Swasan ff: An incomplete scrapbook (A Lie) Episode 4


Guys! Again Kashis here. I don’t know you all have remembered me or not as I have taken long gap from TU. But I missed you all and again returned with another concept of swasan. Do support me like earlier…

Sanskar’s POV:
There was a complete silence inside my car. She was looking outside the door. By viewing her facial expression, anyone could notice that she was worried and anxious to reach home soon. Though I knew her address, still I wanted to hear her whereabouts from her mouth, as I didn’t want to raise doubt on her mind. The road was silent. No vehicle, no sound made the road a peaceful & calm place to travel. We were the creatures of dark world. Like the dark night, our esoteric lives were also engulfed in darkness. There was no place of bright sunshine in our lives. Because of this very reason, people feared from us, police thought twice before attacking our localities. But courageous girl!! Sitting besides me in my car without a single expression of fear… Just then her voice broke my chain of thoughts.

Swara’s POV:
For the first time he asked me politely to drop me. I couldn’t deny as I was hell late for home. We didn’t exchange a single word inside the car. His face and entire body were dressed in black clothes. Though I was sitting next to him, still I was unable to see his face properly as it was covered with a half mask. I wanted to ask him regarding his dressing sense… But I reverted. I knew his temper and the way he behaved with me earlier. And again why I would bother about his dressing sense?? I was late for home and he was giving me lift. That was it. No need for further enquiry. Suddenly I remembered I couldn’t go home in this situation. As I had drunk, I needed to freshen up. So, I had to go to my place before going back home. But I couldn’t tell him about my private home address as it would create a stir in social media. Suryavansi empire was famous and if anybody came to know about our broken family relations then it might hamper our business shares & also I couldn’t make my mom sad as she was the only person who loved me despite not being my real mother. In short, I had to tell him to stop the car before reaching my real place & from there I could go home with my own vehicle. As soon as I told him to stop, he stopped the car & asked me,”what?” I said my home was a stone’s throw distance from here and I could go alone by walking as my family won’t tolerate a guy dropping me home at late night.. He nodded and left me there even before I could say him thanks. I lied to him as I had no other option. As soon as he left, I rushed to my own private place in the adjacent street.

Sanskar’s POV:
Immediately after she told me to stop the vehicle, I was shocked as I knew her address but this address didn’t coincide with the one I knew. But I suppressed my shocking expression. This was a favour of being a slayer. I didn’t possess human expressions, as I was devoid of feelings. I knew that her explanation was lie but I didn’t ask any further questions to raise her doubt and left her there. I turned the car to go away from her sight as if i was not following her. The moment she saw me going away, she entered in the adjacent street. I was curious to know what she was hiding from me… As this was my job to keep an eye on her. I left my car in a lonely place and followed her secretly. I saw she went inside a home and hardly after 15 minutes, she came out & started her another car to go somewhere else. I ran from that place towards my car and as that place was nearer to my parking i could reach easily in a short time. Again being a slayer, I was an expert runner.. Till now police was unable to catch me. So, my captain liked me a lot and all his important targets were bestowed to me. In each case, my captain ordered me to kill somebody but this was the first case where my captain instructed me not to harm the girl. Strange though, none of my business!! I was a slayer and completing my target was part & parcel of my life. I again started following her and this time she was in the way to her real home. But the same thought agitated me that why she went to that home?? What was she hiding?? I needed to find out that.

Swara’s POV:
I went to my room, changed my clothes and freshened up myself. I made sure that the alcohol smell must not be coming from my mouth. Then I proceeded towards my home. In the mean time my mom called me several times and i just dropped a message that I was coming with in 30 minutes.. I reached home before the completion of 30 minutes. As soon as I entered, I saw everybody was waiting for me in the hall except Mr.Shekhar Suryavansi, my so called dad. I also never wanted to see him on this fateful day when all the properties were going to be transferred to my name. As far as I knew, my dad was now hiding underground as he had lost many shares in speculation. Though I didn’t know much about these things but overall his life was in trouble, as far as I came to know from my mom, Annapurna Suryavansi. I was also not at all interested to know about his hideouts. Breaking my series of thoughts, mom asked,”Are you ok?” I was hell worried for you. Why did you reach late? I nodded that I was fine but due to some technical issues in the car, I reached late; as I didn’t want to narrate the whole story to make her more worried about me. After all a mother is a mother only.. Might be real or foster.. But you would find solace in her care, words & deeds. Just then Ragini Gadodia, my lawyer cum friend stood up from her seat to read the will of my grandfather. Ragini, though elder to me, but I always considered her as my real friend. Apart from my mom, she was the first and last person whom I could trust blindly. In all these years when ever I needed a friend, she always offered her shoulder to me. In short in every think and thin of my life, she helped me a lot and also dearly connected to me. Now she was going to read the will and a complete silence was filled in the hall. After the reading of will was completed, I could not believe what I heard. I was unable to inherit the property now..

Credit to: Kashis

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