Swasan ff: Hidden princess by Isha (Part-4)


Part 4

Recp – Swara and her mistry man

Both of them were still hugging each other very tight. .. A call on swara’s phone makes thm to part away… She broke the hug n goes towards her bed where her phn was…

Swara : ( looks at the phn n smiles to the person) Hospital se hai(its from hospital)

Man : (Make faces) Hamesha mere romence ke beechme aajati hain..(Always come between my romance)

She smiles at him n receive the call n goes near the window n talks…. The men goes near her with a naughty smile.. He touches her bare belly… she felt butterflies on her tummy.. He starts kissing her neck.. She was controling his teasing on her n after few mins she ends the call..

Swara : (turns to him) sry i have to go right now..

Man : (smiles n cups her face) its k..(gives a peck on her lips) take care of ur self..

Swara : (hugs him) u too take care n ll b back soon..

She broke the hug n wears her dubatta n was about to go out of the room whn she realise some thng n goes near the dressing table n took a small box… she forwarded her palm to him.. He smiles n opnes the box.. It was a box filled with sindoor…. He took a pinch of it n fills her forehead.. She closed her eyes whn he filled her maang… A smile was on her lips… When he filled her forehead some of it falls on her nose.. She smiles at him..

Man : (Cleans the colour from her nose with his finger) u knw jisske nose pe sindoor girtahai usska..

Swara : (smiles n complete his line) usski pati usse bohoth pyar karta hai..

Swara looks her self in the mirrow n took her maang teeka n wore it..aftr tht she leaves for hospital …

All the guests were arrived.. Laksh came down with sanskar… Ragini’s dad took laskh with him n introduces laksh to his frndss n relatives… Afr tht he made laksh to sit in the chair which was for the groom.. Soon ragini cames with her mom n kavita .. She was looking beautiful.. Laksh was staring her without Blinking…. Sanskar notice it n goes near laksh n tease him.

Sanskar : ( teases) lucky itna math dekh.. Puri zindageee padi hai dekhnekeliye(Don’t stair much lucky… Whole life is their for that) ( saying this he winks at laksh)

They make ragini sits in the chair near laksh..She looks at laksh n smiles…
She search for swara bt could nt find..

Ragini : Ma shona kahahai(Ma where is swara)

Ma : mene v nahi dekha.. Patanahi iss ladkika kya karun me..dekhkar ati hun me…(I also havnt saw her.. Don’t know wht should I do to this girl… Let me find her) (saying this she leaves to find swara)

kavita : Arrey ragini mene swara ko bahar jaate huve dekha ta(Ragini I saw swara going out side)

Ragini : (looks kavita) tumne kab dekha(when did u saw).. ??

Kavita : todi der pehele(few mins ago)..

Ragini : ( with a pout) its my engagemnt + sangeet aur meri behen hi nahi hai… Kaha gai honge(its my engagement n sangeet n my sister is not here with me.. Don’t know where she has gone)

Laksh : (smiles) hospital

After listning him all were shocked ..

Sanskar : (shocked) tujey kese pata(How u know)..??

Bt before laksh speaks ragini speak..

Ragini : (sad) usse apne kaamse fursath hi nahi hai…. Aaj meri itni spcl din me b vo kaam pe gai..(she don’t have time for all this.. Today is a very spcl day of my life n she went hospital)

It was the time to exchange the rings.. They stoop up n was on the stage.. Bt ragini was nt happy.. Not happy because her one n only sister was not their..

Laksh : (concern) she will come..

Ragini : (smiles) hmmm

Soon they exchange the rings… All their frnds congratulate both of thm.. They were again sitting on there chair.. Sanskar was sitting with laksh n kavita with ragini.. Four of thm were speaking while the lights goes off… A spot light was middle of the hall.. A grl was standing thre.. She starts dancing on the song “badai ho badaai”… She turns her face whre raglak was.. Ragini smiles lookin her..

Laksh : (smiles)i told naa shona will come..

Yes it was swara who was dancing..

She sings “Badaiho badaai jijii aur jija ko”

Soon Sanskar too joined her n he sings “Badaai ho badaai bahya aur babhi ko”

Swara goes to laksh n takes him to dance while Sanskar took ragini for dance… Four of them enjoyed a lott n finally the song endss… They again sits n This time swara was with laksh n Sanskar with ragini..

While four of them weare speaking kavita starts her dance .. She sings “lo chali me apni devar ki baaraath leke”

Soon evry one joins her in dance n enjoy a lott .. N now its for couple dance… All the couples were on the stage.. Raglak kavsan n mr n mrs. Singhania..
The song plays “saatiya tune kya kiya”..

Swara was standing n doing something with her phn. Mr. Singhania noticed it n goes near her n takes her to the stage n stats dancing with her… Ragini saw it…

Ragini : (to laksh) I also want dance with dad.. (she goes near her dad n swara)Shona mujey b dad ke saath dance karna hai(I also want dance with dad shona)..(with a pout)

swara : (smiles) sure di so I will dance with lucky.. Okei.

Ragini : yeah okei…

Swara goes to laksh n strrs dancing with him.. Few mins later They change their partners while dancing.. Ragini was not leaving leave her dad so she still was dancing with her dad.. N laksh was dancing with kavita while making faces to Sanskar who was now dancing with swara… Soon the songs ends… N the function too..

Swara was tired so she went for her room n took a quick shower…. she came out wearing her night dress.. She saw a man standing near the window n smiles…she goes near him n hugges him frm back… He smiles n turns to her.. He stairs her with lotts of luv.. He kissed her cheeks.. She blushed n hugs him vry tight… He broke the hug n looks at her beautiful eyes.. She too looks at his eyes… It was an intence eye lock.. He looks at her rosy lips n she close her eyes giving a +ve sign to him…. They kissed with lotts of luv..

Precp – Reveals the mistry man with swara.


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