Swasan ff: importance of family and friends in life….!!!!! Part 2

Hloo..everyone….I am back with new part of the story….
I know you all may be getting the feel that I am dragging the story…..
But it was necessary to clear confusions which may arise afterwards….

Actually guys I wanted to ask you all one thing that…a name of a swasan ff
I don’t remember the ff name or author name…so I needed your help.
In that ff marriage of swasan was arranged by their family’s…. But swasan were least interested in it…
And sanskar is dating kavita but agreed to marry swara becoz he wanted his family’s happiness.
And that author mentioned that varun and dhanya are swara’s bhai and bhabi….and sanskar said about his affair with kavita and said he’ll never give her wifery rights…..but swara still agreed to this marriage because she wanted her parents happiness.

So if anyone of you know about the details of the given description of swasan ff then plz do tell me.
Because I really want to know that what does have happened b/w swasan…and how their love story has started….

OK….now stop cursing me about my blabbering…so now moving on to our story….no blabbering anymore….
Direct attack….

Episode starts with swara in airport…
After landing up in India,she booked a cab and travelled to her house…..

Scene open with swara is standing in front of a house which is half filled with garden no no I should say a small jungle…
Their house cannot be seen from outside of the gate…
She opened the gate and walked inside….
When she is walking towards the main door of the house she heard some voices and turned back….

There she sees a guy who is in his mid 20’s is shouting at house’s servants….

Guy:how I have to tell you to not cut the flowers from plants….and what is this….(showing at a aloevera)
Aren’t you giving water to this…and what is this (showing at some other rose plants) aren’t you cutting the dried leaves from these plants…..
(He kept on scolding servant according to plants…and that servant kept mum all the time)

Swara moved to that boy and said ‘ stop shouting at him and let him do his work…..waise…I need to talk with you”

Then that without turning back said arrogantly…’I’ll never talk to anyone….and I am very busy right now if you’ve any workbthen come afterwards…now get lost”

Swara:are..ala ela (aise kaise)I need your credit card as a return gift….

Now that guy’s angry was at peeks and turned back to find swara smiling at him… He was shocked to see her….
And a lil scared too

Swara:now how much time you are going to stare me like that Anna….

Yes….the guy was our manik only…

Manik:ahh…!!!!you…what are you doing here???if anyone sees you here then you know the consequences na then why you came here???

Swara:Anna I came today only…and I’ve topped in my degree wanted to tell you..

Manik:(cutting her words)offo….if you wanted to tell me then would’ve called na why you came here ra???you know na I can’t see you hurt…then

Swara: anna….plZ calm down…let me complete first….actually 2 days back pedananna himself called me in London and said to come India…
And after coming he said that too clearly to come our home only….and he said not to go to my house….

Manik:what?????what are you saying swara???I can’t believe it!!!!just tell me what happened clearly….!!!!without missing anything…

Swara:offo…Anna you’ll never change….ok I’ll tell you everything…..
Flashback starts…..
Swara’s phone has started to ring…she lifted the call

Do:hello swara….ela unnavu??( how are you)
Swara:ha pedananna I’m good.meeranta ela unnaru?(how are you all)
Dp:we are all good….I’ve called you because…
He takes a pause
Dp:hmm…you should come India by next week…intact you should be in India in next 5 days….
And ha…..after landing up in Hyderabad directly come to our house only….no need to go to your house…
Swara:ok pedananna…I will be there but what is the reason???
Dp:now you’ve also started to elders swara??anta peddadanivi ayyava???(itni back hogayi tum)
Swara:sorry peddananna…I will be there.can I ask you one thing??
Dp:go ahead
Swara:have you forgiven me for what I’ve done few years back???kya aap mujhe ek chance de sakte ho ki aapko bathane keliye ki aakhir hua kya that??
Dp:(he took a long breath) if you come to India then you yourself find all these answers yourself only and coming to forgiving you it is not the time to talk about it.
Swara:ok pedananna I will come to India..

Flashback ends..
Present swara and manik scene….

Swara:that is what happened Anna…so if I am here in this house then nothing is going to happen bcoz pedananna he himself called me here na…

Manik:oh..I am really happy swara…after long time I got my chelli back…but…i ‘he a doubt…

Swara:that does pedananna and Hanna have forgiven me???

Manik: ya…..but I also think that if they’ve called you means they want to give you a chance to..

Swara:(cutting manik) to prove myself innocent.hmm Anna even mujhe bhi ehi lava that while talking to pedananna…
Manik:ok…let’s go inside amma might he waiting for us…she’ll be very happy by seeing you.

Swara’s face turns dull but tries to hide it…

Manik:swara…even you also know that which has happened with you for that amma is not responsible ra let it go….
Swara:ok Anna…intact I’m also trieing to do that only.

They went inside and met their mom….Maya lakshmi was happy and surprised to see swara….
But swara just hugged her and asked how are you and went from there….
Maya lakshmi stood there only with a sad smile and some tears on her face….

Manik’s room:

He is beyond happy…..he took his phone from the table and called someone….
Manik:hi…i ‘ve called you to tell something….
Voice :what???tell me quickly…i ‘ve lot of work…
Manik:keep all your works aside and listen to me..its really important.
Voice:ok..tell me.I am completely attention
Manik:guess What???swara has came to India
Voice:really????ok i’ll go and meet her

Manik:where’ will you go??
Voice:to her house
Manik:no…she’s here only…pedananna has called her and said that from now on she’ll be staying here only
Voice:what????!!!!!but how does that happen???I mean Kaise??

Manik:I’ll tell you but first come here…
Voice:I really want to come….but what if your mom sees me???
Manik:tonight mom is going to mama’s house she’ll return day after tomorrow only….
Voice:waahhh…then I’m coming tonight only…wait for me and don’t tell swara that I’m coming to meet her
Manik:ok…as you wish…but remember she’s still not out of her past….so no discussions about it
Voice:ofcourse I know that manik…ok bye
Manik:ya bye…see you tonight

So guys its time for your guess….
1)why is manik scared to see swara in their house??
2)what does Maya lakshmi’ve done due to which swara is avoiding her??
3)to whom manik’ve called?and how does that person knows everything about swara??
4)about what incident they are talking about and to prove swara herself innocent??
5)why swara is too desperate to ask forgiveness from do?and what’s he wants to tell him??

Waise…do you guys think that dp has forgiven swara???

Actually guys firstly I wanted to reveal the past of our leads but again I thought to keep the present part going and in middle I will reveal past as small parts in flashbacks…its your decision to tell me..that you like to see the past first then travel in present or I should continue present by giving flashbacks of past

Precap:sanskar entry,swasan hot romance,sanskar’s hatred towards swara and swara’s helplessness towards sanskar
Nandini’s entry( its ur decision to tell me that it should be in present or past),Alya consoling swara about sanskar

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