Swasan ff: importance of family and friends in life….!!!! short summary

Hi guys…how are you all??as some of you has asked aboabout short summary of the story so here it goes…..

Swara is a girl who is simple and type of girl next door….she has recently came to India after completing her graduation in London….when she came to India..she started to encounter with the memories of her past….which past she had left in the streets of Hyderabad…after coming back the only remaining bond as before is only with her brother manik….bcoz her whole family has something to complain about and vice versa except manik….and here manik is seen as a rco friendly short tempered guy who is handling their family buissiness and in relationship with a malayali girl nandini murthy known to only swara and their family don’t know about it…and here comes the sanskar kapoor who was swara’s first crush…he was deeply in love with swara in their past…but in present he is showsn with mixed emotions towards swara..he has started hating her and want know the truth about the horrible incidents which has happened few years back…due to which swara even left the country….

in the meantime we meet ragini and twinkle…who are sisters…and ragini was the best friend of swara during their school days…soon laksh has also joins them and the trio makes a good bond with eachother…and it is shown that laksh and ragini are in love and they are not in touch with neither swara nor saznskar…their thoughts and feelings towards swara and sanskar are not revealed yet….and then enters a new character into their lives who is kunj…he is shown as laksh’s friend who has given job to twinkle and is very impressed with her bcoz of her strong and confident mindset…actually he hates women but after meeting twinkle he starts respecting her and then he fells in love with her which is unknown to twinkle…and then during a casual talk b/w kunh and twinkle she reveals that she hates Ber brother nikhil gadodia and his friend who is also swara’s brother manik Kankipati bcoz they both killed her lover uvi….. Then kunj who us shocked to hear the names of nikhilnikhil,uvi and manik from twinkles mouth he confesses his feeling towards to laksh..who advises him to not to revealreveal his feelings to twinkle quickly.. And says let her take some time to forget uvi…

then swara who is desperate to take a chance from her family and sanskar to explain what has happened in past tries to tell sanskar..but he cuts her in middle says he knows everything and doesn’t want to listen from her anything…then she asks him to give her a punishment whatever he gives she will accept it..then he starts giving her punishment by making her realize her love her feelings towards him which she always denies…and during this he helps her in her meeting with her pedananna who is dp…and then it is revealed that sanskar doesn’t hate her but he wants truth from her which she is hiding from him and manik… And then swara is shown talking to someone in phone about a girl..hence that caller and that girl are not revealed yet…

And in this there is some spice and some comedy scenes are shown b/w swasan and manan…and manan’s story has to be reveal as they at also having a past from which they want escape for lifetime…as in one episode alya is seen talking to manik and which results in a heated arguement a
B/w manik and nandini during which he slaps her…

So guys I think I’ve covered all the points which I’ve shown in episodes…and all these points will start revealing one by one….I just need your support..bcoz asli kahani abbi baki hai mere doston…

And guys I’ve decided that I will post thrice in a week this and that as too…which means by giving a two days gap to each episode…I just hope this gap will make you catch the story…

If you all like it then if you are a silent reader then scroll down your page and enter your mail I’d and your name and thedn give me your feedback…if you are registered silent reader then enter username and give me your feedback…

So till next two days…tata bye…this is madhu…signing off

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  1. Vaiting fr update dear…want to no wht exactly happnd to uthra

  2. Saumya_K

    Awesome Madhubani! Welcome back. Waiting for ur update

    1. Saumya_K

      Gosh this autocorrect! I meant *Madhu not Madhubani

  3. Seebu_s

    i missed some episodes…and thank u for summary☺

  4. Amazing

  5. Awesome

  6. Phoniex

    thanks for the summery

  7. it’s gud…but 4couples are there…swasan,raglak,manan n twinj…so i think swasan scenes will be less?

    1. Madhuag

      Its not like that sri…check all the parts of ff…then you’ll know that swasan are the main and most plot revolves around them only..and raglak story has not started yet…so I hope this will doesn’t disappoint you…

  8. interesting

  9. continue soon

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