Hello frnds…. This is Jwala and Shan here….. We both are writing a ff….. Read and tell ur views….


Maheswari mansion….

A boy is getting ready in a red and golden coloured shervani.. he was tall and fair complexion. . he has shining hair.. he looks like a charming prince in that attire.. he is our hero sanskar.. today is his engagement. .”sanskar r u ready”a boy in white and silver colour shervani enter in to the room.. he was really handsome and hot..”ha laksh I’m ready”yes.. he is laksh sanskar’s younger brother.. only 1 year difference between them..

laksh: sanskar something is missing. .
sanskar: missing? no laksh.. everything is perfect. .
laksh: I can’t see the glow of happiness in your face sanskar.. you don’t like her na?
sanskar: nothing like that laksh.. I like her.. and in every relation love is not necessary. . and I’m doing this for our parents wish.. they are happy then I’m also happy..
laksh: but you are not happy sanskar.. your heart is not ready for this alliance. .
sanskar: don’t think much laksh.. a girl is written in our fate.. may be she is written in my fate. . what to do.. I can’t change It na.. come let us go..sanskar goes from there..
laksh (monologue) you sacrifice everything for our family sanskar.. I don’t know why every time our parents forced their wishes on you. . you wanted to be a singer.. but they send you to study engineering. . and now you are only 20 . you don’t want marriage now. but they are forcing you to do engagement with a girl whom you don’t love.. why you are sacrificing everything sanskar..

another room. .a girl was getting ready in designer lehenga.. she was applying dark red lipstick on her lips.. she is the girl with whom sanskar going to do engagement. .”Ragini beta” she heard someone calling her.. yes it is ragini..”ha dadi.. I’m coming”dadi cames to her room..

dadi: my doll.. looking like a princess..
ragini: thank you my sweet dadi. today all will notice me na?
dadi: ha beta.. no one will take eyes from you..
ragini smiles: I’m so happy today I will get my sanskar.. it is all because of you dadi.. thank you so much. .
dadi: but he is not that happy . I think he agreed this because of family pressure. .
ragini: I know dadi.. he didn’t love me.. but what to do? I love him so much na.. I want him dadi.. I’m so happy. . I don’t care he loves me or not.. I want him… Soon i will make him love me….
dadi: he is only yours beta..both hugged each other..

screen shifts..

A girl is sleeping peacefully on her bed.. but her expression changes suddenly. . she is having a bad dream.. she began sweating. .”aaahhh”she wake up by screaming. .she got her senses. . back and relief that it was adream.. she heard some knock on the door.. she opened it.. a man and lady of late 40’s enter in to the room.. they are her parents. .neil and sakshi..

Sakshi: swara beta.. what happened? you are fine na?yes the girl is our beautiful swara..
swara: ha.. ma I’m fine.. I had a bad dream.. in that dream I’m very small and someone beating me brutally. I’m pleading them to leave me.. but they don’t. .tears appeared on her eyes. .

sakshi hugged her with concern and care.. neil console her by patting her shoulders. .

neil: beta no one will harm you.. we are with you na.. you are our angel..
Sakshi : ha beta.. keep this chain with you. it have a pendent of lord ganesha. when you feel scared and alone this will give strength to you… swara nodded happily.
swara: ma.. papa your swara is not a weak girl. you know very well na.. but these dreams are killing me sometimes..
neil: swara beta we know our angel is strong and smart.. be like this only.. don’t be worried about such dreams..
Sakshi: beta sleep now.. tomorrow you have to go na..
swara: ha.. I can’t see my dear ma papa for 1 year. .
neil: you can come here on holidays beta.. and our heart will be with you always. .
swara: I know it papa.. you are the best parents in the world.. trio hugged together….

Bye bye…. ??
Jwala and Shan

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