Swasan ff: hum na honge juda

A dark night is shown and a couple is shown travelling in a car.
Man was driving the car with a  stern face but his eyes were showing something else and the girl was just sitting beside him, looking outside or we can say pretending because time to time she was stealing the glances of the man from the corner of her eyes. Not able to see more Tears started coming from her eyes but she was not shedding them to feel the pain ,her eyes became glassy due to unshed tears.

Their was a akward  silence between which was conveying their unsaid pain , suffering and atlast craving for each other ( guys they are non other swasan who are coming back mm after 6 months) but both were not able to give words to their feelings

Swara soul: I am sorry sanskar
Sanskar soul: I am sorry too swara

Their souls were craving to be with each other but because of unknown barriers they have develop they are far away even being soo close

Suddenly the car got stopped with a jerk startling both.sanskar is trying to start the car but it was not working.
Sanskar( hitting the steering with frustration):dammit

Swara(shocked and taking his hand): sanskar are you insane

Sanskar looks at her but do not replies to her, seeing his silence swara understands his situation and leaves his hand and turns to other side by palming her mouth not able to control seeing his pain which is due to her.

She starts sobbing thinking​ all their moments and now this silence which was killing her. Suddenly her head was placed on his chest , sanskar dragged her to his chest. She looked up with glassy eyes and she lost her control seeing sanskar who has kept his eyes closed .she starts crying heavily.

Swara: I am sorry sanskar I am sorry (cries)
Sanskar: I am sorry to swara I am sorry
Swara: sanskar why did you forgave me ha, I gave you so much pain(sobs)
Sanskar: swara who I am too forgive you? We both were suffering equally but the worst part is I was not able to understand your pain being the fact that I love you. I was only seeing my pain(closes his eyes in pain)

Swara: no sanskar it’s not your fault .it’s my fault that in the heat of moment If I would have used by brain then the situation would have been something else.(childishly)

Sanskar: no swara we both have done equal mistakes but now I do not want to remember all that Kya pata kal ho na ho(feels weird).i want to start a fresh life with you. Will you give me that right?

Swara: of course my buddu maheswari(chirps)

Sanskar got shocked seeing her behaviour because few seconds before she was crying and now?

she came out of the car and someone hits her on head

Swara: aah(falls on floor)

Sanskar: swara ( hurriedly came out)

someone also hits him from behind leading both of them to get unconscious

Both came into sense as some goons throw water on them.

Voice: woh woh welcome love birds said a man coming towards them

The sight was blur to them but got clear when then the man came in front of them.

Swasan: nikhil

Nikhil: yes me nikhil whom you both have sended  jail

Swasan: but

Nikhil: oh please do not ask me how I came out​

Both got up and sanskar moves towards him but got pushed by goons

Nikhil: do not think me to harm me sanskar you can not do anything with me

Swara: but why you have brought us here

Nikhil: correct question my detective friend. I have brought you both to take revenge (signs the goon)

All the goons starts hitting sanskar and sanskar also starts fighting back with them

Nikhil ( comes towards swara and aims guns at her holding her tightly): sanskar (shouts)if you fight back na I will shoot swara. Let the goons do their work (smirks evilly)

Sanskar looks at swara emotionally for a second and stops fighting back

The goons were beating mercilessly s leaving him in a half dead condition.

Nikhil: finally my revenge is complete.now the final turn( pushes swara)give her the same treatment boys aftershocks she is his partner

Sanskar(weakly): no nikhil

Nikhil: oh yes baby

Goons hitted swara with hockey sticks leading her to fall on ground besides sanskar

Goons were hitting her but swara was looking at sanskar happily the wounds she was getting was not effecting her.her eyes got locked with his and the world got stopped for her because her world is front of here then why she have to care for this fake world The thing for which she was concern was sanskar who was looking at her with years in his eyes feeling her pain despite that her pain is nothing in front of him

Swara:sanskar(smiles faintly)

Sanskar: swara( says weakly and moves towards her and holds her hand)… He was feeling helpless for not able to help her love and tears were escaping from her eyes continuous sly showing his helplessness

Swara: I love you(feels pain)

Sanskar: I love you too(cries seeing her condition )

Nikhil: i love you both lovebirds(crushes their joined hands) but now(holds swara’s hAnd and makes her stand) its separation time (laughs evilly and signs his men too make sanskar. Stand)

Swara condition was not good blood was dripping from her face and sanskar was in half dead condition nikhil men were holding in front of her

Nikhil(hands her gun forcefully): now swara baby final stage (comes towards her and holds her face forcefully): shoot him

Swara’s eyes got widened and she looks towards him in shock

Nikhil: what shoot him or i will shoot you

Sanskar starts remembering all his moments with  swara and a curve got formed on his face

He looks towards swara and says with a weak smile: shoot me

Swara(cries): no

SAnskar: i said shoot me

Swara: nikhil can i hug him for last time after that i will do what you will say(pleads)

Nikhil: sure baby but do not try to be clever ok(smirks evilly)

Swara walks towards him saying: yeh ishq bhi bari kamAl ki cheez hai  kab hote hai kis se hote hai kaise hote hai kuch pata nhi chalta(both remembers their journey of falling in love)but but in next birth na i will not do this love shav  zaalim thing i will be away from this ishq and mr maheswari if you want me in next birth na then you have to do many pappad balen ok. I do not know if we would meet in next birth or not but my soul will be always of yours and see how lucky you are dying with your love’s hand such a lucky charmer you are(sanskar chuckles weakly)ha

She hugs him and whispers something but it was looking to nikhil that they are only hugging, his face color got pale listening to her was looking at her emotionally  and was shaking his head in a no, tears were drenching his face showing his pain

Swara(moving back) :1,2,3

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  1. Mars

    Ommmmmgggggg it is beyond awesome. I just loved it. My eyes got filled with tears reading it. I m happy a new swasan story started. Even I m requesting all people to support swasan stories.
    Your story is too good dear
    Continue soon…..waiting.
    Take care


    Super se upper waala epi… loved it… actually the readers are missing and hardly getting comments…… I think that’s the reason2


    Super se upper waala epi… loved it… actually the readers are missing and hardly getting comments…… I think that’s the reason

  4. Seems interesting..continue soon..tc..

  5. its interesting dear

  6. Simi

    Awesome dear

  7. AbrahamEzra

    Interesting. I’m eagerly waiting to know what swara said in his ears. Plss post soon.

  8. Awesome one and eagerly waiting for next one. And yes swasan ffs are decreasing . Some writers like meher , the three sisters are missing and i really miss their ff a lot. And if anyone them personally please inform them to continue thier ff.

  9. Neptune

    lovely moonu….
    all the SWASANIANS come back again please…..
    all the swasan writers and your friends are waiting for you…..
    please give your comments so that writers can feel your support……

    continue soon moonuuuuuuuu

  10. Interesting

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    Amazing dear

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    Interesting dear

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    Nice one

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