Swasan ff: importance of family and friends in life….!!!!! Part 4

Hi guys…….sorry for the interruption in last part….
I’ve stopped swasan Congo in middle and ended the part…
So here it goes…

Continuation of swasan talk…

Sanskar:think again swara….you shouldn’t back off when I say what will be your punishment
Swara:don’t worry sanskar…I’ve already made up my mind
Sanskar:hmm..that’s good…..(by walking towards her)

Now he is leaning on her and feeling her body’s fragrance….

Swara:(confused by his act)sa..San..sanskar.. W..wh…what r u d..doing???

He smirks by her words and holds her by her bare waist
Now swara’s breath level also increased

Sanskar:so.. You are still the same swara….
(By roaming his fingers all over her body while his other hand is still holding her)
Sanskar:so…you said you are ready for the punishment…

Swara nodes in yes but her face expressions are confused…..

Sanskar:OK then….kiss me
Swara was shocked by his words

Sanskar:what happened swara….you said you are ready for the punishment right???then i’ve already told you what is your punishment…..so you’ve to complete it…so come on now kiss me..

Swara kissed him on his cheeks…

Sanskar:what is this swara???you think you are a kid or I am a kid….oh I forgot swara…I’m really sorry you don’t know na how to kiss….how to kiss
on lips….

Swara was giving him unbelievable look

Sanskar:offo swara….don’t worry i’ll teach you how to kiss and I will kiss you here(roaming his fingers on her neck),I will bite you here(pressing
himself against her br*ast)and then I’ll suck your fluid…..and..

Swara:(cutting his words)Stop it sanskar (shouted at him)

Sanskar:what happens swara???you’ve said you made your mind to accept my punishment whatever it may be…na then now what??are you breaking your words????
Swara was hell shocked by his words….and kept mum

After sometime…..
Swara:OK sanskar I am ready…but don’t think that I am falling for you again and Doing this because I love you….never think that

Sanskar:OK….so may I???

Swara nodded in yes without any emotions on her face….
“Sanskar has started to kiss her on her lips….it was smooth and a calm one in beginning then he started to suck her lips and then he started To
move his one hand on her chest while the other is still holding her waist…now he wants to enter her mouth but she was not giving him a damn entrance so he clutched her waist tightly which made her gasp in pain and taking this as a advantage he entered into her mouth and started to lick
it all over.…and then he again came out from her mouth and again started playing with her lips…now the kiss has became fast and started to bite her lips…he left her when he was out of breath…

He was seeing her with complete lustful eyes…..from head to toe and his eyes were stopped on her br*asts which were moving up and down to
take breath….swara has noticed his look on her br*asts and turned to other side

Sanskar:(while taking steps towards swara)o my god swara….you taste same as before….I think you didn’t kissed anyone in these years that’s
why your lips are still the same as before….but I should say it now your personality has became more tempting and hot…I think now it is
uncontrollable to me to stop…
Swara:so this was your punishment…. I thought something else…
Sanskar:who said this was your punishment…this is just beginning of your punishment…so be ready for everything…you heard it EVERYTHING…

Swara:what do you mean??
Sanskar:yes…for today I am satisfied with this kiss…now you can leave
Swara:but I want to know everything
Sanskar:OK…an ye Jo hua hai hamara kiss in my house at this time na….aise hi kisses hamare bohoth saare honge…..any time any place….jab
main chahoon jahaa main chahoo air ha don’t think like it will only stop with a kiss…may be it can move ahead and can give you immense pain in your….I think you are getting what I’m saying right???(by winking at her)

Now swara was hell shocked by his words…..

And she left his home by holding her tears….

Now she came to a park and sat there…
She was lost in her thoughts…she started to remember something…..


A guy was shown b/w his mid 20’s is sitting on his bike and waiting for someone by seeing his watch….

Then a girl is also shown coming into the same route where the boy was waiting…..with her another girl is also there so both the girls are coming
on two cycles…

Then that guy noticed 1st girl and said to himself..”kamse kam aaj tho used baath karna hi padega…warna won mujhe coward samjhegi so sanky go…..you can do it..!!”he took a deep breath and walked towards her cycle…and stopped her by saying “hloo excuse me…plz stop”
The girl stopped seen behind at that boy and looked towards another girl who is bedside her….other girl sighed her to go….

Girl:what??why you called me???
Guy:woh….actually I am sanskar…sanky
Girl:so….what should I do
Guy:won…actually your book fell down…yesterday….
Girl:oh…thank you I thought it was lost
Guy:no need…its OK
Girl:OK bye…we are getting late
Guy:you didn’t said your….name
Girl:(by seeing him with a smile)haven’t you seen in that book??
Guy:so…your name is swara
Girl:yes…OK bye..see you
Guy:hey one sec…(he shouted)
Girl:no what
Guy:wo…you said See you again…but didn’t said when…
Swara:(smiles at him)hmm…evening you know my coaching class timing na I will talk to you then
Sanskar:OK bye….I will be waiting for you


Flashback ends…

Precap:continuation of flashback and kunj and twinkle’s entry.

Note for readers:guys…I am telling you all that in this ff only swasan are the main couple others manan and twinj are the supporting characters….but they are important too but most of scenes will be on swasan only….and one more thing guys…plz do tell me should I give the entrance of nandini in flashback or in present only….

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  1. Awsome….Did u get that ff’s name? Now i m also interested in it.

    1. Madhuag

      Ya…all tnks to vanisha,the ff’s name is marriage life

  2. Phoniex

    Nice dear I want to know what she had done that that he turned this from her majnu

    1. Madhuag

      You’ll soon get to know that what’ve she done…and I didn’t understand what does it means “majnu”???

      1. Phoniex

        yes that famous lover

  3. Nice

  4. Madhu.r

    i cant understand your story

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      Could you plz tell me wherebare you getting problem in understanding the story???i’ll help you out

  5. Simi

    Nice… When sanskar know about all this then y is he behaving like this to Swara

    1. Madhuag

      He thinks that he knows everything but in reality he don’tknow everything

  6. nice..in flashback..

  7. awesom dear just now i read all ur epi’s…..continue soon…vaitin fr next

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    Awesome..!! Loved it..!! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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