SwaSan FF – Junooniyat – Part : 1


Recap of #Prologue -“Sanskaar a spoil brat !! Swara a sensible girl yet good at heart !! ”


Sanskaar comes down after bathing.. He directly goes towards dining table where his dad was reading news paper…

When he was about to sit his mom holds his ear..

Sanskaar -“Aahh mom !!”

Ram (His father) keeps the news paper down and looks what are they doing..

Ram -“What happened sujata.. ”

Sanskaar -“Dad say na mom to leave.. ”

Sujata -“Acha ji.. Leave u.. First u sleep late at night.. Roam in city till late with ur spoiled friends.. Then in morning break things.. Then directly come to dining table.. First go.. Go in temple and bow down ur head in front of God… ”

Sanskaar -“OH Mom for that u are doing this..”

Sujata -“Are u going ?? ”

Sanskaar folds his hands.. -“Haa maatey jaa raha hu phle kripya kr muje choriye ( Yes mom going but pls leave me first) ”

She leaves his ear .. He goes to the temple of thier house.. (Which is in thier house)

Sanskaar -“(He folds his hands) bhagvan pls muje maaf kr dena.. Thodi musti krta hu.. I mean thodi nai bht ( brushing his hand in his hairs) pr am not bad at heart u too KNOW na.. Kishan ji plz aaj muje b koi gopi mil jaay collage me.. Vo aap toh jante ho na Mera ek hi ek dream to marry a rich gal..plspls pls.. ”

He leaves after praying his childish wants !! Not aware what lord Krishna is stored for him.. Love or Fame !!

Sujata -“Now sit properly and eat.. ”

He smiles and eats… While sujata continued her scoldings.. When he was done he got up..

Sanskaar -“Dad I need 3,000 pls ”

Sujata -“Kyu .. Y u need this much money.. ”

Sanskaar -“Oh com on ma.. Its first day of collage we all will enjoy.. ”

Sujata -“for enjoyment ?? ”

Ram takes the Money and give him..

Sujata -“U are spoiling ur son ”

Ram -“Leave it na sujata he is no more a kid..”

Sanskaar -“Uffo ma money is everything.. See I will marry to a gal who is so rich.. ”

Sujata -“Who will marry u .. U are idiot ”

Sanskaar stretching his hands -“Comon ma see how Handsome is ur son is.. Gals go flat on just in one look.. ”

He leaves saying -“Am going now !! Getting late bye..”

He takes his bike and leave..

Sujata -“All time he talks about money.. (praying God) oh lord Krishna pls send a gal who can make him realise what a thing a love exits which is above everything.. Rather than a billionaire gal.. ”

Here sanskaar reaches the collage.. He feels so happy to get admitted in such a big reputated collage..

Aarav -“Hey Sanky ”

They share a hug

Sanky -“Hey Aarav what’s up dude ”
Aarav -“Fine man !! ”

They sit on the bike near collage gate..

Aarav -“So What made u so late ”

Sanskaar -“Uff u know na ”

Aarav -“Hmm may b ur mom lecturing u ”

Aarav laughs.. Sanskaar gives a glare to him…

Aarav -“Kk sorry dude… BTW u still want one billionaire ? ”

Sanskaar -“Of course dude.. I will never need to work u know.. ”

Aarav -“U and ur dreams.. ”

Sanskaar -“Any problem dude ?? ”

A handsome guy come there when Sanky and Aarav were talking..

He -“Hey guys whats up ? ”

Aarav -“Hey Abhay ? How are u dude.. Seeing after long time.. ”

{Abhay full name is Abhay Raichand from serial Pyaar ki ye ek kahaani which was played by none other than our Vivian D’sena.. Imagine him here}

Sanskaar just smiled.. Cz he dint like him much as he is one who used to give challenge to his looks in previous collage… Means they both were two cool hunks of collage..

Abhay -“Fine yaar.. And u..”

They share a bug..

Abhay -“Hey Sanky.. Hwz u dude won’t u say hello to me ? ”

Sanky unwillingly -“Of course dude

He hugs him..

Aarav -“So dude any GF ? ”

Abhay -“Naah yaar.. Dint find any.. Will get in this collage (Winks) what about u Sanky ? ”

Aarav -“Haha he still in billionaire dream.. ”

Abhay chuckle -“Seriously dude ? ”

Sanky Stood silent..

The wind blows.. All stares at collage gate where a Mercedes stops!!

Sabskaar looks there.. Aarav and Abhay too..

A gal comes out opening back seat door.. Looking hot yet breathtaking.. She was dressed in a unique style..

Sanskaar looked at her and his mouth remained open in O shape.. Same of other boys too.. Boys were admiring her beauty and richness.. Where as girls were getting jealous..

Aarav -“Hey Sanskaar.. ”

Sanskaar still looking at the girl -“Yes ”

Aarav -“You want a rich gal right.. Here she have both money yet looks… ”

Sanskaar -“Yes yaar he is perfect to be girlfriend of Sanskaar Maheshwari !!”

Aarav -“So here is challenge !!”

Sanskaar -“What’s that challenge ?? ” (Turning to Aarav)

Aarav -“U have time till tomorrow.. Before tomorrow’s first lecture starts u should propose her and she should accpet u..”

Sanskaar -“You are challenging Sanskaar man.. Till now I have not lost any bet.. ”

Aarav -“Then I can take this in Yes right ”

Sanskaar smirks -“Of course dude.. I accpet Ur challenge.. ”

Abhay -“Dude u both still keep this challenges and all ”

Aarav -“Yeah .. Every time he win and I loose ”

Abhay laughs -“Then y u bet ? ”

Aarav -“just to try luck !! ”

Sanskaar -“Mark it dude don’t forget to treat us.. ”

Aarav -“ohk ”

They goes to class.. Sanskaar gets shock to see Same gal in his class..
He smirks -“Just wait and watch Aarav ”

He grabs seat beside her as it was vacant..

She smiles at him normally.. He smiles back widely…

Sanskaar -“Hii My self sanskaar Maheshwari.. Friends call me Sanky…”

She -“(Shaking hand) My self Piyali Dobrial ”

{Here my Imagine Sukirti Kandpal who played the role of piyali in serial Pyaar ki ek kahani opposite Vivian}

Sanskaar -“Wow Good name.. Then friends ?? ”

Piyali -“Sure ”

Sanskaar -“So What I can call u now ”

Piyali -“You are quite fast..”

Sanskaar -“Hmm Need to be yaar in this 4g world.. ”

She chuckled

He -“So tell me ”

She -“What ?! ”

He -“What can I call u… ”

Piyali -“Pia.. U can call me pia ”

Sanskaar -“Wow so cute.. Like u..Well pia are u single ”

Pia -“umm till now yes..”

Sanskaar -“So it can be changed very soon huh ? ”

Pia -“(smirks) Depends !! ”

Sanskaar -“Not bad .. Well then I can be promoted from friendship to something ”

Pia -“Well we will see ”

Sanskaar -“Sure today’s Ur day is mine okay right ? ”

Pia -“OK Sanky”

They began to talk.. Sanky made fun of things.. Making her smile every five minutes.. Where as Abhay sighed looking at them.. And Aarav simply stared how he can manage this all in such less time.. Well it’s just a matter of the way u talk and impress..!!

On other side While coming to collage swara saw a old man falled on floor with blood oozing from his head.. Seamed like someone has hit him and drove off in order to avoid any court case..

Swara comes near the person -“Uncle what happened are u fine..”

The man was semi conscious.. -“Ha beta ”

Swara to taxi driver -“Bhaiya pls help !! ”

Taxi driver -“No mam I can’t.. What if it a police case.. ”

Swara -“Can’t u see this man how is he suffering.. Pls help ”

Taxi driver -“But ..”

Swara -“What but.. This is the problem of us.. We humans never help anyone thinking what he / she is to us. But we never think what if our father our brother or our sister or mother… Any one will be in this position we will help them or not …what if something like this witg us and others don’t help us ? Do we any time think it ?? Just we say we belongs to humanity first.. But when it comes to show humanity.. Everyone runs away.. ”

Listening this Taxi driver pics up the man and help him.. They take him to hospital..

Doctor comes and does his treatment..

Doc -“Miss Swara am very happy seeing that humanity exits in this world still..”

Swara -“it was my responsibility being a human and responsible citizen !!”

Doc -“May God bless u my child.. ”

Swara smiles

She takes care of the man.. The man blessed her.. She forgets totally about collage..

Here in collage Pia and Sanky were enjoying the delicious food of canteen.. Pia gets close to him.. Both becomes best friends in eyes of pia but for sanskaar like he is winning the bet..

Pia -“Sanskaar Ur company is so awsm ”

Sanskaar -“Am ready to accompany u till life (looking in her ) ”

Pia -“You are too much ” (Laughs)

Sanskaar -“Am serious ” in stern voice !!

Here swara receives the call from her mom..

Swara -“hello mom ”

Shomi -“Swara howz Ur first day in collage ?? ”

Swara remembered about collage -“(she murmured to herself ) shit man I forgot about collage..”

Shomi -“Swara ?? ”

Swara -“Mom I mean (She tells what all happened ) ”

Shomi -“K don’t worry now come home fast.. ”

Swara -“Ya mom coming ”

She takes leave from the old man and rushes to home..

In collage

Pia -“So whole day passed ”

Sanskaar -“Hope I dint bored u ”

Pia -“Of course not !! ”

Sanskaar -“So can v go out together !! ”

Pia -“OK ”

Sanskaar -“OK 5 pm I will come to pick u up ”

Pia -“Sure !! ”

Pia leaves giving a good bye hug to sanskaar which was noticed by Aarav.. Aarav saw them mouth opened..

Aarav -“Bhai how u manage this all .. Every gal.. ”

Sanskaar -“Easy dude.. For me all this is game of my left hand .. ”

Aarav -“Hmm ”

Sanskaar -“Aahan now get ready for loosing tomorrow.. ”

Aarav -“But where u will take her today.. She is rich na the place should match.. ”

Sanskaar shows him money..

Aarav-“But this.. U will spend all ”

Sanskaar -“Dude Its a lifetime investment.. I will invest for now but will get full profit in future.. ”

Aarav -“Bht Kamina h Tu ”

Sabskaar -“So toh hu .. “(Winks)

Saying This he too leaves..

Abhay pats Aarav shoulders..

Abhay -” Haha u are going to loose again ”

Aarav -“Yes dude.. ”

Aarav stands there thinking while Abhay too leaves..

Swara reaches home.. She helps her mom.. In house chores ..

Swara -“U know Mom no one was ready to help that old uncle ”

Shomi -“You helped my Daughter is so kind.. Always be like this only.. This Money and all can comfort u for sometimes… But the prayers of others can make Ur life.. ”

Swara smiles..

Sanskaar picks up pia from Dobrial mansion.. Going on bike on full speed cool breeze touching thier faces.. Pia removes the shrug and throws it.. Sanskaar sings..

“Haan Tu Hai Song from movie Jannat”

Pia enjoys the lyrics.. As he was singing it for her..

They goes to pub and enjoys.. Pia friends also comes but she only be with sanskaar mostly.. Sanskaar stares her lovingly.. They had a eye lock.. Her all friends get impressed by him..

Sanskaar later drop her..

Sanskaar -“pia get ready am going to give surprise to u tomorrow.. ”

Pia -“What’s that ?? ”

Sanskaar -“If I say u now only how it will a surprise ?? ”

Pia smiles -“Hmm OK ”

Pia goes inside..

Sanskaar smiles and leaves..


Next day Aarav was cursing himself for betting with sanskaar..

Sanskaar -“Aarav mere Bhai q galia de raha h khud hi ko .. ”

Aarav says nothing

Sanskaar -“Woh cheez krni hi q chiye jab tum kr hi na paao ”

Aarav -“:/ ”

Here comes pia..

Where she walks suddenly Sanskaar stops there itself in collage ground..

Pia -“What happened ?? ”

Sanskaar without saying anything knelt down..

Making pia shocked..

He puts his hand in front of him..

Sabskaar -“Pia yesterday before coming to collage I dint thought also that I will get a life here.. Ur smile Ur style made me crazy for u.. U look Like a Angel.. A beautiful Angel.. Will this beautiful Angel will like to be my Girlfriend.. ”

Before pia could say or response the wind blows in a rythemetical form.. Making environment all special..

A girl passes from sanskaar’s side.. And her rose red duppatta flows in air.. Covering Sanskaar’s head who was knelt down in front of pia..

BG -“Aryan and Aradhya BG Ta ra ra from Krishna daasi ”

She moves opposite side.. Her duppata covering Sanskaar.. Showing him as hers.. Seems like it was stoping him to propose pia.. Slowly slowly duppatta moves…above his head.. Sanskaar unkowninly closes his eyes feeling the breeze..

Aarav and Abhay watches the scene and are confused what is going !!

Precap -“Guess guess.. How will be thier bonding ?. “

******To Be Continued******

Here I end the chapter one.. If u don’t like say me so that I can improve and yes.. If u guys won’t comment I will surely stop this SS and won’t post.. Silent readers those who read my FF silently Its so bad we take hours to write just to entertain u guys and u can’t comment .. Its matter of few seconds band few kB only.. It’s last warning for silent readers… U will be responsible for leaving it incomplete !!


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