Swasan ff: hum na honge juda part2

Swara was standing near the the end of cliff thinking all her memories till now she looks towards sanskar and gives him a faint smile shoots herself and falls down from the end smiling after all she took his love death on herself then this death is a peaceful gift for her

Sanskar (falls down in shock): swara

“HUM NA HONGE JUDA YEH VAADA RAHA” was echoing in his mind like a melody and he fell unconscious

A flash back is shown swara hugging him and saying him these lines in his ears

Raglak who came their got shocked and were standing like a statues who  are frozed  first swara who fell from cliff and now sanskar who is in a half dead condition is lying on floor unconscious lifeless.

They came into sense when  nikhil shouted: kill him you all bastards also now what’s his use

He was going to shoot him in anger just then he got shoot at his leg and he falls down winching in pain

Police team came forward and arrested them . some men carried sanskar  to ambulance and police officials came to Laksh

Inspector: Mr Laksh we have arrested all and about Mrs swara we are searching her but we her survival chances are less because she shot herself so you better do not have fake hopes

Laksh nodded in shock not able to speak anything his throat felt dry , words were not coming out from his mouth whereas ragini was leaning on his chest and was continuously crying. He was not able to console her Because for consoling he has to believe and that he was not able to that destiny again destiny played it’s cruel game

In a fraction of second his world got collapsed and his siblings are again separated who did so much for him and ragini , again got fruit of their true heart and love does having a good heart is a sin…. He closed his eyes in pain thinking the last sentence


Doctor’s came out of ot and all maheswari reached to them

Doctor: he is fine but his injuries are internal you all have to take care of them. As you all said his wife died in front of him saving his life he may suffer from a mental trauma try to make the atmosphere around him cheerful and make sure he do not remember her otherwise his condition will get worse

Sanskar was shifted to normal ward and all were waiting for him to get consious but were worried about the situation when he will ask about swara. Tears were flowing from their eyes Imagining his condition whole family shivered and tears ran down from their eyes Because all knows how much he loved her and she loved him. No can be like they both are and now they have lost their family’s pre

Sanskar opened his eyes lightly his vision was blurred but after sometime it got cleared. He tried to get up but felt a terrible pain  on his whole body but got up with much difficulty And a moan escapes from his mouth in pain leading everyone s attention to him

Laksh: Bhai are you fine

Sanskar: yes laksh I am fine … Just then the whole he remembers the incident(tears started coming from his eyes)

Sanskar: swara …(to laksh) laksh where is swara is she fine tell me na ( tears in his eyes)

Laksh was numb to react whereas he was continuously asking him pleading him to tell that his love was fine but what should he tell that destiny again played it’s cruel game with him by snatching his love from him, destiny has again challenged him to make pain his companion againm How can God be soo cruel…. A tear escapes his eyes

Laksh: Bhai arre Bhai are you ok na you are behaving like a kid for toffe(chuckles fakely)

Sanskar(tensed): swara(shouts) swara

Laksh: Bhai take some rest you are not fine(places his hand on his shoulder)

Sanskar(jerks his hands): swara(gets up) swara ahh(holds his shoulder in pain)

Sanskar was walking and was madly screaming swara’s name: swara swara where are you love pls tell me

His vision got blured and he fell unconscious on the floor . Blood started coming out from his injuries  which was still not healed . All rushed towards him

After 18yrs

A conference hall is shown a man is sitting watching presentations just then a lady enters wearing a short dress which was revealing her whole body.

Lady:so sanskar   how was the presentation(seductively)

Sanskar:  it was fantastic ms kiara(professional tone)

Kiara : so the deal is on(touching his hands)

Sanskar:ya sure(removing her hands)….. And in the next moment he twisted her hands saying: keep the use of your hands at right place ms kiara or you di not know what can happen(dangerous tone which can scare anyone)

He was going but kiara sat on his lap and was caressing his face

Kiara: sir I can do much more just give me chance(huskily)

Just then she was pushed harshly on floor . She  gets up rubbing her dress and looks towards him angrily  but gulped immediately seeing his red eyes who have enough intensity to burn someone alive.

Sanskar(throws):  be in your limits ( she was about something)here is your deal ms kiara sm doesn’t likes when someone talks something else other than business your company his blacklisted now ,… She was about to say something just then he shouts security

Security guards came running because all knew his anger which can burn them if they are late

Sanskar: throw this blo*dy women out of eyes and make sure she shouldn’t not been seen near to my office

So guys I think I have wrote such a worst episode do forgive and give comments and votes or else update will be late

Thank you for supporting me and I hope you will do it in future also

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