Swasan ff: importance of family and friends in life….!!!!! Part 1

Hello everyone…I am back today with my new part of this story….
Exactly I this episode also story is not going to start….by reading this you all may get frustrated but it was necessary…….
And may you all feel it like I’m dragging the story….but not like that…..
In previous parts I didn’t gave any information about the family’s of our leads….
So in this part you all get to know about the family’s……

Swara’s family:

Maha Lakshmi: mother of swara and manik,she’s a perfect house wife and follows all the rituals of their family……
And never let anyone’s feelings down..
She always tries to be a friendly mom with her kids but can’t….. Because coming to their safety and reputation she is a very strict mom…..
She pampers her both kids equally and she is the only wall which gives security to them and she’s their protector when they do any mischevious works…..but she herself punish them…..but she feels sad as swara has stopped talking freely with her a few years ago….

Seetha ram prasad Kankipati:
He is the father of swara and manik.he is a farmer….as swara’s family is orthodox but they believe that either we do study anything but if we do farming then it will give the satisfaction to us which is more than enough for next 7lives.so he believes that agriculture is a way of living.but don’t tink he’s an illiterate because he did his engineering from BITS pilani.and he is a strict father.when it comes to their family’s prestige and reputation that’s everything to him he don’t care for anyone in this manner.he never pampers them but neither he scolds them as he believe that if in a family first kid is son then the family will live long with peace and if daughter then the family will never live in poverty so he loves his both kids equally but never shows it.

Durga prasad Kankipati:
He is the bade papa of swara and manik.he don’t have kids so he loves manik and swara a lot.he pampers both of them but gets strict in the matter of values and relations.he strongly believes that values are the properties of a human which cannot be sold nor occupied by someone.
He has adopted ritually swara when she was 13.but from few years he has started to feel that adopting swara was the mistake he ever did in his life.

So guys plz be ready to guess these things:

1)why swara is not talking freely with swara since few years??
Why DP is feeling that adopting swara was the mistake of his life he ever did??

Nandini family:
Divya murthy:
She’s a today’s generation mom.she’s lecturer in a junior college in Hyderabad. Being a working women she feels bad because she can’t spend her time as she wanted with her kids.but tries completely to fulfill all their needs and to spend time with them.she feels that nandini is hiding something from her.

Krishnan murthy:
He is a govt revenue officer.so even he also doesn’t have time to spent with his kids.but he is over protective about them as he hires some people behind his kids using his power as a govt officer to follow them and tell their every action to him.this thing irks nandini a lot but she never says.he did something like this few years back which made nandini to stop talking to him.

Rishab murthy:
He is twin bro of nandini very supportive and friendly in nature….he is a packet of secrets.he knows everything about nandini but he feels that something is hidden from him by twinkle and alya.

2)what is nandini hiding from her mom??
What does Mr.murthy have done which made nandini to stop talking to him???
Why does rishab feels that alya and twinkle are hiding something from him???how they are connected to each other????

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