swasan ff: hum na honge juda part4,5

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Swara was standing by facing dressing table combing her hairs just then her eyes fell on sanskar who was staring her. She rises her one eye brow asking what happened but there was no answer

“Swara “murmurs sanskar softly. His tone was mixed with many emotions but the most important was love

Jeena nahi.. marna nahi
Tere bin

Sanskar moves towards her smiling happily just then she gets vanish

“Swara” says sanskar tensed because of not finding her there as she was there one second ago

“Where are you princess? do not play with me ok. You do not know how much I am craving “says sanskar not losing hope searching here and there smiling madly which was filled with many hope’s and believes

Swara swara where are you says sanskar searching her in whole room madly

“Where are you princess? Where are you” tears starts escaping from his eyes seeing his belief again getting broke. he falls down on floor sobbing loudly showing his pain

Tere bin… Tere bin…
Tere bin… Tere bin
Jeena nahi..marna nahi
Tere bin….

Swara is shown sleeping but was wriggling in her sleep moving her head left and right showing her restlessness​

Suddenly sanskar gets up his face is not shown and throws the side lamp on mirror breaking it into pieces indicating his life which is like theses pieces strong but broker badly.the pieces broken pieces were showing swasan’s were showing their journey in this room from fake marriage to their journey of falling in love.a story of unconditional love and support

I hate you are you listening , I hate you starts shouting sanskar with venom in his voice looking towards the mirror pieces which were scattered on floor and was showing to him their precious moments but falls unconscious on floor

Swara gets up from sleep sweating heavily and looking totally devastated . She was breathing heavily and was looking​ here and there trying to register the surroundings. She drinks water to calm herself but suddenly her gaze falls towards the moon outside of her room window.

She walks towards it feeling lost and sits on the side of the window observing and admiring it

You are the symbol of love that’s people say who also convey’s feelings of people from one heart to another heart which is far away

Whenever I see you I feel like you want to convey something not something it’s like Someone’s​ heart but I am unable to reach to it’s beat

This restlessness and you both have some connection which is interrelated but I am unable to guess (pouts)
Laksh enters the room and stumbles in pain seeing sanskar lying on floor unconscious in a shattered state .

He walks towards him with tears in his eyes seeing his brother lying unconscious

He made  him lay on bed and went from there before shattering himself there only

He was crying silently just then he feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns and places his head on the person’s chest hugging her tightly.

Laksh: ragini it’s had been 18 yrs and still Bhai is getting these attacks​( cries)

Ragini: shh Laksh everything will be alright

Laksh: no ragini no everything is not alright.time heals everything ragini we all say but why Bhai is still suffering ragini?why time is not healing him ragini?

Ragini: Laksh calm down (tears were flowing from her eyes)

Laksh: why Bhai is not coming out of these attacks even after these many yrs?why Bhai is not ready to pour out his pain

Ragini: we all know Laksh how much he loved her(closes her eyes in pain)he can do anything for her but still

Laksh: she got snatched by him and us by destiny

Ragini (not able to control and cries): my sister, my guider, my supporter and most importantly sanskar’s love our swara got snatched by destiny on that terrible day and we were not able to do anything

Laksh: from that day Bhai is getting these attacks  because of the pain he is hiding in the mask of a heartless man who claims to his  dead wife whom he loved the most.

Ragini: I still remember Laksh how he used to search swara everyday

Laksh: but after that day he got changed when he saw swara’s body lying lifeless in our house .he did all her rituals with a blank lifeless face whose had been snatched

Ragini: after that he warned everyone not to take swara’s name in this house or her things should be seen here(remembers​)

Laksh: but we all know how much he love her that all her things are still there in fact he himself warned everyone to throw her things

Ragini: but what’s the use Laksh when he is not making her memories his strength . Do you think swara will be happy​

Laksh: I don’t know ragini I don’t know but I still wonder is this the end of unconditional love which two lovers did by passing all the hurdles in their way or god have written something else

Both looks towards each other but the answer was not with them but moon was giving their answers of their questions by answering them silently

Guys how is it I know there is no swasan but from next it will be of swasan

Precap: swasan meet or not

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