Swasan ff: Hidden princess by Isha (Part-2)


Part 2

Rcp – Entry of sanskar

Sanskar looks at kavita n smiles…. He was about to entr the house bt he was stopped by kavita

kavita : One min sanskar(she do his aarti)

laksh : Now plx let us go to in(makng faces)

kavita : (smiles) come(to sanskar) i have prepared all ur favourite dishes so plz go freshenup n come for dinner…

Soon Sanskar left for his room n get freshnup.. He comes down whre laksh n kavita r waiting for him in dinning area.

Sanskar : (while sitting)lucky whn v r going mumbai.

Kavita : (while serving food to sanlak)just nw u came n agin ur being restless to go mumbai…(sits in the chair) Esa kya hai mumbai me jo yaha nahi hai…

Sans smiles n get lost in his own world… Bt he was disturbed by laksh

laksh : (smiles)aftr 3 days bhai.

Sanskar : (smiles n teased laksh)dnt blush lucky ur cheeks becme so red.

Laksh : (embarressed)wht r u talking bhai m nt a grl to blush..

Sanskar : (laughs) haha laksh ur too much.

Soon trio finished their dinner n headed towards their respective rooms…

Sanskar’s room

He was standing near the window staring the sky… while he was thre he felt someome hugs him frm back… He turned while breakng the hug… It was non other than kavita…

kavita : (sad) Sanskar i missed u a lot… It have been 2 yrs tht u left us… U left mumbai aftr 1 mnth of our wedding… Dnt u thnk nw v should take our relatnship to next level(teary eyes)

Sanskar : (ignoring eye contect to her) its too late kavita u should sleep nw… I have to attend an important call( saying this he left the room)

Sanskar was walking here n thre in the garden. He take his phn n looks the time. Thre r 3sec to b 2:30…. He smiles at his self…

Sanskar : (smiles)one..two..three.. Their his phn rings…. He smiles seeing the name which was flashing on his screen… Soon He receives the call n was about to speak bt The person speaks before him n shoots Lott’s of questions to him…

Other Person : (Worried) Sanskar whr r u?? Did u had ur dinner??? Did u took ur vitamin tables ??

Sanskar :,(while smilling) Princess!!!!

Princess :,yes sanskar tell na..,Did u had– (she was cut off by sanskar)

Sanskar : Relax princess i had my dinner n have taken my vitamin tablets too. N nw im in garden… Anythng else u want knw???

Princess : yes…. Gud nyt m so sleepy… Byeee..

Sanskar : ‘Bye’ so soon… just now u called me… N by the way I aslo want ask sumthng to u..

Princess : Ask naa sanskar

Sanskar : Did u had ur dinner n took medicines?

Princess : yeah sanskar just nw i had my dinner.. (bites her toung) Bt..

Sanskar : bt whttt princess… U havn’t took ur medicines naa

Princess : (bites har toung) sanskar vo i frgt..

Sanskar : Dn’t bite ur toung… Go n take ur medicines right nw(strictlly)

Princess : (took har medicine)lo hogaya.. M soo sleepy sanskar..bye

Sanskar : (shooks his head)k Sleep well.. bye

Princess : k bye(remember sumthng)Luv u sanskar (smiles n kisses sanskar through phn)

Sanskar : (smiles) luv to too(he too did the same as her)

Sanskar cuts the call n looks at the sky n smiles.. N went sleep..


Sanskar’s room

kavita getup n looks sanskar who was sleeping on the couch.. She gets ready n goes near sanskar to wake him

kavita : (touched his shoulder
n calls him)sanskar its mrnin getup

Sanskar : (while covering his face)let me sleep PRINCESS

Kavita shocked as he called her princess she feels happy ??? n again calls him

kavita : (smiles n try to wake sans) wakeup sanskar(louder)sanskaarr!!!

Sanskar wakes up in a jerk.. He was shocked…

Sanskar : (stoop up frm the couch) sry vo I I m– (kavita cutts his words)

Kavita : Its k ill bring ur green tea

Sanskar : Hmm

kavita leaves from their… Suddenly sanskar remembers sumthng n search his phn.. He took his phn n saw thre were 2 msges… He opens the msges n gets shock ???

In first msg :

Gud mrnin my prince ???

Second msg :

If u didnt reply me in 5 no no 10 no no noo in 30 mins thn i will nt talk to u never ever….. ????

Sanskar :,(while calling sumone)yaar its been an hr.. She must b vry angry.. Plx pickup the phn… ???

He dails her nbr several times bt no answer.. The day passed lyk this.. The whole day he was restless.. He knw tht she wnt answer coz she ll b vry angry ??? Bt he tried a lott.. Bt in vein..
Lyk this 3 days passed.. N thre were no response frm her side.. Bt he knw hw to relax her…

As per laksh’s plan the trio was goin to mumbai… Laksh was vry happy.. N other side our sanskar is having a mischievous smile on his lips… Soon thier flight lands on mumbai..

Prcp : Intro of Swara..


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