Swasan ff – Junoon wala ishq (part 2)

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So,let start the next part





after ragini truth out, and everyone guilt feelings what they behave with swara and her family because of ragini


Dadi came towards swara and ask her to forgive her


Dadi joins her hands to swara


Dadi; please ,forgive me swara,how I taunt ur family, about ur upbringings, ur character or even fatherless child,I have proud on my upbringing, even I do wrong doing, but I give good upbringing to her,to spread love not to kill someone but today ,in this age I don’t even know what is right or what is wrong, but u how much ur perfect swara,if  u want please forgive ur dadi,please swara


And she start to crying


Swara: dadi,what r u doing??? U r elder to me,so u have no to do this, and I love u dadi,in this u have no fault


Shekhar also coming toward swara


Shekhar; swara,please forgive me,I believe ragini,because she never hurt someone before, and I know didn’t much about u,I have proud on ragini,but she have black spot,what I have done with u and shomi,I have no words swara,even I said that u r Not by daughter, but ur upbringings are so good, beta please forgive me


And he joints his hand but swara say no,and hugs him tightly, she is so happy that now,she get fatherly love


Even MAHESWARI also ask forgiveness from swara


Swara forgive all of them by her kind nature,and misconceptions by ragini


Shekhar; beta,now u do not have to be live in relation anymore, come home we will start fresh


Sanskar became angry to listening this how dare he to snatch his life,his love,his swara???????? 1


Swara looks toward everyone and they nodes there head in yes


Dp; swara,u go and get happy life,u have done a lot now think about ur life,

u live with sanskar for proving ur innocence or show the face of devil,divorce paper u will get soon,and we can do this thing for u,how much u give us swara,now u r free and now u go with ur family

Sanskar get more angry on DP,sanskar think something and smirked??????


Swara hugs shomi and shekhar


And says happily


Swara; maa,baba am coming


Not know about a storm enter in her life???


Sanskar came toward swara


And sanskar said in her ear


Sanskar; u have not going anywhere (stern voice)


Swara; why


Sanskar; because I love u swara


But our swara ignore him and said to shekhar


Swara; papa,I pack my luggage then we go,and we live our life in hapiness and see sanskar and smirked to see him


And sanskar glare her


Swara go to swasan room and sanskar also make an excuse





Swara came in room and start packing her luggage


Kaise kahoon ishq mein there

Kitna betab hu main

Sanskar came and block swara way when she go toward cupboard


Swara; now,what(irritated)??


Ankhon se ankhon ko milakthan

hoora loon here khwab main

Sanskar; what the hell is this swara,I say that u r not going than,why r u going


Swara; I don’t care and start pack her bags


Mere saaye hain saath mein

Yaara josh jagah tum ho

Sanskar grabbed swara by waist and pins her to the wall


Main joh,jee raha hu

Wajah tum ho

Wajah tum ho

Sanskar; I am ur husband jaan


Swara; r u mad,we married because we want to prove my innocent, a forcefully marriage Mr sanskar MAHESWARI




ain job jee raha hu

Wajah tum ho

Wajah tum ho

Sanskar; swara,didn’t I say that I am ur husband jaan,I never divorce u that how can u leave me than




ain yeh nasha ye h zeher

Is pyar ko him kya naam de

And laugh like madly


Swara;Mr Sanskar MAHESWARI, if we can’t be divorce than I also leave this house by my consent


And smirked to see him


Hain ye nasha,ya h never

Wish pyar ko him kya naam de

Sanskar again pins the Swara




Sanskar; if u step this house than all MAHESWARI is out of my house

Swara is shocked


Swara; u can’t do this Sanskar


Sanskar; I can do jaan,u don’t know who I am,u listen the great SM name jaan

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