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here is the next part:

next morning. .

it was Sunday. . swara was sleeping . her mobile rings. she became angry that the phone ring disturbed her beauty sleep.. swara attend it..
caller: hi jaan..
by hearing the voice swara’s face glowed..
swara: oh my god.. buddhu.. you came back?
caller: ha jaan.. I came back for you.. missing you a lot. .
swara: oyee.. dramebazz.. I know you were busy in flirting with hot girls.. hei na? .
caller: jaan what rubbish? flirting? I even don’t know the spelling of that word.. I’m so innocent. .
swara: oh.. I know your innocence.
I don’t want to say about it.. hmm but I’m not in house.. I said na I got admission in new college. .
caller: I know everything jaan.. and if you can please open the main door of the house..
person cuts the call..

swara jumped from bed and run towards the main door. . sanlak was on the living room. they were going for jogging. . they confused to see swara running from her room.. she was damn happy and energetic like a kid.. she was still in her sleeveless top and pyjama (night wear). swara opend the main door. .
There was a tall fair and handsome guy waiting for her with a bunch of flowers in his hands.. sanlak looked each other.. swara gave him a bone crashing hug.. sanskar feels like someone stabbed him. he was burning in pain and jealousy. . laksh noticed it.
laksh: sanskar relax.. he must ne her brother. .
sanskar feels like someone pour water in the burning fire.
sanskar: ha laksh.. you are right.. he will be her brother.
laksh: ha.. now she will call him ‘bhai’.
swara breaks the hug. .
swara: I’m so happy. . I didn’t expect you here..

guy gives that flowers to her..
guy: some beautiful flowers to my beautiful girl..
laksh: sanskar only a brother will say like this.
sanskar: r u sure?
laksh: ha sanskar.. now we will hear the golden word ‘bhai’ from her mouth. .
sanskar: I too wish so.
guy: jaan you are looking more beautiful. . I can’t take my eyes from you. .
sanlak in a little shock..
laksh: don’t worry sanskar. pakka bhai..
sanskar didn’t say anything. .

swara: come . I will introduce othera..
swara turned and saw sanlak..
swara: oh. . you guys here.. look at him.. he is Randhir (hehe I know some of you may guess him.. for me swaragini cast includes randhir also.. lol.. without him my ff’s are incomplete).
laksh: waw .. awesome name..
laksh to sanskar (in a low voice): now she will say that golden word..
swara: he is my bestie..
sanlak shocked..
laksh: sanskar some brothers can be besties also for girls. .
swara: he is my everything. . without him my life is incomplete. .
sanlak gives a fake smile to him.. randhir give hands to both . .
Randhir: swara is not only my bestie..
laksh: I said na. swara is his sister.. he will say that. .
Randhir: swara is my girlfriend. . and my future wife..
sanlak get a big shock..
sanskar give a death glare to laksh.
sanskar looks swara in pain. she seems to be very happy. so she is happy with him. sanskar thought that he is the biggest fool in the earth. but he couldn’t help his love for her is not decreasing. .

ap also come there . swara introduce Randhir to ap..
ap: you are so handsome beta.. swara is very lucky to get you. swara take him to your room. let him take some rest.. I will call you both for breakfast. .
sanlak again shocked. ap left to kitchen. .
swara: Randhir let us go to my room.
sanskar:swara he can take rest in my room or laksh’s room. . else there is other rooms.
laksh: ha swara. sanskar is right..
Randhir ( in a naughty smile) : guys I want to spend some time with my jaan.. Please excuse us.
he smiled at swara. swara too smiled at him.
They goes to swara’s room.
sanskar: This stupid, idiot , moron he didn’t get any other girls.
he banged his head in frustration.
laksh: relax sanskar we can find a solution. .
sanskar : don’t speak you idiot. . what did you say? bhai? ha I will kill you. . I will kill him also. oh god I can’t control my anger..
laksh: bhai let us go and stalk them.

sanskar: for what?
laksh: bhai they are alone in swara’s room. he can do whatever he want..
sanskar again shocked.
sanskar: what do you mean?
laksh: what if he kiss her
sanskar: oh no.. come on.
sanlak rushed towards swara’s room.. they peeped through the window.
inside the room.
swara was sitting on the bed. Randhir was lying on her lap and playing with her fingers..
sanskar’s anger and jealous reaches its peak..
sanskar: I will kill this moron. no one can save him from me.. sanskar opend the door in a force.
swandhir shocked.. laksh was scared by sanskar’s action.
swara: what happened sanskar? why didn’t you knock the door..
sanskar: vo.. that.. I want a book.
swara: book? you both have to go for jogging na.. then why book?
sanskar: I want to read it. I felt so..

swara: which book
sanskar said name of a book.
swara: that is in that drawer. you can take it. .
Randhir is still playing with her hand. sanskar wanted to hit his head..
he takes the book. and turned to go.
randhir called him.
sanskar: ha randhir you want to go anywhere?
randhir: no.. Please close the door.
sanskar again boiled in anger..

After breakfast 4 of them were sitting together and chatting. randhir was sitting closely with swara. their bodies are touching each others.. sanlak was sitting opposite yo them.. sanskar wanted to kill him for being so close with swara. but he try to act as normal.
that time ragini comes there
ragin: hey swara who is this? Your friend?
swara: ha ragini . he is my best friend randhir.. and randhir she is ragini. sanskar’s fiance.
randhir: nice to mee you ragini. sanskar you are very lucky she is so beautiful.
sanskar give a fake smile to him.
ragini also sit near to randhir. laksh didn’t like it at all.

Ragini: randhir you come here to saw her only?
randhir: ha ragini. she is my everything. I can’t live without seeing her..
ragini: so you are in love with her.
randhir: ha.. I love her so much.
swara blushes. sanskar giving death glares to them. laksh not liking ragini talking to randhir.
randhir: swara you didn’t say that you have such a beautiful friend here..
swara: randhir you are flirting to her ha? look her fiancee is getting jealous.
sanskar embarrassed. ragini blushes.
laksh again feels pain.
laksh: excuse me I have some important works. I’m leaving.
he goes from there.
swara: ragini go and sit with your sanskar. look he will kill randhir if you sit some more time here.
ragini happily go and sit with sanskar.
sanskar who is fed up with swandhir closeness hold ragini by her waist.
sanskar: ragini randhir is right. You are looking very gorgeous. I can’t take my eyes from you.

sanskar looked at swara to her expressions and disappointed to see her warm smile. not a little bit of jealousy.
randhir wrapped his both arms around swara’s waist.
randhir: so sweet sanskar.. you loves ragini so much. and my doll also looking stunning ha..
swaragini both blushes.

randhir gives a naughty smile..
sanskar wrenched in pain..
laksh was seeing everything from s distance. .
a drop of tears fall frim his eyes.


how was it guys? how was randhir’s entry?

you felt more sad for whom? sanskar or laksh?
whom you guys wanted to kill ? swara ? ragini? randhir?

hehe. . comment must . we love you. .

with love

Jwala and shan

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  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

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  3. Actually I want to kill all of them…….????
    Swara for not falling for sanskar and avoiding feelings of sankar…….
    Ragini for not paying attention on laksh unconditional love for her……..
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    All are duffers…….?????
    But u r amazing writer ………?????

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. don’t kill us. lol.. thank you so much dear

  4. Haha… This epi..is hilarious… Superb superb …I was enjoyed a lot…haha laughed a lot on reading sanlak convo…what an epi dear…..shan and jwala..u guys are amazing…
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    1. Oho my sanku got jealous??? but I must say he is looking damm cute ..?

    2. Jwala

      thank you so much dear. . we are super happy that you loved it. will try to make all episodes unique and amazing. . keep reading dear

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    1. Jwala

      thank you so much paru

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    1. Jwala

      hehe.. I too like him with swara.. I’m so glad that you like him with swara.. ya swasan forever. if not swandhir lol..

  8. Felt bad for sanskar as well as laksh.. Yeah i wanna kill ragini for sure.. For destroying 3 lives.. Good going.. Randhir had brought a wonderful twist to the story.. But is he swaras bf …??? Noooooo naaaa… I dont wanna hear so..

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    1. Jwala

      randhir is not using swara dear.. Their relation is original hehe.. and sanskar is acting to make swara jealous. I will thought for it dear.. thank you so much. keep reading. . keep commenting

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