again..

He thought -“Y do she be so happy with that Kabir.. I really hate him.. Hate him to core.. I can’t see u with anyone.. I want u to smile.. Laugh but.. But with me not anyone else.. Only I wanna be a close friend of u not anyone else.. I can’t.. ”

He was still not able to understand what his heart was saying him.. He thinking was Swara a friend.. He dint understood that his heart gave her place more than a close or best friend !! 

By looking at them in pure jealousy he by mistake hurted his index finger with divider .. Blood began to come out from wound.. His heart was so much burning in jealousy that he dint even realise the pain of his finger..

Misha who was sitting beside him -“Sanskaarrr .. (Swara by listening misha taking his name in worry turns to Sanskaar) look at Ur finger what you did.. ”

Swara gets up in hurry and comes to him… Though sir was in the class.. She dint care.. Seeing her misha got up .. Giving her place.. Cz misha very well knew that Sanskaar feels for her.. Though misha was best friend of pia she was good at heart.. 

Sanskaar smiled for the first time from yesterday.. Seeing Swara by his side..

Swara seeing the blood -“Sanskaar are u mad or what ?? What u have done to urself… Dhyaan kaha h tumhara ”

But he was busy staring her.. Her care.. Even he loved when she scolds her.. Her arguments.. And letting her win the arguments.. Her childish behaviour..

She asked cotton and ointment to misha.. Misha brbrought from office room of collage..

Swara -“(almost crying) See kitna khoon behraha h .. Y u always be like this Sanskaar ?? Who will Care for all this things.. ”

She takes out her kerchief and ties it for sometime till misha brings first aid..

All were shocked looking her so much worried for Sanskaar.. But Sanskaar was Happy seeing it..

Even lecturer dint say anything..

As soon as misha brings it.. She grabs it from her hands and Begins to clean his wound with cotton.. Where as Sanskaar was just staring her without saying a single word..

Swara -“Sanskaar bht pain ho raha h.. (Looking at him) ”

He nods like a lost person in no..

Swara -“(starts scolding him) what no.. U are so careless.. Every time u do something like that….”

Sanskaar holds her chin -“Shhh ”

Swara becomes silent they have a eye lock where both are lost in the depth of one’s eyes.. Or u can say love..

Bg -“Haan Hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jabse h Jana tumhe
Teri Aur badne lage ”

He cubs her face with one hand..
She closes her eyes feeling his touch.. He smiles and leans on her and pecks her forehead..

He was brought back to his sense..when Swara finally apply the bandaid to his finger.. And bell rings.. (Hehe yes eye lock and forehead kiss was a dream :p )

He jerks.. -“Y am getting such thoughts ” he thinks..

Swara -“take care ”

Sanskaar -“Thank you !! ”

She smiles and leaves..

Class ends!!

While Sanskaar was in canteen he hears a announcement

-“Attention !!
Tomorrow night that is Wednesday we are going to arrange a prom night party.. The dress code theme is black and read.. Its not compulsory interested students can come ”

After hearing it Sanskaar becomes exited.. First thought comes to him was -“I’ll ask Swara to be my partner on prom night.. ” his very second thought makes him scare -“What if Kabir ask first …”

He jerked off his mere thought -“no no I’ll ask ” he runs towards class..

-“Shit she is not here !! Where is she.. With Kabir.. Oh no God !! ” – says he breathing heavily …

He thinks something and runs.. To library and there he finds Swara.. He becomes so happy.. He goes to her..

Swara looks at him in confusion as he was breathing heavily !!

Sanskaar -“Swara .. Will.. Will u came with me tomorrow for prom night ”

Expecting her to say yes he was waiting

Swara -“Actually Sanskaar.. Just now Kabir asked me .. And being his best friend I couldn’t say no to him I agreed.. Am sorry ”

Sanskaar’s dream to go with her shattered in a minute..

Sanskaar -“Y Swara.. U are ignoring me now a days ?? Can’t u come with me. Y every time Kabir Kabir I don’t like him… ”

Swara was shocked to hear this from him that too in that tone..

-“Sanskaar what are you saying.. I don’t care if u like Kabir or not he is my best friend so pls don’t force me I’ve already said yes to him.. ” said Swara in anger or u can say anger just to show him.. She doesn’t want him go get close to her.. Cz it was effecting her.  If she starts loving him.. It will be difficult for her.. Unknown of fact that her heart had already started loving him… She wanted to cage her heart which already flew away with his love…

He composed himself -“Am sorry ”

He left Saying this.. He was hurt.. His peace of mind heart everything was lost..  He dint knew what was he in search of.. His heart was suffering from unknown sadness.. He was a strong person but now no more stronger he looked..
He went to beech where Swara used to go.. He lay down der closing his eyes.. He gets all happy times which he spend with her..

BG -“Tere bin yara berang bahara.. Hai raat dewaani na neend gawara”

Here Swara feels very sad for hurting him.. She cries going to girls room. 

There Sanskaar and here Swara was sad..

Der on beech misha comes and puts hand on his shoulders.. P

Misha -“Sanskaar are u coming tomorrow ”

Sanskaar -“No I’ll not ”

She doesn’t want to explain him that he is in love… Cz she wants him to feel it.. So she says in such way that he agrees

Misha -“U have to help me .. U know I like Kabir..  I don’t have any partner.. And in prom night I can’t go alone pls come with me ”

He thinks and decide to help misha..

They agrees..

Sanskaar wears a red shirt.. Black jeans..  Black blazer with a black satin tie.. He was looking the most hot and happening guy in the whole party..

He and misha was waiting in party for Kabir and Swara to arrive..

And there they came..

Sanskaar was shocked , mesmerised and angry to see swara in a off shoulder less above knee.. Red frock… She was looking beautiful plus hot..

He became angry cz all were staring her..

He came near her and questioned -“what are u wearing ? ”

-“Am I looking bad in this ? Kabir gifted me this !” she questioned back cutely ..

He gets angry listening Kabir making her wear this cloths..

-“No u are looking fab but see It’s short all are staring u.. And passing comments like hot.. ” answered he trying to sound calm.

-“But pia and others also wears such na.. And I would have been looking behengi type in this party wearing that dresses.. ” -said she carelessly

-“No u really look beautiful in those.. Pia and others what ever they do is it necessary u to wear such.. Am not liking all staring like this u ” said he in a bit anger ..

She likes it.. His caring but she was also right at her place.. She ignores his words..

Kabir and Swara were talking at one corner..

Where as misha and Sanskaar at other place..

Swara was looking him from corner of her eyes… She could not stop staring him.. He was looking so handsome..

When Kabir moves to his friends..

Kabir -“Swara give me 5 mints I’ll come back.. ”

Swara nods ..

A guy comes and ask Swara for dance..

Guy -“Wow u look so hot and beautiful can I have a pleasure to dance with u.. ”

Swara feels uncomfortable..

By time Sanskaar comes..
And holds her hand..

Sanskaar -“Swara come shall v dance !! ”

Swara thanks god in her heart for sending Sanskaar.. She nods in yes!!

Sanskaar smiles and takes her to the dance floor ..

He pulls her close to him.. And slowly holds her one hand in his and puts her other hand on his shoulder.. Swara was lost in his eyes.. Thier closeness were making her loose her sense..

He while maintaining eye contact.. Puts his hand on her cylindrical waist.. She closes her eyes.. Feeling his touch.. Her heart beat was dam fast..

BG -“Humnava song from Humari Adhuri Kahani ”

He pulls her more close when songs start..

Swara looks in his eyes.. Which were having intense gaze.. With lots of questions love and care too..

“Aye Humnava Muje apna banale
Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de
Hu akela jara hath bada de
Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de ”

Both were lost in each others eyes..
He makes her turn round in music..all eyes were on them and spot light too..

“Musafir hu dar dar phir raha
Musafir dil ko tu panah de
Tu aawargi ko meri aaj thehrade ”

He back hugs her.. And turns her all of sudden.. Making her almost hug him.. She was so close to him..feeling his hot breath on her soft lips..

He holds her waist more tightly..

Songs comes to end but both were lost looking each other ..

They comes to sense by the sound of claps !!

Swara scolds herself for going so near to him..

While Sanskaar’s happiness had no boundaries.. His face which was dull before few minutes.. Became bright and shiny..

The party continued..

All boys and girls danced on “Nachenge Saari Raat from Junooniyat”

Sanskaar was too was enjoying the dance Swara Kabir misha every one did..

“Nachenge Saari Raat
Soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar
Soniyo ve ”

While the dance came to end.. Swara and Kabir were talking and drinking soft drinks..

Where as Aarav and Sanskaar were talking..

Aarav looking round -“Bro what if I give u a challenge ?? Will u do ”

Sanskaar being a collw dude -“Of course I will not only do but win too ”

Aarav -“K see that girl is looking so s*xy and hot.. ”

Looks the gal -“OK so ?? ”

Aarav -“u should bring her number..in time bound of 10 minutes !! Will u ?? ”

Sanskaar with attitude -“it’s so simple Aarav.. I can.. ”

Aarav -“Go a head Ur time starts now !! ”

Sanskaar adjusting himself goes to gal..

Sanskaar -“Excuse me beautiful !! (Huskily) ”

The gal turns -“(looking Sanskaar she goes flat on him) Hii ”

Sanskaar -“Hii .. What’s Ur name ”

She -“Shanaya !! ”

Sanskaar -“Aahan beautiful name like u ” (says seeing her from top to bottom )

She smiles at his cheesy lines -“Well u are quite hot ”

Sanskaar -“Umm shanaya darling if u don’t mind can I have Ur number.. Its what u know by talking we will become friends then close friends .. Then u know what I mean ” ( he  winks )

She smiles -“Sure .. Give Ur phone I’ll feed ”

Sanky smiles victoriously.. And gives her cell..

She smiles and feeds her number.. -“U can call me any time !! ”

He goes close to her ears -“Thank u ”

This whole scene of flirting was seen by Swara who was staring Sanskaar with a disgusting look..

When he goes to Aarav..

Aarav -“Maan gaya boss tujhe.. U r best.. ”

Sanskaar smiles.. And turns to look Swara.. Who was gazing at him.. With a “_Such A Cheap_’ ✌ type expression and then she looks towards shanaya..

Sanskaar understand that she has misunderstood him..

Swara thinks -” He can never change .. If pia is not here he is flirting with someone else.. Chi ”

Sanskaar thinks -“I need to explain her or else … Noo ”

He goes towards her.. But she holds Kabir’s hand -“Kabir let’s go ”

Kabir -“(worried) are u fine ?? ”

Swara -“Ya it’s late let’s go!! ”

Kabir -“OK let’s Go ”

She leaves with kabir..

Sanskaar runs back of her -“Swara listen to me.. Swara.. ”

But of no use they drove off..

Sanskaar -“Shit man what must be she thinking of me.. And I listened Kabir saying I’ll try to say my Feelings to her after prom night.. What if she says yes.. ”

His heart skip a beat to his thought..

Precap -“Swara ignoring Sanskaar “

Will thier mu will clear ?? Will Sanky understand his Feelings ?? Will Swara accept him.. What will pia do after knowing this..?? Will Swara choose Kabir over Sanskaar ?? Will Kabir harm Sanskaar for Swara ??

******To Be Continued******

So guys here I end it.. I wrote so hurrliy sorry if mistakes.. Ur comments will decide next part posting !!
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