SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 5


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Recap of part 4 -“SwaSan growing friendship.. Sanskaar feeling jealous .. Sanskaar and Pia relations getting fixed.. Sanskaar following Swara.. SwaSan sharing ice cream.. SwaSan @ beech ”

part – 5

“Friendship The First Step Of Love ”
Dunno who said this.. But very true.. When this friendship is after fights.. It will be more fruitful..

Haha sorry am not scholar in this things..

SwaSan friendship got more deep with the phrase of time.. Swara began to trust him.. At least 50 percent she did.. Where as Sanskaar was unaware of growing a strong emotion in his heart.. He named jealousy as protection for her.. Which is the sign of love.. Love which was growing in his heart for her..

Other side swara’s growing attention towards him.. But she had a firm control on herself as she knew he will never ever love her.. He had already someone in his life.. And he was getting what all he dreamt of..

Sanskaar was sitting alone in his house thinking -“what ever I planned I got.. What ever I needed then y the hell am not having that peace and happiness.. (He hits his hand on wall ) something is missing.. Aaahhh (he gets irritated) but what’s that.. ”

His blood was Boiling and heart was filled with unknown sorrow… That’s the reason y ppl say it’s good that it dint went as we planned.. Cz What almighty plans his best for us.. That we can’t even think of..

The sorrow of heart.. The anger in eyes soon was replaced by a happiness and shine.. Seeing the phone call of swara..

He forgot everything..

Sanskaar -“Hi Swara ” (cheerfully)

Swara -“Hii Sanskaar ”

Sanskaar -“How are u ? ”

Swara -“Fine.. What were u doing.. I hope I dint disturbed u ? ”

Sanskaar -“What Swara y will UR call disturb me.. ”

Swara -“I mean Its so late.. I thought u must b talking with pia ”

Sanskaar -“No yaar .. Am not busy.. And y I’ll talk all time with pia.. ”

Swara -“Uff Sanskaar u both are going to get married na so ”

His heart dint felt the happiness..

Sanskaar -“Uff Swara.. I don’t love pia.. We are just getting married thats it.. ”

Swara -“But u proposed her right..”

Sanskaar -“Yeah I did cz of bet not love.. ”

Swara -“Uff u are too much !! ”

Sanskaar -“Can v leave this pia topic and talk something else ?? ”

Swara -“Umm hmm k ”

Sanskaar -“So what were u doing..?”

Swara -“Nothing great.. Just reading a FF ”

Sanskaar -“Which ?? ”

Swara -“Aur Pyaar Ho gaya :p … A love story of two ppl.. Well what were u doing ”

Sanskaar -“Nothing important.. Just tym pass.. ”

Swara -“Haha Sanskaar it seems like u do so much time pass.. ”

Sanskaar -“Very funny.. ”


Sanskaar -“Wait I think some one else also calling.. ”

Swara -“Aaahan not u .. Kabir is calling.. ”

Sanskaar gets irritated listening his name..

Swara -“Wait I’ll call u later..!!”

Sanskaar -“y later Swara ?? …”

Before he could talk she cuts the call…

Sanskaar thinks -“What the hell.. She was talking with me.. And j se hi USS.. (Angry) USS idiot kabir ka call aaya she cut my call.. But.. But y the hell he is calling her now at this night.. ”

He feels jls..

Sanskaar -“but but y am feeling so restlessness.. May be cz I feel kabir Is not good guy… Bt y am feeling hurt not talking with me.. May b no one till now sided me… Aahh it’s so confusing.. I really need to talk with swara… ”

He tries her number many times… But every time it was busy…

Sanskaar -“Y she is still busy.. What’s the need to talk with kabir that much… (he gets tensed)  What are they talking but.. I can’t trust that Kabir.. But what can I do now..Aahh ”

While on other side Kabir was talking with swara.. Or else u can say trying to talk as much long as he can in the name of doubt in a chemical low…

Whole Swara was explaining him whole heartedly.. She is thinks -“Sorry Sanskaar but I feel like talking to u.. In my heart but my mind says I can’t.. This is wrong.. If my heart will develop Feelings for you it will be hard for me to be away from u..and Its wrong u are already engaged.. And am not ur type plus I know u can never like me also.. Love is far away ..!! ”

Swara was lost while talking with kabir !!

Kabir -“Hey Shona u der ?? ”

Swara came back to sense -“ya ya am here only ”

Kabir -“what I was saying let’s go for coffee together tomorrow?? ”

Swara was his best friend.. Yet he had Feelings for her.. He wanted to spend more time with her.. So that he can know whether she Likes him or not.. He wanted to say her his Feelings.. Which were in his heart from a v long time.. He was gathering courage to tell her..

Swara -“but collage ?? ”

Kabir -“After collage Shona ”

Swara -“K sure.. But coffee meri favourite honi chiye !!”

Kabir -“Of course .. Only what u like.. 🙂 ”

He became happy cz for Swara it must be a coffee with friend but for him it was a coffee date.. This wasn’t first time for them.. Usually they used to go in school times just the difference was that was with group of friends and this time only them..

Here Sanskaar was restless.. And tried her phone infinite times.. -“She excused me with only one ring of that kabir.. And for me am trying from That time she is not lifting what’s the need of talking with him so much.. Am going to get engaged with pia then also I don’t..(while calling) pick up the phone damit !! ”

He falls a sleep after a lot of thinking and trying her number..!!

Here swara’s phone battery was about to die and time was almost one @ night..

Swara -“Kabir will cu tomorrow my battery Is about to die.. ”

Kabir -“K np Shona.. Cu tomorrow.. Take care good night..”

Swara -“Good night Kabir.. Take care bye.. ”

Kabir -“Bye ”

They hung up the call..

Her phone gets off !! She puts on charge but.. Forgets to on it !!

Sanskaar wakes up at 3 @ night.. He again remember and calls her but no use it was switched off !!

He gets irked of it.. And was not  able to sleep rest of night. !!

In morning Swara as usual comes normally to class where as Sanskaar was eagerly waiting for her..

Swara meets Kabir on collage gate .. They gets in class talking with each other.. More than talking laughing.. Kabir was staring her lovingly…

Sanskaar who came collage early waiting for her.. Unknown of his Feelings and she comes with someone else.. This makes him angry.. He saw Kabir love gaze on Swara and gets more jealous.. Boiling in fury.. Her boils in a rage.. He just want to ask Swara y did she so that yesterday.. And y the hell she talks a lot with him.. But he dint had any clue y he was so much eager to talk with her.. What if she ask y should he is so much interfering in her matters.. Alas !! He dint had any answers for such questions..

It was right they became much close to each other in passage of time.. They ?? Or he became close to her ?? 1000 of questions Began to haunt his mind.. Unfortunately he couldn’t get answers out of his Mind.. Cz this was feeling of love which is related to heart not mind.. !!

The ppl who always thinks with mind can’t listen to thier heart voice easily.. The condition which he was going though was Cz of his heart.. He was thinking with mind and ignoring his heart..

Misha comes -“Hey Kabir !! How are u .. ??”

Kabir -“fine mish and u ?? ”

Misha -“fine.. Well how are u Swara ??”

Swara -“Fine misha.. ”

Misha gets jls seeing Kabir and Swara together..

Misha -“Cn we sit together Kabir ”

Swara -“Ya sure I’ll go to other place.. ”

Place beside Sanskaar was empty.!!

Kabir -“No !! ”

Swara gives a confused look !!

Kabir -“I mean misha I had some problem in chem sub.. So in next lecture u can sit here let her sit here for now ”

Misha couldn’t say anything.. She can’t force him.. She quietly goes and sits beside Sanskaar.. !!

Swara and Kabir was chatting.. He was making her laugh.. Both were happy.. Unaware of 4 pairs of eyes seeing them and getting jealous..

Swara dint even see Sanskaar from morning.. She was totally lost..

Sanskaar -“(thinks) She dint even said hello to me.. Hello is far she dint even looked me.. She is busy with someone else.. ”

Swara thinks -“I need to be away from him.. But I can’t end friend ship with him.. I can’t ignore him like that.. ”

Misha thinks -“Swara y she always come btwn me and Kabir.. He always gives importance to her ”

Kabir thinks  -“Chemistry toh ek bahana h.. Actual me I wanna be with u Swara.. Well we are going to go today for coffee.. I’ll try to say my Feelings to u.. I’ll keep u whole life Happy Swara ”

Period changes.. Misha comes to swara’s place while Swara sits beside Sanskaar..

Sanskaar -“Hii ”

Swara -“Hii ”

Sanskaar -“u dint called me yesterday night then ”

Swara -“Actually battery was low and then it got dead ”

Sanskaar thinks -“oh so for me battery was dead.. While u were talking with kabir for so long !!”

Sanskaar to Swara -“Acha.. OK .. Evening what I was saying shall v go out ”

Swara -“Umm no Sanskaar am busy ”

Sanskaar -“After UR work we can ?”

Swara -“I can’t coz am going with kabir today..”

Sanskaar -“Y ? ” (got angry but controlled) ”

Swara -“for coffee he asked !! ”

Sanskaar -“(With lots of difficulty says ) OK ”

In evening collage came to end of its working day !!

Kabir and Swara went together on his bike..

While Sanskaar followed them…

Sanskaar -“I can’t believe on this guy.. ”

He sat on a table far away from them so that they can’t see him !!

Kabir holds her hand.. She dint said anything but Sanskaar was not liking it.. But he couldn’t do anything !!

Swara -“Say Kabir what u wanna say ??”

Kabir nervous -“vo Swara I was actually saying ki.. I.. ”

Sanskaar was totally paying attention to them..

Swara -“Ha say.. Y are u hesitating..”

She keeps her other hand on his hand which was holding her other hand !!

Sanskaar couldn’t see them such close.. He gets more irritated as she keeps her hand on his..-“what is he trying to say her.. (Thinks) oh god what if he proposes her ?? ”

Kabir -“I..lo…”

Swaras phone rings before he could complete..

Swara -“Haa ma.. Coming in 5 mints ”

Swara hungs up the call -“Kabir I need to go home ”

Kabir -“It’s OK let’s go I’ll drop u..”

Swara and Kabir leaves to her home.. Sanskaar follows them..

Kabir and swara shares a good bye hug.. Sanskaar sees them..

Kabir leaves !!

Sanskaar stands there only !!

Precap -“Prom night !! Who is that lucky to go with Swara Kabir or Sanskaar ?? “

To be continued…

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