SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 3 (By ZuZu)


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Note – Abhay is of PKYEK n Pia Kabir too.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Recap of part #2 -“SwaSan fight.. Pia accept his proposal.. Shekhar scolds Swara .. Kabir entry.. Beech scene.. ”


Sanskaar and his friends enjoys..

After some days..

Kabir asks Swara to come to auditorium.. She goes there.. As kabir had a problem with a subject and wanted Swara to explain.. Swara agrees..

After completion kabir goes to principal office as he had some work with the dean.. Swara goes to class .. While going she was checking her book.. She doesn’t saw and bumped in someone making his things fall from his hands..

Swara bends and began to pick up them in a hurry.. -“Am sorry I dint saw ” without seeing the person..

He -“Miss Anaarkali what’s Ur problem when ever I try to go to pia u comes in middle.. Do u do it willingly to keep me away from her haan?? ”

She realised it was same Hitler who irritated her yesterday.. She gets up and hand over his things to him.. -“Mind Ur language Mr I may b Anaarkali types or behenji type for u .. But am not that type gal who dwells on u or u flirt with.. I came here for studies to make my future u are the one who runs behind every second gal who is rich.. Don’t think me like u.. I dint saw u so I bumped in u otherwise I have no interest in a guy specially like u .. ”

He got angry listening her.. He pinned her to the wall -“What u said am a flirt guy.. Listen miss I don’t run behind gals they comes behibg me… ”

Swara -“I know who are u and what u are so better be away from me.. ”

She pushes him and goes..

He stands there thinking about her words.. He too agree he runs behind money but he wasn’t a flirt guy who uses gals.. No doubt she was a pure gal.. She dint had any negative thoughts..ย  He somewhere started respecting her.. But her words hurted her..

She sits with kabir.. He comes in class while thinking about the words she said.. He felt hurt..

He saw her laughing with kabir.. He thinks -“I shouldn’t have used such words for her.. ”

He sits with Aarav thought pia had a vacant seat behind her.. Pia called him but he dint came..

He was deep in his thoughts thinking from this first meet with Swara from day one and till days they were simply fighting on small small things but today inseated of fighting she hurted him.. She was too write to a place.. She wasn’t a pia types gal who encourage boys flirtings…

His thoughts gets disturbed as prof Sahil comes..

A gal comes runningly to class..

Gal -“May I get in sir ? ”

Prof Sahil -“Miss misha again u are late.. ”

Misha -“am sorry sir (she again starts same story if her daily) ”

Sahil sighs -“Don’t Start again come in ”

Misha runs and grabs a seat beside pia (remember guy misha is pia friend… Imagine same misha and kabir of Pyaar ki ek kahani)

Misha sees kabir and wave a high to him and kabir too.. Prof Sahil saw this -“Misha will pls be silent ”

Misha -“Am silent only sir ”

All laughs

Sahil -“Stop waving hands .. Action speeks louder than words ..”

Misha -“sorry sir ”

Misha began to like kabir.. While kabir.ย  sanskaar.. Abhay Aarav became friends.. Swara did friendship with abhay Aarav and pia but with Sanskaar she always had a fight…

Kabir had a crush on Swara from school days but he never showed up.. But it always reflected in his behaviour…

Collage got over pia left.. While Aarav and abhay too..

Kabir -“Shona come we will go.. ”

Swara -“No kabir I’ll not go home today I’ve to stay at my friends house as my parents are out of town for today ”

Kabir -“It’s k .. C u tomorrow bye .. ”

Swara -“Bye..”

While kabir goes Swara remembered that she had forgot her water bottle in auditorium as she was there in morning..

It was quite late no one was left in collage.. She runs to auditorium.. She finds her bottle and keeps it in bag.. She turns to leave but someone closes the door auditorium.. She runs to door and bangs..

Swara -“Please someone open the door Pls.. ”

But no response.. She gets afraid as it was 6 in eve all things were getting dark.. No lights in Auditorium too..

She hear foot steps.. She things someone might be here.. There appear Sanskaar walking with guitar from other side of Auditorium..

Seeing him Swara gets lil angry and thinks that he have done this all..

Sanskaar saw her..

While he stops near door

Swara -“U only did this na.. ”

Sanskaar -“What ? (Confused) ”

Swara -“(showing door) This door.. U only did this na to take revenge from me.. Of morning ”

Sanskaar looks at door and widens the eyes ..

Swara seeing his expressions -“Don’t do acting ”

Sanskaar bangs on door -“Koi h pls open ”

Swara -“I know u only did dis.. Don’t do acting and open the door now ” (she was tensed)

Sanskaar -“I dint do this I came to take my guitar I kept here.. Might peon have closed ”

Swara -“Don’t lie ”

Sanskaar feels Irritated and shouts -“What the hell is ur problem.. Am also struked here.. Y will I do this?? For revenge ?? I know u are not that type of gal I’ll never do that..and did u saw time ?? Its 6 collage will be totally closed.. So obviously peon had closed all doors.. ”

Swara understands -“am sorry ”

Sanskaar cools down -“Its OK ”

Swara -“But how will get out from here.. ”

Sanskaar -“We have to see the say.. ”

He see near and finds a tool he keeps near door.. It was lil unstable..

Sanskaar -“u will stand on this and see whether some one is here or not ?? ”

Swara -“u do na ”

Sanskaar -“OK I will hold this tool firm its unstable .. I said u because if u would have I could hold it ”

Swara -“OK OK I’ll see u hold it ”

Sanskaar -“OK ”

Swara stands on it and see from transparent glass ventilation.. And saw no one..

She turns to tell Sanskaar.. Sanskaar holds tool but Swara misses her balance and falls.. Sanskaar holds her but because of her weight he falls on ground and Swara on him.. Swara feels scared and holds his t shirt tightly closing her eyes..

He sees her and keeps looking her.. Swara realised her position and gets up..

Swara -“Am sorry ”

Sanskaar says nothing..

Swara was tensed and almost to cry

Sanskaar -“What happened ?? ”

Swara -“My parents are out of town today I’ve to go to my friends house if I won’t be able to go.. And be here my parents will scold me.. ”

Sanskaar feels her innocence -“Shh listen we will go out from here don’t get scared am here na.. I’ll drop u..”

Swara -“(innocently) U will ?? ”

Sanskaar -“I will ”

She feels better..

Swara -“You are not that bad I thought ..”

Sanskaar -“Haha means I am a bit na ”

Swara -“no I don’t mean that.. ”

Sanskaar -“Than what u mean.. ”

Swara -“Nothing ”

Sanskaar -“Friends ?? ”

Swara thinks

Swara -“OK ”

They Shake hands…

Sanskaar -“BTW y were u sad that day ?? ”

Swara -“Which day ?? ”

Sanskaar -“That first day of collage on beech ”

Swara -“You saw me there ?? ”

Sanskaar -“Yes I was with Aarav ”

Swara -“Hmm ”

Sanskaar -“Y were u sad ??,”

Swara -“u remember I dint came on very first day.. (She tells the story) so my dad scolded me.. ”

Sanskaar -“Yes one side he is right.. What benefit u got by helping.. Nothing na then ”

Swara -“But it is not always about Money and benefit we should think Its for someones life.. Happiness u gets from inside ”

Sanskaar -“Haha u and me are totally different u help I see Money.. Cz u see ppl who have Money are super happy.. ”

Swara -“Money is something not everything..”

Sanskaar -“I’ll marry a rich gal and live happily forever … ”

Swara laughs

Sanskaar -“Well leave that all we will find a way.. ”

They finally finds third door of auditorium open which is a back door too.. They gets out…

Sanskaar -“come I’ll drop u.. ”

They sit on bike..

Sanskaar -“Agar muje pakad logi toh khaa nai jaunga tumhe.. ”

Swara holds him by shoulder..

He drops her ..

Sanskaar -“Swara bye bhi nai bologi ?? ”

Swara turns while going she smile and bid bye to him..

He leaves…

After going home Sanskaar gets pia call they talks for long time… But Sanskaar always gets swara’s innocent face when he closes the eyes..

Sanskaar -“What is happening to me till today I fought with her but getting her thoughts now.. (He jerked) I can’t let it.. I should get pia I know what to do in my life.. She is not my type.. ”

He sleeps..

While Swara feels he is not that bad guy she thinks ..

Precap -“Sanskaar changing behaviour and Feelings “

******To Be Continued******

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