SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 2 (by ZuZu)


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Recap of part #1 -“Sanskaar fun loving guy yet flirty.. With high dreams of marrying a rich gal.. SwaraAarav friend of Sanskaar .. Abhay also friend of Sanskaar but Sanskaar don’t likes him much.. Pia a rich gal.. Becomes friends with Sanskaar only in one day.. Aarav and Sanskaar challenge to propose her.. Sanskaar on knees to propose him.. While a dupatta flows on him ”


Before pia could say or response the wind blows in a rythemetical form.. Making environment all special..

A girl passes from sanskaar’s side.. And her rose red duppatta flows in air.. Covering Sanskaar’s head who was knelt down in front of pia..

BG -“Aryan and Aradhya BG Ta ra ra from Krishna daasi ”

She moves opposite side.. Her duppata covering Sanskaar.. Showing him as hers.. Seems like it was stoping him to propose pia.. Slowly slowly duppatta moves…above his head.. Sanskaar unkowninly closes his eyes feeling the breeze..

Aarav and Abhay watches the scene and are confused what is going !!

While the gal who’s stole was flowing on him was unaware of it..

By time he gets out of it pia gets a call..

Pia -“Hello Misha .. How are u yaar after so many days where are u ??”

Saying this she walks off talking on phone.. While aarav and abhay laughs seeing his so good proposal getting wasted !!

Sanskaar gets angry cz he never failed in any of challenge or bet..

He instantly turns back to see the girl cz of whom his plan flopped.. He walked towards her.. She was facing her back towards him.. He harshly holds her hand and makes her turn in one go.. She looses balance and was about to fall but he holds her… Cz of falling her hairs came on her face.. He was not able to see her face..

He -“How dare u come in middle do u know how much I worked for this….”

He stops Saying as she stands erect..and sets her hairs back.. Making her face visible to him..

She was so beautiful without makeup.. With big eyes.. Long straight nose.. Perfect heart shaped lips with natural pink color.. Her hairs straight and loose curls at end.. Her small earnings.. A small heart shaped pendent in her delicate neck.. And the most attracting Her bindi.. Her hairs flowing with air.. She was simple yet elegant…

He was stunned to see the god’s most beautiful creation.. He can’t even say it was love at first sight..and he was never attracted towards traditional girls.. But she.. She was different her angelic face her charm was so different !!

He comes to his sences as her voice reaches to his ears..

She -“What !! What’s ur problem.. Is this the way to behave ”

He remembers what she had done..
He -“Hey u miss.. (he looks her from top to bottom ) Arnaarkali keep ur this dupatta with u.. I am not ur saleem ”

She gets angry -“Haaan What u called me Anaarkali .. U.. U..(she wasn’t getting any word to say) ”

He laughs -“U u what Anaarkali ?? ”

She -“Am not Anaarkali.. U are Hitler.. ”

He gets irritated listening Hitler for him..

He -“hey Wha..what u said me .. Hitler.. U..”

He comes so close to her… -“Mind ur language… Cz of u my GF ran away.. ”

She laughed -“Haha u have GF also mr Akdu ”

He frozen to see his beautiful smiles Which was so relief giving..

But his anger over powered him.. -“How dare u call me akdu.. ”

She -“That’s what u are.. Btw what did I do ki she ran.. “(Still laughing)

Sanskaar -” I was making a try on her.. And was proposing her now but ur this..(holding her stole) dupatta (angrily jerked her stole) this came on my head.. ”

Swara -“Haha very funny Hitler ”

Sanskaar -“Don’t call me with that name u Anaarkali.. ”

Swara -“U are also calling me with a name right.. ”

Sanskaar -“You are that only.. I lost my bet cz of u..”

Swara -“What (shocked) chi don’t u have Shame u do all this cz of bet.. U are insulting love….’

He cute her words -“Hey Anaarkali don’t give me pravachans (Lectures) I know what is what k.. Say sorry and leave.. ”

Swara -“Y should I say sorry.. I will not ”

Sanskaar -“Sorry toh tumhe Bolna padega.. ”

Swara -“Nahi bolun toh kya karloge (with attitude) ”

Sanskaar comes close to her and holds her hairs.. And pulls them down.. Her face becomes lil upwards she cries in pain -“Aahh ”

He leans on her.. Making her sweat in fear she gulps..

Sanskaar was so close to her -“You have a chance boldo vrna ”

Swara (scared) -“vrna.. ”

Sanskaar leans more and whispers in her ears -“I will kiss u in front of whole collage..”

Swara -“Pls leave me am sorry ” (closing her eyes as he WS so close to him)

He smiled at her expressions.. -“Loudly I Dint heard ”

Swara -“Am sorry ”

Sanskaar pats her cheek -“Good now go.. ”

She leaves.. U can say ran..

Aarav and Abhay came to him

Aarav -“Y u scared that innocent gal yaar she is so innocent ”

Sanskaar in thoughts -“Hmm she is pure and innocent .. ”

Abhay -“So u lost the bet ”

Sanskaar comes in sense with his words -“hmm no I have time till collage gets over.. Today ”

Aarav -“come bro let’s go to class.. ”

Sanskaar -“You both go I will come.. ”

They leaves..

While swara was going a guy calls her from back -“Hey Shona u here ”

She turns back to look and jumped in excitement -“You here ”

Guy -“Yes am in this collage.. ”

Swara -“Wow ..Bsc 1st year !! ”

Guy -“Same pinch Shona ”

Swara -“Ground touch ”

Both laughs

Guy -“Haha u dint changed a bit also same school wali Shona u are ”

Swara -“And u to Gabbu ”

Guy -“Shona pls don’t me that In collage ha ”

Swara -“Why Gabbu is nice name than kabir ”

Guy -“Kabir Nayak ki image ko ye name suit nai krta ”

Swara laughs looking at the funny way he said ”

Kabir -“Now Cale ? ”

Swara -“Sure !!”

They walks to class while talking.. Swara was happy with him.. Laughing whole heartedly..

Kabir sits with his one friend as he forces him.. While Swara sits in a empty place..

Pia and Abhay were sitting together..

Pia – “Hii ”

Abhay smiles -“Hii ”

Both stayed silent for few minutes..
Abhay -“So are u enjoying this collage.. ”

Pia -“Yes it’s cool ”

Abhay -“Hmm I can see that.. ”

Pia smiles -“Hmm well u ? ”

Abhay -“Hmm I am too cz having friends also is good in same collage .. ”

Pia -“My best friend is also joining from tomorrow.. ”

Abhay -“Nice ull get a good company ”

Pia -“Hmm of course .. Who is ur company ? ”

Abhay -“Sorry ?? ”

Pia -“I mean ur friends ”

Abhay -“Aarav and Sanskaar ”

Pia -“Wow Sanskaar is ur friend too.. But where is he (she looks around) ”

Abhay -“Must be coming .. ”

Pia -“Hmm ”

There enters Sanskaar and saw pia they share a hii from distance.. But as seat beside her was occupied he sits in a vacant seat..

When he turns to see with whom he is sitting.. He gets shock while his benchmate too

Both -“Youuuu ”

Of course he sat beside his Anaarkali.. :p

Swara -“You came here also.. ”

Sanskaar -“Oh Hello What u mean it’s my class.. Btw u were not there here yesterday ? ”

Swara -“Actually I was late.. So Dint came.. ”

Sanskaar -“Hmm.. BTW Anaarkali prof Sen is so strict be careful ”

Swara gets lil afraid -“Why what will he do ”

Sanskaar -“You Dint came yesterday na ”

Swara -“Ya ”

Sanskaar -“He will punish u ”

Swara gulps -“What punishment ”

Sanskaar -“he will make u hen.. ”

Swara gets scared.. Then she realised that he is doing it for fun..

Swara -“You Mr Hitler stay in ur limits.. Otherwise ”

Sanskaar -” Otherwise what will u do ?? ”

By time kabir see Swara angry..

Kabir -“_Shona ”

Swara turns

Kabir -“Everything fine ?”

Swara -“Ha Gabbu.. ”

Kabir -“K ”

She turns back..

Sanskaar -“Haha Shona .. Ur name is Shona.. And his Gabbu ?? Seriously so funny.. ”

He laughs a lot…

Swara -“Shut up ..”

But he laughs ..

Swara -“What for u whatever my name will b ? ”

Sanskaar -“Btw are u both BF GF ”

Swara -“y ? ”

Sanskaar -“cz of ur names.. Lol”

He laughs again..

By time prof Sahil Sen comes :p

The class starts.. Sanskaar begins to talk with pia through actions.. While pia too replies..

Swara looks him and gives a “So Cheap” she sighs..

The class gets over.. Swara goes out while Sanskaar and pia goes together to canteen.. Abhay and Aarav follows them.. Kabir goes to Swara..

Sanskaar -“BTW pia u dint answer to my proposal is that u are not …”

Pia -“No its not that ”

Sanskaar smirks -“Then u accept”

Pia -“Hmm yes.. ”

Sanskaar -“Oh my wow.. (He hugs her) am so happy pia.. Am so happy.. ”

He wink to Aarav and Abhay who are standing back of pia.. Pia hugs him back..

They break the hug..

Pia -“Even am so happy baby.. ”

Sanskaar -“Aww u look so cute while calling baby.. ”

Pia -“Thank u baby (she blushed) ”

Sanskaar -“Any plan for evening ”

Pia -“Hmm yes my friend is coming today Ive to go recive her ”

Sanskaar -“Ohk .. ”

He thinks -“So today evening Aarav (he smiles winningly.. ) well I got a life time settlement now a rich gal now what I want.. Nothing..!!”

They goes for next lecture.. Sanskaar and pia sits together while Swara and kabir shares the seat..

Finally in eve they wave a good bye Swara leaves to her house while Sanskaar goes to Aarav ..

Aarav -“Ok boss I will do as u say ”

Sanskaar -“so today evening u are going to treat us ”

Aarav -“OK ” 🙁

Sanskaar laughs seeing his expressions… -“V se Aarav see I got a rich enough gal life settlement.. My hands fortune.. ”

Abhay -“Hato ki Lakeeron pr mat jaa aye galib naseeb toh unk bhi hote h jink hath nahi… Well fate changes too ”

Sanskaar gives him a ‘What ever’ look..

Aarav -“OK  we will go by 5 ”

Sanskaar -“OK done ”

Swara’s home..

Shekhar -“Swara how was ur days in collage today and yesterday ”

Swara -“Papa I dint went yesterday.. ”

Shekhar serious -“Why ”

Swara -“she tells whole story ”

Shekhar gets angry -“Swara why did ur first day of collage u know I hate it which cz effect on ur edits ”

Shomi -“Leave it na ”

Shekhar -“U don’t say anything in this matter u are spoiling her !!”

Swara gets sad

Shekhar -“Listen Swara u did much of social services concentrate on studies.. ”

Saying it he left.. Tears a raised in her eyes..

Shomi -“Shona ..”

But she leaves.. She goes to her fave beech when she gets sad..

Fortunately Aarav Abhay and Sanskaar was also on same beech..

Sanskaar -“What yaar Aarav u brought to this silly place let’s go in some pub.. ”

Abhay -” No yaar let’s be here for sometime cool air soothe the stress ”

Sanskaar eyes falls on Swara who was standing far away who was said looking at water..

Sanskaar thinks -“What Anaarkali is doing here ?? Y she is sad.. Shall I talk to her .. No no but y she is sad..”

By time some childrens comes and makes Swara get up she buys many balloons and gives them.. The poor children smiles and enjoys seeing them she gets her angelic smile back on her face.. !!

By seeing her he too smiles and sighs in relief.. Her smiles makes him smile..

Precap -“SwaSan :p guess “

******To Be Continued*******

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