Swasan ff: An incomplete scrapbook (This is so not me) Episode 3


Sanskar’s POV:
I rushed towards the parking lot.. As it was already late, maximum vehicles had left that area and also her lavish car could be noticed from far point. I carefully went near her Lexus RX and opened the car. Then with my instruments, which I often carried with me, cut the tyres of her car. After finishing my job, I locked the car again. I knew that parking lot would be silent and I could cut the tyres easily. But I was aware that as it was a lavish car, with out the key if I would hit it, it might cause loud noise and I didn’t want to take the risk. So, this made my job difficult. Now again I had to place the keys on the table.. Before she could know that her keys were lost, I carefully placed those keys on the table and went out of pub. But before I came out of pub, I noticed her searching the keys. How ever she must come to the parking lot to take out her Lexus RX. So, I hasted towards the parking lot. After some times I saw her coming towards the parking lot and then I hid inside my car to see her reactions. As she had consumed alcohol, she was not fully in her senses and while coming, she was about to bump into a pillar, when I at once came out of my car to hold her.

Swara’s POV:
Oh god! Spare me today! Why I swayed away by my heart.. I could not even walk properly. Due to my blur vision, I didn’t know where I was proceeding.. Might be I was going to collide.. Didn’t know exactly what happen!! Suddenly I found strong hands encircled around my waist. A sense of fear came into my mind.. Who tried to touch my waist? Was the person wanted to take advantage of my situation? Due to these thoughts, I tried to come back to my senses & opened my eyes to see that black covered man again..”Hey mister! I don’t like anyone’s touch without my consent.” I yelled at him.. Insane person, he dropped me at once. How rude!! Jerk! How could he drop a girl? Due to the fall, I hit the ground and my back was paining. I tried to get up but invain.. I could not afford to get up. I saw that black covered person standing near me but not helping me. I raised my voice, “Hey mister! How rude were you? First you made me fall and now also not helping?” He came near me to help and just replied,” Hey miss! I had done, what you said. You said me to leave. Where was my fault?” Now he extended his hand for help and I got up. As soon as I got up, I asked him, didn’t you know how to talk with girls? By the way, you were the same person in the pub who raised his voice to me.. Were you following me? Oh Mister!! Look I was rich, pretty, famous princess swara suryavansi. Many guys followed me to talk with me.. But you were lucky as I was talking to you. *giggles*… But before I could continue further, I saw him walking away without even uttering a word.
I was going to call him, just then my phone rang and I saw the caller ID as mom calling. I picked up the call and without listening to mom, just replied yes mom! I knew.. I was coming. He was going away but I didn’t have time to call him now. So I proceeded towards my car. I tried to start it but Alas! My bad luck! Tyre was punctured. What would I do now? It was already too late. I couldn’t get lift. It was a big day for me as well. While thinking these things, my eyes fell upon him again and I rushed towards him by calling him as Mister! Black covered man!! Please stop…

Sanskar’s POV:
I held her in the nick of time to protect her not to collide with the pillar but blo*dy stubborn girl!! She was showing me attitude.. Like I was trying to touch her skinny waist!! How pathetic… I never understood human’s feelings. I didn’t want to understand either. I thought I was crushed to get this target from my captain. So, I needed to do this silly stuffs. I wanted her to go near her Lexus RX car, where my mission of keeping an eye on her would begin. But alas!! Again she started her annoying stuffs and I left her as I was unable to control my rage & misbehaving with her would be the worst thing for this mission. While moving away from her, I heard her talking to someone on phone. I walked in snail’s pace as I knew she would call me after viewing her car’s condition. I was so correct. She called me. But I didn’t turn back as I knew that she didn’t know my name and what was she calling me “A black covered man”.. Oh!! I could not turn as she might be suspicious that I was expecting her to call me.. So, I walked away slowly so that she could reach to me by running.. Finally she grabbed my hand to stop me. I smiled lightly for my victory and then turned back. “Hey you!! What’s your problem?” I asked her. She then snapped back, “Mister, I know you don’t know how to talk with girls?” So I came here for a deal. “Do you own a car?” I was surprised. Why the hell in earth she was asking this question and did I suppose to answer her??

Swara’s POV:
As soon as I stopped him, he again showed me her damn attitude. Swara Suryavansi could never ask help from these blo*dy creatures.. So I offered him a deal. I knew maximum guys who came to this pub were capable of affording a car and this moment I needed that the most. Therefore, I asked him to sell his car with twice amount of market price.. But that jerk person again showed his attitude like why I needed his car? Couldn’t I afford a car? blo*dy moron!! He didn’t know I was riding Lexus RX. But it was not the timing to be hyper. So I lowered my voice and said thetyres of my car got punctured and I needed to go home urgently.. I would pay you double money at instance if you were willing to sell your car.

Sanskar’s POV:
I was hell shocked by her reaction… It again reminded me that yes!! She was a courageous girl. “Asking a stranger to sell his car, huh!!” But I needed to change the situation towards my favour.. I controlled my rage and asked her politely, ” should i drop you home?” I could sense the change in her body language as she had not expected this from me. But I knew that she would say yes!, as she had no other option.. When she said yes to me it didn’t surprise me a bit. Anyways now we both were proceeding towards our destination…(my mission & her mansion)

Credit to: Kashis

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