Swasan ff: hum na honge juda part3

“i am warning all of you if i caught any of you backstabbing me then be ready to face consequences” said sanskar in a deadly voice making all his employees gulp in fear in front of him which was clearly written on their face.his voice was echoing in the room breaking the silence and the employees were listening to him with full concentration because they knew he doesn’t like any negligence

“am i clear said sanskar  loudly bringing back all the employess from their thoughts . employess nods their head in agreement and  sanskar signs them to leave in authoritative way all leaves from their  hurriedly escaping from the aura of this heartless man who but they do not know that  once this man was having the gold heart who. Loves and cares for all and was hating those people who are heartless but now…………

all leaves from their leaving in silence which was saying something to him   but he was nothing not listening but ignoring it’s pleading  from the silence he starts working again

sanskar was sitting in conference just then laksh bargs in but the scenario made him shattered and few tears escpes from his eyes showing his pain to see his brother but wiping them he goes towards him by hiding the file for which he came

laksh: so what my bhai is doing(says like a child)

sanskar: can’t you see laksh what i am doing always youare just roaming like kids don’t you have work(rudely)

laksh: woh toh i see now leave this file(snatches his file playfully)

sanskar(gets up from chair and shouts): what the hell laksh? are you kid that you are doing these type of things . can’t you seeam i doing important work (sees laksh who is staring him with blank expressions) and now you are not answering me. just leave from herre if you can’t do any work (turns his face)

laksh just nodes blankly  stoping his breakdown in front of him . he walks  from there but stops at the door and starts crying silently by palming his mouth in order to conrol his sobs seeing sanskar who is again working normally.

laksh: i miss you i really miss you(CRIES AND WIPES HIS TEARS)

 a girl is shown working in an house smiling just then some throw some clothes on her leading to the formation of a frown on her face and lips got formed in a cute pout.her hairs were in a messy bun but curls were  on her face giving her look of an angel who can happiness in anyone’s heart just by her one loo. just then someone spoke in a hatred filed voice

lady: my my queen swara(and the girl tuurns) are you thinking to waste all day on this area only then who will do rest of work and you know na i do not like that people who just waste time and do nothing. come come on get up you have to wash these clothes nad after that you have to do all the work.

swara(smiles): yes mami i will do all the work you do not worry

mami: that will be better for you(leaves from there0

swara: swara(hits her head lightly) again mami got angry bcause of you silly girl(starts working again)

she  cleans whole house and after that wash clothes and atlast cooks food with full of love which was refecting on her face. she smells the food.

swara: hmm yummy swara(childishly)how can you cook so much deliciously

voice: why it can’t be yummy ok afterall its cooked by my daughter ok

swara(smiles widely): mama ji when did you returned

mama ji: now only acha listen did you went for your intervie(serious tone)

swara(face got pale): woh interview got cancelled

mama ji: ok but you have go tomorrow(swara nods and leaves)i know beta i know your condition that how your mami treats you that’s why i why i am have come come.

screen shifts to sanskar’s room he is sitting on his bed with closed eyes thinking something deeply just then he hears something turning his eyes red in anger but there was not anger it was something else which can’t be explained

“sanskar” again he hears a soft voice and he opens his eyes which are turned soft from harshness which they always show and tears started coming from his eyes showing pain and much more. his condition got numb  throat got dry, words were not escaping from his moth.   he spoke witih much difficulty”SWARA”

hey guys sorry for late abd short update but what do my classes are going on and now i will update on weekendsanf if the response got less then update will be late

so how ws the update do tell me? i know it is boring there is nothing much but still wrote not wanting to you all wait for it and if the response got less update will be late. I hope you all understand

what do you want next

hum na honge juda


falling for you gain

yeh vaada raha

Guys do comment on swasan ff because they should not get less a writer should not get disappoint

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