Swasan ff: An incomplete scrapbook (The billionaire girl and slayer) Prologue



“Life and story are like two sides of same coin. Too much unpredictable. Some stories give you bliss, some make you cry & some make you confused. But every story has an end to some extent. However some stories are there which are open ended. A new story can be continued from that. No body ever knows what exactly happened in that story. But its always said that no body is mysteriously mysterious. There is some way to find the truth.” I was standing outside the pub ‘Black Bear’ and reading this holy crap of paper which was fixed on it’s gate. I gave least importance to these things as I was not interested to be diverted from my target. I entered the pub. Too much noise.. Drinks.. Dance.. Like seriously how could people take this much sound? Not my concern. I was here to know about my target as this was my job. Oops.. My existence to life. At one corner of pub some shits were drinking. Some girls were dancing and some holy shits were trying to be close with them. My eyes were searching her. According to my information she was in the pub and I had to find out her at any cost. That time at once my eyes fell on a group of girls making unbearable sounds. blo*dy hell! Didn’t they have any other works? Bogus people.. Didn’t know what was life?? My thoughts were like as if I knew everything about life. Suddenly a microphone sound had broken my series of thoughts…

Some girl was saying ,” cheers!! Our friend is going to be a billionaire tomorrow. For this happy occasion, she is giving free drinks to all for enjoyable night.”
I was now pissed off. Till now I was unable to reach my target and now I was listening these hypocritical things.. As far as I had noticed some congratulated a girl and she happily waved a smile. My thoughts were like how impossible this girl was?? Wasting money on these holy shits?? Again non of my business. I went to the bar corner to look for my target minutely as the lights were dim in the bar. Again that same girl’s sight distracted me. Now she kicked a man as he was trying to shake hand with her in an inappropriate way. Oh!! Courageous girl.. I thought what was this girl?? This girl was a crap like hell for doing wastage of money but no.. She was brave. Just then the DJ announced,” Give a big round of applause to miss Swara Suryavansi for her kind gesture to serve free drinks to all. Have a blast tonight guys!!”

Swara Suryavansi.. Oh!! There she was.. Finally found out my target. She came upon stage with a glass of drink, thanked everyone for the congratulation and gulped the drink in one go. !! I told you courageous girl. But this girl was a mixture of opposites.. I needed to focus minutely for this target. Now as got my target, it was time to gather more information. But I didn’t want to reveal myself or my identity in front of her. So I asked the bar tender ,who was serving free drinks, about her. I just casually approached him, “was she really rich?” The bar tender just told me that yes! She was a billionaire girl. I could not ask further questions as else people will be suspicious about me.. And it’s the worst nightmare to be getting exposed. It would create a domino effect and my creator would not like it. I could not think to let him down. As because of him, I found my existence .. I was what I was now in the present. I ,Sanskar Maheswari, a ruthless slayer.. A life without soul…

hey guys!! kashis here. some of you might know me. This is a small prologue of my swasan ff. Do you want I should continue this ff? Your comments will decide the fate of this ff.. let me know what you all feel about this ff.. criticism is also accepted.. and guys this is a dark story.

Credit to: Kashis

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  1. U should if you want..
    We all will appreciate your efforts….dear

  2. Awesome dear plzzz continue
    post next part soon

  3. Liz continue

  4. Its absolutely nice!!

  5. Osum wow wat a start
    Hey was it u who wrote d ff ‘swaragini…an angel is my love’?????
    if yes den plz continue dat i luvd dat ff

    1. yes @jolly. thanks for liking that…

      1. Di plz cntinue dat ff plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  6. Great please do continue, desperately waitrfor epi 1;)

  7. Yessss continue

  8. Hey kashish you are back! The prologue is awesome pls update soon 🙂

    1. thanks tooba

  9. you continue writing it kfar its gonna be amazing

    1. thanks mili

  10. Hahaha…
    No comments..

    1. how are you [email protected] leku…. miss u… after so many days!!! how is life going on??

      1. Ohoooo…remember me..missed u so much….after u n saba left..i quit tellyupdate…but still cant off from our swasan right….writing 2 on going story….other website..i read urs in diariesforfantasy …i thought u would post in TU..finally back in Tu..i was shock many writers in swaragini page..

        Hows is ur studies going….

        My life going well…
        How s saba…

  11. Iys awesome kashis..do continue. U knw I check fanatsy diaries 10-15 times a day to check whether some ff is posted or not..so I will be waiting.

  12. Me too waiting for ur fiction pls continue..wat about new fiction in dariesforfantasy pls update regularly I know ur busy but try to update.

  13. guys!! I have uploaded the next part of this ff.. I don’t know when it will be published…. if u want to read now then you can visit

  14. idea is awesome.. continue it..

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