SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 10

Chapter 10:
Ping Ping…
Everyone’s phone rings with the location of their safe house.
Lakshya: Let’s got the safe house and then we will proceed with the plan’s details.
Aaryan: Nevermind that how are we going to get there Sherlock???
Lakshya: hold on I’ll phone headquarters as the contact should have been here but isn’t…
Aaradhya: I hate it when people can’t do their jobs right.
Phone rings.
Kunj: Hello,
Caller: reaching your destination is your problem, not your contacts.
Kunj: Listen getting us there is your job not mine…we don’t have time for these silly games…
Caller: Joh karna hai woh kar lo,,aise samjho ke yeh tumhara intehaan hai…(do what you want,just think of it as your test).
Kunj: Hey you listen…
Ragini: what happened?
Kunj: The contact said getting to the safe house is our test and it’s our problem, not his.
Lakshya: how are we going to do that.
Aaryan: I know look…
(Points to a man who’s car keys are hanging out of his pocket.)
Kunj: let’s go.
Ragini: You guys are forgetting one thing.
Lakshya: What?
Ragini: He’s a man.
Aaryan: so.
Ragini: Just watch. starts walking towards him.
Kunj: hang on a sec….(get’s cut off.)
Lakshya: She’s got this.

Ragini walks towards the man and pretends to slip.
The man catches her and they have an eye lock.
Man: Kabhi kisi ne bola hai tumhe ke tumhare ankhon mein puri kaynath dikh thi hai?
Ragini: Gets teary eyed.
Ragini falls into Lakshya’s arms and he says the same line.
Ragini: Itni geri se math dekho shayaad doobh jau ge.
Lakshya: Yehi toh mera iraddha hai jaaneman.
They share an eye lock.
Flashback ends.
Ragini: How many girls have you tried this line on?
Man: A few but until now it’s never been the truth.
Ragini: Oh really!!! (laughs). By the way, Romeo till how long will you hold me?
Man: I wish I could do this all day but sadly I have to go…
He lets go of her.
Man: Naam toh batathi jau…
Ragini: Tejaswi…
Man: Karthik… but before she hears it she walks off.
Karthik: Tumhe nahi pata ke tumne mere samne aa ke kitni badi galti ki hai.Ek gaadi ke liye tumne tumhara pura mission jeaprodise kar diya.
(Karthik remembers feeling Ragini’s hand on his back pocket.)
Ragini: Let’s go (and shows the car keys.)
Aaryan: Bach ke raine re baba,
AarLakKunj: Bach ke raine re,
Karthik: Bach ke raine re baba tujhpe naazar hai.
Episode ends with Karthik staring Ragini.

Precap: Contact revealed.
Aaradhya asks Ragini about their past.
Ragini reveals what happened in the beginning. (After chapter 1).
Plan training (Ragini and Aaradhya practice Se**ct**n.

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