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here is the next part..

In mm all are having breakfast. . ap was seeing swara with love and care.. she loved swara very much. . more than ragini she adored swara.. after finishing breakfast all gone to their respective works.. sanskar notice that ap is little sad.. he comes towards ap..
sanskar: maa what happened? you were watching swara and now you have tears in your eyes.. what happened?
ap: beta she is really a sweet girl.. I always wanted a daughter in law like her.. she treats me as her own mother. .
sanskar also feel bad
sanskar: but she loves randhir na..
ap: ha.. if her marriage was not fixed I wanted to make her laksh’s wife..
sanskar got another electric shock.
sanskar: whaattt?
ap: ha beta your marriage is fixed and I want a perfect bride for laksh.. swara and laksh make a wonderful jodi..
sanskar felt that whole world is against him. .
sanskar left the place without saying anything. .
ap (monologue) : if swara comes to laksh’s life he may forget ragini.. I wanted it.. but she is loving some other person. . but my selfishness I want her as laksh’s wife.. a mother will be selfish for their children. .

ap sighed and goes to kitchen. .
In college..
randhir gets admission in college. . swara hugged him tightly. .
swara: so you can flirt with my friends ha?
randhir: flirting is not a crime baby.. what to do it lies in my blood..
swara: you don’t have any concern on me.. go .. and flirt with girls.
swara pouts..
randhir: oh babe.. don’t do it. I feel like kissing you. .
he comes more closer to swara. sanskar see this and was angry.
sanskar goes towards them..
randhir was about to touch swara’s lips..
“cockroch….” sanskar shouted.
“what” “aaahh” swara runs towards sanskar and hugged him in fear.. sanskar get goosebumps all over gis body.. her touch was heavenly. it gives immense pleasure to his hormones..
“no cockroch is here sanskar” randhir ‘s voice gives back sanskar senses.
swara too understand the position and withdraw herself from sanskar’s embrace. .
sanskar: sorry friends. . I think it was a cockroch. .
he pinted out some brown color paper on the floor.
swara: you scared me sanskar.. huh.. I will kill you.
She beats him with her hands..
randhir stops her.
randhir: leave it swara. he was mistaken. . come to canteen.. I’m so much hungry. .
they left.. sanskar watches them with painful eyes.. that time our hero laksh come near sanskar..
laksh: sanskar don’t worry I have a super duper mega hit plan..
sanskar: laksh please don’t help me more.. I’m in so much tension.. don’t give me more..
laksh: come on dude.. I have a perfect plan.. they will break up within minutes.
sanskar: what plan?
laksh: we will execute it in right time.. Please be have patience. your brother will make everything fine..
laksh patted his shoulder with confidence. .

evening time in MM house. ragini’s friend priya also comes there for spending some time with ragini (ragini mainly seen in mm rather than in her house)
ragini introduce priya to randhir (swasanlak knows priya as ragini’s friend)
ragini was talking to sanskar.. swara was on her room.. laksh so randhir flirting with priya. a 100v idea shines on laksh’s mind.. he goes to swara and drag her with him.. randhir and priya was in great chatting. laksh makes swara and himself hides between the pillar.
laksh: swara look he is flirting with priya..
swara: so what?
laksh: buddhu he is your boyfriend. . he is flirting with other girl
swara: nothing big in that.. he is used to it.. but only healthy flirting. laksh: stupid look his hands on her shoulders. . how can he? I feel pity for you swara.. he is very comfortable with priya.. I can’t see it.. oh god kill me.. how you are suffering this swara.? his intentions are not good.. I don’t want to live. I can’t see your pain.. your boyfriend is flirting. that too with priya.. I feel bad for you and priya.. I can’t let your life ruin.. oh god save me..
laksh’s drama is full on. swara’s expression changes. she rushed towards priya and hold her hand and dragged her in to inside.. all were shocked by her behaviour and follows her..
swara: ap auntyyyyyy” she screamed.
ap comes there worried.
ap: what happened swara
swara: (smiles at her): aunty look priya. she is your future daughter in law..
laksh was about to faint. but sanskar hold him.
ap: what you are saying beta?
swara: ha aunty. . priya was talking to randhir.. but laksh feels angry by seeing this.. and fron his words I understand that he loves priya madly.. Please bless them..
ap smiled and she was relaxed that laksh find his love and move on from ragini..
ap bless priya. priya also happy that laksh was very handsome and dream of many girls including her..
laksh didn’t understand anything. . he thought that he is in some other planet. . lol..
randhir: congratulations dude.. she is perfect for you..
laksh looked at sanskar for a hope. sanskar comes forward.
sanskar hugged him tightly.
sanskar: I’m so happy for you brother. .
laksh stood numb..


how was it guys.. sorry if it us short. but situation demands.

who is your favourite character in this ff? why?

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  1. awesome… loved it how swara trp laksh… bechara phas gaya…. i laughed alot by their scene…
    jwala if u know when tanu will post her you are my life and wajha tum hi ho next parts… if u know her please ask her when she post… btw awesome ff…

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much abu. sorry dear I don’t know tanu. . don’t worry hopefully she will update it asap. be happy

  2. Ridhima

    Hahahaa…….this was soooo awesome….
    bichara laksh….feeling pity 4 him…..
    great job…????
    post nxt one soon

    1. Jwala

      aww.. thank you so much ridhimma dear. keep reading

  3. Please unite swasan n by the way story is interesting

    1. Jwala

      will uniite them dear but not so early. and thank you so much

  4. awesome…episode..please soon unite swasan..please…..

    1. Jwala

      swasan wilp surely unite . but some time needed. story has to tell much more

  5. Soujanya


    1. Jwala

      Thanks dear

  6. Ha ha ha. Poor boy lucky

    1. Jwala

      thanks swarna

  7. Superb!! I love sanky s character. update ur ss also plzz plZzz. I love Ur ss a lot. Plzz update today if possible

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much dear. . will update tomorrow. . keep reading.

  8. Nice joke

  9. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear as usual.. Oh my poor laksh .. Can’t stop laughing.. And abt comments in last part.. In my phone comment box is not visible ,so I’m not able to comment .. Hope same happened with all

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much anu.. glad that you liked it . ha there was no comment box.. don’t know what happened. . keep reading dear. tc . . love you

  10. Nice

  11. Hahaha ?????bechara laksh kaha phas gaya. Omg I can’t stop laughing reading this.its awesome. But feeling sad for sanskar. Y am I thinking ki swara is upto something? .omg if so it will be interesting. Will be waiting for next part.post asap

    1. Jwala

      so sweet of you reeti.. I’m very much happy that you loved it.. keep supporting us dear.. will post next part asap.. tc.. love you

  12. Nice jawlu n shanti. I was laghing like hell to reading some line . Super duper mdga hit plane. N when lak try to saprte swandhir i mean nw will priyalak. Haha. I hope m reading u both,s all ff’s. Tata jawan. Jwani mi lage raho.

  13. hehe..lol.!! Got Trapped in his own trap..!! Bechara laksh..!!! Today’s episode is sooo funny..!! Loved it.!! It’s really soo awesome..!!1

  14. Anniya


  15. Buhahaha… Laksh ne apne pair par par khuladi maar diya ….

  16. Hahahaha..loved it..it ws awesome..bechara laksh..himself got trap…nd flng sad fr sanskar…

  17. Im so sorry for being late πŸ™ πŸ™
    Comin to chapie it ws joyous lovly chapie… literally i ws laughing like mad at laksh situation.. swara ki bacchi.. she made lucky life into drama.. hahahehe lucky faint im imagining dat lol.. omg.. thnk u for dis fun part at last para.. stil nw im laughing yaar…
    Jwan rocked πŸ˜‰
    Pls post nxt one whn ur free bt big one…
    bye tc budy

  18. Forgot to tel dis.. sanskar prank.. nd hug πŸ˜‰

  19. Kaynatk01

    awsm laksh part was rofl

  20. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hehe, it’s so funny??????bechara lucky.Just loved it.I love all of them???Keep it up jwan di.

  21. Ooh.. That was a very good update.. My all time favourite is swasan.. But still today i loved laksh.. Was toooo adorable…

  22. Tamanna

    Hahaha haha…it’s really funny what happened to laksh….I mean he trapped in his own plan….and his condition make me laugh more and more….he was going to separate swandhir but he himself stuck with priya…haha
    I really like sanskar character

    Waiting for next one…. Update soon…you both have really making it appreciable….

  23. Shubhangi

    hehehe aaj sab lucky ki band bajao wah wah kya baat hai great part waiting for next

  24. Mica

    omg i dun’t know what to do seeing laksh’s condition, should i laugh or cry, then i decide to doing both huhuhuhu.
    thank’s god randhir didn’t kiss swara, otherwise…….i luv it jwalaaa.

  25. Dharani


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