Swasan ff: importance of family and friends in life….!!!!!part 17

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Sanskar shut swara’s mouth by kissing her….he stayed like that for few min then swara realized their position and pushed him forcefully due to which he fell on the bed….

Sanskar: what the hell??? Why you pushed me??

Swara: you know it very well…

Sanskar: hmm…ya I know but I want to hear from your mouth….common swara kab tak chupavogi apni feelings ko

Swara: feelings??what feelings???

Sanskar: seriously swara…you asking me…just admit it that you love me…

Swara: love??? And me with you…look sanskar I am allowing you to kiss me whenever you feel that doesn’t mean I love you…

Sanskar: then what is it swara…why the hell you always allow me to come near you??why the hell your heart beat raises when I touch you?? Why your eyes get moist when you see me feeling hurt??tell me swara

Swara: I don’t need to answer your questions sanskar….

Sanskar: OK..just tell me one thing..what is the relationship b/w you and Me?? I kiss you whenever I feel like..and you don’t stop me like am your husband or boyfriend… You yourself agrees that I have right on you…what is this swara??what relationship we share??

Swara: some relationships font have have any names…and they don’t need to be have any names… And moreover I allow you to touch me bcoz I feel like I am getting punished for my past deeds….and thatbis what I feel when you touch me..and my heart beat raises due to the guilt…

Sanskar was broked by her words..then he left from there with angry..he went outside the hotel…

Here swara sat down with a thud and started to cry…and let her tears flow from her eyes..which she was holding in her eyes since long time


Nandini’s apartment:

Manik and nandini are shown in a half meaning position on couch…and nandini was on top of manik by attaching her back with his chest….and nabdini was drawing something on manik’s palm and manik was playing with her hairs….

Nandini: manik…

He didn’t responded so she again called him loudly….

Nandini: manik…..

Thus time manik responded….

Manik: hmm…nandini what happened??? Why you are shouting??am with you only na…I can hear you when you say normally

Nandini: actually..mabik I wanted to ask you something and I wanted to tell you something…so now choose yourself what should I do first..

Manik: hmm…..ask me first what you wanted to

Nandini: vo manik…I want to know everything about you..see na we are in relationship since 1 and half year..and I still don’t know anything about you except your family…jisse poori Hyderabad jaanti hai

Manik: nandini…even I want to tell you each and everything about me…am just waiting for the right time…then I myself tell you everything about me to you…till then plz have some patience..

Nandini sadly nodded in OK…

Manik: acha…now tell me what you wanted to tell

Nandini: vo..you know that na my b.com has completed and I need a break to continue MBA

Manik: ya…don’t tell me you are thinking to join this year itself…

Nandini: no manik…am thinking to join music college…see this…( she handed him her lappy) its the best music college in India…SPACE…and I want you also join with me there in a correspondence course

By hearing the name of SPACE and music..manik just left from there without saying anything to nandini…nandini just sat there confused and shocked


Kunj and twinke was walking on road then…

Kunj: twinkle…may I ask you something

Twinkle: ya…but usse pehle I want to ask you something

Kunj: what??

Twinkle: I think…aap much jaada hi sawaal poochne lage ho

Kunj: first don’t need to adress me formal…and am just curious that’s it..may in ask now??

She nodded in yes

Kunj: be honest ha…didn’t you ever felt like you are over qualified to this job and did you ever felt ashamed yourself to say that your boss is just a 12 the pass???

Twinke: hmm..honestly never..bciz in this job I do get my self satisfaction and coming to you..your abilities and your intelligence are things which matters not your education…

Kunj: hmmm…thank you…friends??

Twinkle: no sorry and no thank you b/w friends Mr.kunj reddy

They shaked both their hands….


Ragini and laksh are shown eating street side ice cream then…

Laksh: ragini…I want to tell you something

Ragini: don’t need to tell…I know you love me and I love you too

Laksh: not that….I heard that swara came to India few days back…and am sure if we go and meet her then may we can get any info about sanky bhai…its been 4 yrs since that dreadful day…that day all our lives has turned 360° upside down….and I and twinke lost yuvi bhai and swara and sanskar split apart…and moreover we lost our UTTARA too…since that day sanky bhai never met me…

First ragini got angry by hearing swara’s name but later listening to laksh she understood his pain…and said

Ragini: laksh…I can understand your pain if you think like if we meet swara then we may get chance to knoiw about sanskar then OK you go and meet her but plz don’t force me to come with you…and even I want to meet sanskar



Swara is shown still crying…its been 1 hr since sabskar left the hotel room and now she started to bet tensed….

Sanskar is shown drinking alcohol in a refill and walking aimlessly on road…then he went to a tree and sat on a stone which is under the tree….

Sanskar: how could you say that swara…you are just repebting your mistakes by letting me allow on yourself…. Why you are hiding your love swara…I am craving for it since 7 yrs…..and I can clearly see that love in your eyes…but why the hell you just don’t admit it dam. It..( he shouted last sentence)


A dark room is shown and we can see that a person is sitting beside the bed…and now we can see that a girl is sleeping on the bed…but that guy’s face is not shown he is holding that girls hand

Guy: hey sita…..hmm I know its not your name..but I don’t know your name also na..so I will call you with this name only…guess what swara is coming to see you in few days…then I just hope we can find out about who are you…and then both of us come across your real identity and your past…


A person is shown from back side and we can see his hands….
He is burning sanskars pic..and saying

” sanskar…its your last night…I promise you that you won’t see the tomorrow’s sunrise and its just that what you deserve for what you have done….you killed yuvi..you are the responsible for yuvi’s death…if yuvi is not alive then why you have to be alive…happy journey to the hell sanskar..”


Precap: sanskar’s accident

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