SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 4 (By ZuZu)


Link of part 3 : Part 3

Recap of part #3 -“SwaSan fight.. Misha crush on kabir.. Kabir on Swara.. SwaSan locked in auditorium.. Finally they becomes friends ”


Days passes.. With passing days SwaSan becomes good friends.. Sanskaar Began to like her talks.. Her company never bored him.. Even her some talks were next to lecture but he dint used to say anything… They still used to fight on silly things.. Unknown about the love increases with fights…

One say

Sanskaar -“Swara ??”

Swara -“Hmm ”

Sanskaar -“Can u help me with physics ?? ”

Swara -“Sure after class I will ”

Sanskaar smiled.. 🙂

As soon as class got over..

Pia -“Come let’s go.. ”

Sanskaar -“No pia u go I will come later.. ”

Pia -“OK ”

She left..

Kabir -“Shona come we will go.. ”

Sanskaar gets irked when kabir calls her Shona that too lovingly..

Swara -“Kabir sanskaar needs some help from me I’ll come later..”

Kabir -“Its OK I’ll wait here only ”

Swara -“o…”

Sanskaar interrupted -“Arey YAAR kabir it will take time man.. U can go.. ”

Kabir -“OK ”

Kabir leaves unwillingly !!

Swara -“What’s the problem if he be here.. He felt bad 🙁 ” (asked innocently)

Sanskaar himself dunno its answer.. But some how thinks of answer

Sanskaar -“Y Swara y u are feeling bad.. If third person will be here means I cannot concentrate na? ”

Swara -“Its OK I’ll make him understand..”

Sanskaar -“No need to .. Y u care him so much and y the hell he always call u Shona Shona (in mimic tone) plus u also says him Gabbu .. Y this cheesy name..”

Swara -“Its my nickname so he calls me.. Not from few days from my childhood..”

Sanskaar gets more irritated.. Plus confused that y can’t he hear it.. And y the hell he is getting annoyed by this..

Sanskaar -“Kk Now explain.. ”

Swara starts explaining him physical science (the worst subject according to me :p )

Mean time her pen falls down she bend to take it.. He too bends.. Both of them foreheads clash with each other..

Swara -“Aaouch !! ”

Sanskaar holding his head with one hand.. -“Am sorry ”

He touches her forehead.. -“Is it paining ”

Swara -“Not much.. “(She smiles)

Sanskaar too smiled back..

While she explains him the newtons law of gravitational force.. Her hair strands fall on her face.. Sanskaar stares her rather than concentrating on the newtons law.. Cz this law was going on with him.. His heart was attracted.. To the innocent beauty in front of him but he was not able to understand it.. His mind was sure that pia is the one whom he always dreamt of.. But his heart began to get tucked to something else..

His thoughts were disturbed by the phone call.. It was pia..

Sanskaar -” Hii baby ”

Pia -“Sanky its so late come fast na am waiting ”

Sanskaar -“Ya baby coming ”

He disconnected

Sanskaar -“Swara I need to go.. ”

Swara -“Hmm OK bye ”

Sanskaar -“Tum b Calo na pls ”

Swara -“No u go.. Ur GF called I can’t be kabab me haddi.. ”

Sanskaar feels bad in heart but his mind over powers him..

Sanskaar -“OK bye ”

Swara -“Bye.. ”

They both leaves.. Kabir was waiting for her.. Sanskaar gets irritated seeing him again.. But goes to pia..

Pia -“Hi sanskaar ”

She hugged him.. He hugged her back..

Sanskaar -” Hii ”

Pia -“Y u took this much time.. And what was Ur work with Swara ? ”

Sanskaar -“Just some doubts that’s It ”

Pia -“Am sure that behenji have bored u .. And my called saved u ”

She laughed.. Sanskaar got angry on pia for calling Swara behenji..

Sanskaar -“Pia how can u call her like that she is so sweet.. She dint bored me for a minute.. Infact it was Ur call disturbed us.. ”

Pia was shocked to see Sanskaar for the first time Saying or u can say nearly shouting like that on her..

Pia cried fake -“Am sorry ”

Sanskaar realised what he said.. His mind began to control his heart.. -“Am sorry.. I .. I dunno what happened to me.. ”

Pia hugs him.. He hugged her back in confusion.. It was tough situation for him..  He was getting all What he wanted but y he was not happy from inside..

Days passed… Families came to know about Pia and Sanskaar..

Sujata was totally unhappy with Sanskaar’s choice..

But they fixed thier alliance… Thier engagement after one month..

Sanskaar felt like he is getting what all he wanted … But his attraction towards Swara was not reducing infact inseated of pia he began to be with Swara more..

Even Swara liked him.. But she was sure Sanskaar and Pia are made for each other..

Pia went to his relatives house for one month.. Which lead Sanskaar spending much time with Swara.. Just to talk with her he used to make silly reasons..

One day

Aarav -“Uff Sanskaar what u wanted u got.. Now I think I should also make a GF ”

Abhay -“y not but who bro ??,”

By time he sees Swara

Aarav -“U see Swara she is bhnji types but nice gal.. Good looking.. If she wears short dress I can bet she will look item bomb.. ”

Sanskaar got angry by his words -“Aarav she is not GF material.. U choose any other gal..”

Aarav -“Y YAAR what’s wrong with this hot cheek.. ”

Before he could say further.. He felt hard punch on his face -“I said don’t talk about her like that she is not a girlfriend material.. Don’t ever try to look at her.. Do u get that otherwise u will b in hospital ”

Aarav and abhay were confused..

Aarav -“But Sanskaar u also used to say all this infact I said Pia also hot.. U never reacted..”

Sanskaar -“She was Pia.. But I will not tolerate a single word against Swara so u get that ”

Aarav -“But Pia is ur fiancé.’

Sanskaar leaves from thier Saying nothing..

Sanskaar began to follow Swara daily..

Swara after collage used to go A Orphanage..

Sanskaar -“Y she came Here.. ”

He followed her in without her notice..

She distributed chocolates to them.. All the orphan childrens hugged her.. She was enjoying full heartedly..

While Swara comes out he hided himself and again followed.. When she was rocking on road he comes to her on bike.. And stop near her..

Swara -“(surprised) Sanskaar ”

Sanskaar -“Come I will drop u..”

Swara -“No Sanskaar I’ll go by myself ”

Sanskaar -“Don’t say no come sit..”

Swara says no but at last Sanskaar convince her..

She was not holding him.. He took her hands in his hands.. She got confused..

He put her one and on his shoulder and other on his waist.. -“I’ll not eat u ”

Swara says nothing but Sanskaar likes being with her.. Her touch makes her happy..

Swara see a ice cream shop -“Sanskaar pls stop ”

Sanskaar -“y (stopping the bike) ”

Swara -“Ice cream ”

Sanskaar -“What this road side cheap ice cream ”

Swara -“Ice cream is ice cream I love eating here.. U know it gives such happiness which no 5 star hotel delicious food gives.. ”

Sanskaar -“OK you eat ”

They goes there..

Swara -“Two choco bars ”

Sanskaar -“What am not eating this ”

Swara -“Its a treat from my side.. ”

Swara takes out money to pay but she dint had enough money for two choco bars..

Sanskaar -“Kya hua…”

Swara -“I have only one ice cream Money ”

Sanskaar -“Ha buy chocolates for those kids nothing left..”

Swara -“How u know I buyed ?.. Did you followed me ”

Sanskaar scolded himself for spitting out the truth..

Swara made him face her ..

Sanskaar -“Yes I Did ”

Swara -“But y “.

Sanskaar -” I dunno I just wanted to see u.. ”

Ice cream man interrupted -“How much ”

Swara -“One ”

He gave her.. She gave to Sanskaar..

Sanskaar -“You wanted to eat na then.. ”

Swara -“But u are too hungry ”

Sanskaar seeing this remember.. When he and pia went out he dint had enough money..


Sanskaar too was feeling hungry..

Pia -“Am so much hungry ”

They buy a single plate.. Pia began to eat without even caring about Sanskaar..

fb ends !!

Sanskaar -“OK we will share ”

Sanskaar began to differentiate pia and Swara.. His heart was now getting more attach to her..

They shared the ice cream.. While talking..

Sanskaar -“Let’s go to beech ”

Swara -“But ”

Sanskaar -“Pls ”

Swara agrees..

Swara ask on bike..

Swara -“When is ur GF going to come ??”

Sanskaar -“Dunno ”

Swara -“What u dunno ?? Don’t say me u dint talked with her.. ”

Sanskaar -“Seriously I dint ”

Swara laughs -“I can’t believe ”

Sanskaar see her laughing via mirror and gets mesmerised ..

They soon reached beech..

Sitting on sand..

Sanskaar -“Swara y u distributed chocolates without any benefit ”

Swara -“Sanskaar everything is not done by seeing profit and loss… They don’t have parents.. I love them.. Seeing them happy makes me happy.. I feel happiness in my heart.. Money or profit is not happiness.. Real happiness is when u feel happy seeing others.. Seeing thier happiness.. ”

Sanskaar listens to her with concentration..

Mean time Swara gets call from friend..

Swara -“OK am coming give me 10 mints ”

Sanskaar -“You are leaving ?? ”

Swara -“Yes ”

He holds her hand -“Pls don’t go.. I like u beside me.. ”

BG song -“Tere sang yaara .. Khush rang bahara..Tu Raat dewaani mein Zard sitara ..o Tere sang yaara.. Khush rang bahara.. Me tera ho jaun Jo Tu kr de ishara ”

They have eye lock.. Both were lost in each others eyes..

For the first he tells What his heart was Saying..

Swara -“Sanskaar pls don’t flirt with me Ha ”

She smiled..

She waves bye and leaves..
He sits there for long thinking..

Other side Swara feels happy listening it.. But she feels he is doing flirt and also he is in a relationship with the most popular gal.. Y he will take interest in her..

Precap -“SwaSan getting close.. “

******To Be Continued******

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