Swasan ff: Hidden princess by Isha (Part-3)


Part 3

Rcp – Reveals tht kavita is sanskars wife… Sanskar n his princess phone convo…. Sanlak n kavita leaves for Mumbai ..

Their Flight lands on mumbai safly…
Trio went out of the airport n their Sanskar’s driver was waiting for thm.. Soon they entered the car n left frm there.. After sumtimes their car was stoped infrnt of a banglow….They comes out frm the car n looks at the banglow.. A smile appears on Sanskar’s face.. He got lost in his own thoughts yet again. .. He cames out frm his dreamy world n looks at laksh who was smiling like a mad…

Sanskar : (teases) Agar tu ese blush karte rahogi to teri dulhaniya vaag jaaega.. (If u will blush like this then ur bride will run away) (saying this he bursts out laughter)

Laksh : oh really .. Tu to meri baath math kar .. Tu to yaha a aaa a (he remember sumthng n stops)

kavita : (excited) lets go in.. Cant wait more to see my devrani..

Trio went near the door.. A lady was at the door to welcme thm.. She wlcm thm n take thm to the hall..


All were having tea ..

Sanskar : (while looking here n thre) aunty whre is ragini ..

Aunt was about to say something but a voice stops her ”ragini is here”

All stood up n looks at the direction from where the sound came..

Two grls were comming down frm the stires… One grl comes near thm n hugs laksh n he too hugs her n says..

Laksh : ur lookin so gorgeous today shona(pulls her cheeks) yes the grl is shona i mean our swara..

Swara : (smiles naughty) arrey lucky dnt commnt on me or else my di wont merry u(by looking at the another grl) nt merry infact she wont engaged wit uuu– (She was intrrupted by Sanskar)

Sanskar : (comes near to swara n laksh n put his hand on laksh shouldr) tum kya apni behen ki dushman ho haan.. (looks swara who was giving him death glare) mere bhai jesa nahi milega tumhari behen ko.. (R u enemy of ur sister.. She can’t get someone else like my brw)

Swara was about to say sumthng to Sanskar bt her di stops her…

Swara : (angry) u urrr

Ragini : (furious) enough.(looks at swasan ) u guys plxx dnt start again.. Its my wedding yaar(with a pout) Ragini singhania ki shaadi hai…. N i dnt want any drama on my wedding.. Hai na laksh(looks at laksh)

laksh : (goes near ragini)ur right n its my vry FIRST wedding so i want it to b vry spcl(while sayin this he looks at Sanskar)

Sanskar : (mumerd while looking laksh) tuje to me baad me dekhlunga beta.. (I will see u later)

Kavita : (smlies n goes near ragini)ohh so ur my devrani

Ragini : (smiles faintlly) yeah..!!

Kavita : (turns to swara n smiles ) n ur my devrani’s sistr right..

Swara : (gives a fake smile) yeah m her sis.

Soon all went to their respective rooms ..


Banglow was beautifully decorated for raglak engagemnt.. Guests were arriving.. N mr n mrs singhania r welcmin all the guests..

Swara’s room..

She was getting ready for one n only sisters engagement.. She wore a pink lehenga with golden work on it. N golden blouse.. N her dubatta was on the bed.. She was about to tie dori of her blouse whn she felt a strong arms on her bare belly… She very well know this touch..
She was about to move bt the person makes her to face the mirrow.. She look at the person through the mirrow n blushes.. He saw her blushing n smiles.. He moves her hair one side of her neck…she feels his hot breath on her back.. She closes her eyes…. He ties the dori of her blouse.. After that he kisse her neck… She was breathing heavilly as just now she cames frm jogging.. He was continueslly kissing her nape making her uncontrollable… She just turns n hugged him.. He too hugs her.. Aftr sumtimes he brokes the hug n looks her with lotts of luv… N places a kiss on her forehead.. She closed her eyes to feel his touch.. He kissed her both eyes n cheeks too.. She opens her eyes n look at his eyes.. Thre was a passionate eyelock between thm.. He srarts lenning towards her rosy lips.. Yet again He looks at her eyes for permission n she close her eyes giving him a +ve sign… without wasting any time he places his rough lips on her soft petals.. He kissed her slowly .. She too kiss him slowly.. First it was a slow one bt soon it turns a hungry n a needed one.. They broke the kiss because lack of oxygen.. They stairs each other with lotts of luv.. She blushes n hides her face in to his chests….

swara : I luv u..

The person : luv u too.. ( n places a kiss on her hair..

She felt it n tightness her grip on him.. He too tights the hug….it was a vry passionate hug…

Who is the person with swara???

Y princess is nt answerng Sanskar’s calls??? N whre is she???

Y Sanskar is soo happy aftr coming mumbai..?

N wht about swasan ???

Precp – raglak engagemen n many more…


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    So much suspense. ….. ?? …. But loved the epi ??

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    Awesome ….sanskar is happy because he is with his princess swara …update next soon

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  10. Awesome.. I think swara is sanskaar’s princess..

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    nice….plz reveal everything soon bcz its like sanky is cheating his wife

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