Swasan ff: An incomplete scrapbook (This is so not me) Episode 1


Swara’s POV:
“Alcohol may be people’s worst enemy but the bible says
love your enemy.”
One of my friends said this and I completely nodded my
head to give my acceptance to it. All my friends were pulling
my legs as I was going to be a billionaire tomorrow. Some of
them also mocked that my life was wonderful as I came to
pub regularly, gulped as much as vodka as I could and no
sorrow to pay money as I had plenty. By listening to their
gigglish voice, I was irritated. “Did they know, I had
absolutely no pleasure in indulging in stimulants. Was
pursuing alcohol called as pleasure? blo*dy Dumbs!! Had
they any idea about my torturing memories and an
unsupportive loneliness?” I thought this while completing the
whole glass of drink.

I wanted to drink more, wanted to doze off completely. But I
could not as tomorrow was a very important day of my life
and the wills of my grandfather would be transferred to my
name. I would be called as the inheritor of Suryavansi
empire. So in short, I was not in a position to drink more.
But there was a constant struggle between my mind and
heart. My heart was tempting me to take one two glasses
more as I had a bit tolerance power but my mind resisted.
However sometimes you just had to listen to your heart and
to forget what’s your mind told you.!! I also swayed away by
my heart and wanted one glass more. But Alas!! There was
no more drinks on the table. All my friends were already
dozed off and some of them even left the pub. So I decided
to bring the drink myself. Though I was not dozed off, still
my mind was not fully conscious.

In a to and fro motion, I reached to the bar tender to ask him
to make one more drink. As soon as the bar tender passed
the drink to me, it mistakenly fell. And without noticing
where it fell I ordered another one. Suddenly I felt a weight
on my shoulder and turned to see. I found a man fully
covered with black dress and was placing his hand on my
shoulder. I yelled at him,” hey Mister! How dare you touch
me? Better you should back off.” Before I could say
anything more, he raised his voice in a low pitch and said
“Be careful while ordering a drink.” I was in full anger. How
could he raise his voice in front of Swara Suryavansi. I
turned to the table to pick up my drink and gulped another
drink at once to snap back him. But to my surprise he was
not present there. I was happy as I knew he left by listening
my name. ” Me Swara Suryavansi …. The future of
Suryavansi empire….”

A victorious smile came to my face.
Just then my phone beeped. And my chain of thoughts
about the black covered man were broken. I checked the
phone and the timing was 12 AM. It was time to return
home swara. Your future was calling you. But where were
my keys? Oh gosh!! How careless I was! I alone searched
the entire pub as many of my friends were left as I already
knew it and the remaining of them were unable to open their
eyes. I was also under the control of alcohol. So it took time
to search the keys in the entire pub. However it’s told ,” All’s
well that ends well.” In short after so much struggle I found
my keys placed on the table near the vodka bottle. “Silly
me!! How could I miss this? I searched the table before but
the keys were not there.” I thought this. But as it’s already
late I left those thoughts and even as I consumed vodka, so
might be I was hallucinating and might be the keys were on
the table but I had not noticed… Genuine reason Swara… I
satisfied myself by giving this reason and left the pub and
went towards parking lot.
Sanskar’s POV:

I was constantly noticing her from the bar corner.. For the
first time in my life, I had seen a girl who was not a bimbo..
But again none of my business…!! As my creator, My
captain had ordered me to keep an eye on this girl. I could
not concentrate on this target. I, Sanskar Maheswari, was a
slayer, who mercilessly killed people. This target was not
apt for me as keeping eye on some one was not my job. But
again I was bound to do this!!, as my captain had told me to
do so.. I couldn’t deny captain. So, now I was here in the
pub to check her.

I was standing at a Stone’s throw distance from her where
she could not notice me.. I could clearly hear her friends’
voices and as far as I understood they were teasing her. But
why my target’s facial expression was changed by their
teasing.. I didn’t know. I felt like she was in deep thoughts.
But again none of my concern. Now my target stood up
from her seat and came near me.. Oh shit!! Had she seen
me?? I thought as I was constantly noticing her and also as
I already knew she was not a dumb girl… Getting exposed
in front of her agitated me. But thanks to my good fortune!
She had not seen me. She came here to order drink only and
I was standing near the bar corner so this confusion
happened in my mind.

Still after taking so many gulps of drinks, she had not dozed
off. What a tolerance power man!! Courageous girl!! I
knew.. At once these thoughts were broken when the drinks
fell on me.. I protested her but unable to do much as I could
not expose myself nor I wanted a drama there. But what an
ego she possessed?? “Beauty with brains” was a disastrous
combination. How could I know more about her.. As my
captain had told me to gather more information regarding
her. Oh!! This was so not me.. But I could not disappoint my
captain. When she was taking another drink to snap back
me, I found her keys kept near the bottle and took it and
silently moved away.. As per my information she was riding
Lexus RX and it was not surprising enough as she was rich.
I knew what I was going to do. As with out it I was unable to
know about her… It’s time to work Sanskar..!!

Guys! Do tell me your opinions. As my exams are nearer, my
episodes will be short one. Please bear that..

Credit to: Kashis

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    1. @ashi .. its kashis… I m not kfar.. and yes my title is the incomplete scrapbook.. the subtitle will go with the story.. the prologue’s subtitle was billionaire’s girl and slayer.. this is the same story dear.. but the subtitle will change with each episode… I hope you understood.. if not then feel free to ask… and ya here swara is billionaire girl..

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