SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 13


Hey, guys as some of you know I have written a new ff which has had a great amount of responses compared to this one. So I’m thinking to end this one soon and if not I’ll update this one once or twice a week and the other more regularly.
So far the votes for my other ff were:
RagLak: 15.
RagSan: 13.
So anyone who actually reads this ff should know who the main pair is…
So here we go now.

Part 13.
Twinkle: Aah Ragini…Tumhara hi intezaar tha,,,
Ragini: well sorry to keep you waiting but I’m here now, so let’s continue where we left off.
Twinkle: Gladly,,,
Saying this Twinkle swings around and points the gun at Ragini’s head.
Ragini: Dhek the hai kismat kiska saath de thi hai…
Rinkle: 1..,2..,3… (Bullet shots are heard…)
Lakshya: Ragini
Aaryan: Ragini
Rinkle: (Burst out laughing….)

Kunj: What kind of sick joke was this???
Aaryan: You nearly gave us a heart attack…
Lakshya: Why would you do a silly prank like this Ragini? What would I do without you…
Ragini: Let the past be the past Lakshya and Aaryan as long as you are with me nothing can happen to me…
Twinkle: They got so hyper about this prank Rags…
Ragini: I know yaar but forgetting this can we go over the information and the plan??
Twinkle: Yes.
Lakshya: Our target is the boss of this group who is currently unknown….
Twinkle: He’s not unkn…(Get’s cut off by Rags)
Ragini: So how do we recognise him (signs Twinkle to not say anything yet.)
Kunj: He has an R tattooed on his right-hand, on the part of the palm which connects to the thumb (and show them).
Aaryan: Does that mean his name starts with an R?
Aaradhya: Possibly…what else could the reason be?
Lakshya: We have received information from the mysterious source who said our target will be at a cocktail party at XYZ location tomorrow…
Kunj: There we will be able to recognise him which will give us the leverage we need to get Aaradhya into his group so she can give us all the information and we can stop this attack…

Aaryan: Sounds great but who’ll train Aaradhya for this??
Rinkle: We will…
Kunj: we want someone to train her not kill her…
Aaryan to Aaradhya: If you want to stay mentally stable I suggest you don’t get help from these 2.
Rinkle: How mean…
Twinkle: I remember how Lakshya used to tease u like that.
RagLak share an intense eye lock…
Aaryan: It’s getting late let’s go to sleep…Trying to release the tension.
Kunj: Good idea bro.Taking out a sigh of relief.
Next day….
Everyone is asleep.
Ragini is seen punching and kicking a punching bag.
Her hand starts bleeding…
Lakshya wakes up and sees her …
Lakshya: kudh ko daard pochane se purane zakham nahi bhar jayenge. (Giving yourself pain will not heal old wounds)
Ragini: Lekin ye daard uss daard se zyaada acha hai. uss dard ke jaaga aise hazaro dard manzoor…
(but this pain is better than that pain..Rather than that pain again I accept thousands of pains like this.)
Lakshya: Apne pyaar pe barhosa ho tha tho woh dard tumhe mehsoos nahi kar par tha.
(If you had trust on ur love than you wouldn’t have felt that pain)
Ragini: Barhosa hi mere toot jatha hai.
(My trust is the only thing that breaks.)
Lakshya: Teary Eyed-Uss din tumhara barhosa hi nahi toota..tera dil bhi toota aur uss ke saath tumne mera bhi toor diya.
(That day your trust was not the only thing that broke,ur heart broke as well and along with that you broke my heart.)
Ragini: teary Eyed-Kyun purane zakham yaad kar kaar dard barah rahe ho??
(Why by remembering old pain are you increasing the pain.?)
Lakshya: Because I love you…SAYING THIS HE WALKS AWAY.
Ragini: Whispers while crying I Love You Too.
Someone overhears them with teary eyes.
Kunj: Listen to get into the party we’ll have to go as couples…
Twinkle: But the only couple here is Aaryan and Ragini.
Aaradhya: So they can go together and the rest can just pair up.
Lakshya: No In case all hell breaks loose.
Aaryan: Then what do we do.

Ragini: I’ve ordered our clothes and as I thought to colour co-ordinate so whoever co-ordinates goes together. Sounds Fair?
Kunj: I must say you’ve got some brains.
Ragini: That makes one of us.
Kunj: Hey and everyone burst out laughing.
Aaryan: But what if all h*ll breaks loose?
Ragini: Shoot to kill…
Lakshya: Someone already knows about us so even if we have to fight out in the open we will do…
Everyone goes to get ready.

So who will be paired together??
What happened between Lakshya and Ragini?

Who overheard them?
How did you guys like it and plz do read the promo of my other ff,,, and it’s next part I’ll post today or tomorrow?

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  1. Akshata

    awesome update……. i loved this brave yet delicate ragini. really want to know about ragalk past. i think he was Aryan.

    1. A.xx

      thanks but i am going to discontinue this ff as it isn’t getting response and come back with it but continuing from the 1st chapter as that had response so i’ll just write about the past and then build up to this story …sorry but this has to be done.xx

      1. Akshata

        i know but dont stop in the middle yaar. its so interesting, why dont you change the name and show only raglak story. decision is all yours i am just giving suggestion your story is awesome.

    2. A.xx

      i’m going to start form beginning of it as i think they liked the past better as everytime i wrote about the past people liked it so i’ll repost from beginning and the cont.xx

    1. A.xx

      thank u tani.xx

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