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Episode 4


Episode 5

Laksh was very upset thinking how ragini only cares for Sanskar…. Even she decided to end her life for the man who didn’t love her… But c me i m crying here thinking about her…. Pls god do something…. I cant c her like…. Make her love me god….

All this were seen by one person…. She is none other than Annapurna his mom…. She came there to talk to him about sanskar….. Hearing laksh’s talk annapurna is shocked….

Annapurna:(monologue)oh my god!!!! Whats this??? My laksh loves ragini…. But we have decided to get sanskar married to ragini…. Sanskar didn’t like ragini he just accepted for us…. God y r u punishing us like this??? What mistake we did??? One marriage is going to destroy both my sons life…. What to do now??? I have to talk to dpji immediately….

Then she went to dp’s room…. There dadi is sitting with dp…. So ap didn’t speak anything….

Dadi:dpji i want my laadoo to get married to sanskar as soon as possible….
Dp:parvatiji sanskar is studying…. This is his final year…. After that surely we will do their marriage…. Only 4 months…. After his exam finished next day we will keep the marriage….
Dadi:no i can’t wait for that much day…. C dpji if the situation is like before i would have accepted but now my rago thought to end her life…. I cant postpone it….
Dp:k i will talk to sanskar….
Dadi:y u have to talk to sanskar??? He will do everything what u r going to say…. Then what is the need to ask it???
Ap:kakisa its his marriage and both families first marriage…. We have to do it grandly…. It will take time… Pls lets do the marriage after sanskar’s exam….
Dadi:oh so dpji ur decision is not final it seems…. Even annapurna is saying her decision…. So u lost all ur respect it seems???
(Try to agitate dp’s ego)
Dp:annapurna shut ur mouth and keep quiet…. My decision is final…. U got that???
Ap:sorry dpji….
Dadi:mm then its final that their marriage is going to happen soon….
Dp:(helplessly)mm parvatiji….

After that dadi left from mm smiling evilly….. Ap tried to talk to dp but dp got some important work so he went to out…. After that ap decided to talk to sanskar…. So she went to his room but he is not there….. She tried his phone but his phone is not reachable…. Now she is worried as he is very disturbed in the hospital….

There in a park sanskar is sitting and thinking how his fate is playing with him….

Sanskar:(monologue)oh god when my dad told me to marry ragini i wasn’t sure…. I thought that i will fall in love with her…. Then we got engaged…. I try to love her but at that time u brought swara into my life…. I got mesmerized when i saw her at first…. Then cutely she was saying to her parents that she is a karate champion…. Even she showed some karate moves to her parents like a small child…. I thought to forget her but again u brought her into my house itself…. Y u r playing with me god???
Swara:who is playing with u Sanskar???

Sanskar is startled to hear swara’s voice…. He is nervous that swara might have heard everything….

Sanskar:oh oh….
Swara:sanskar y r u sweating like this???? What happen to u??? U r sad from when ur mother decided ur marriage???
Sanskar:swara have u heard everything???
Swara:what i heard???
Sanskar:now… I mean i was talking with myself….
Swara:no sanskar just last line i heard….
Sanskar:(gives a relaxed breath)wait how come u know i am here???
Swara:i just came here as its a park…. But when i came i saw u sitting here…. So thought of talking with u…. Now tell me who is playing with u???
Sanskar:nothing swara….
Swara:Sanskar i can sense that u r not interested in this marriage….
Sanskar:wo swara…. (after a long breath)s i just accepted for my parents….
Swara:sanskar this is ur life…. If u r not interested then talk with ur papa….
Sanskar:its not that easy swara….
Swara:atleast u can try sanskar…. C if u get married and suffer in ur life not only u but ur parents will also suffer seeing u…. Ur one decision will decide ur life sanskar…. Think about it….
Sanskar:mm i will c to it swara….

At that time they saw a little girl and boy were playing….. Seeing that sanskar felt bad…. Swara saw him….

Swara:what happened sanskar??? Suddenly ur face went dull seeing the children playing???
Sanskar:nothing swara….
Swara:oii hello…. I m ur frnd right??? Cant u share it with me???
Sanskar:k meri ma dont get angry…. Actually i m missing my oreo….
Swara:ha ha sanskar…. If u want oreo dont worry i will buy and give u…..
Swara:haan u were missing oreo biscut right???
Sanskar:do u think me as a child???
Swara:oiii dont confuse me…. U only told u were missing oreo…. So i thought to buy that for u…. Go now i wont buy it for u(said with a pout)
Sanskar:offo swara do u think me as a child like u??? I talked about my frnd not biscut….
Swara:frnd??? Dont tell me his name is oreo….
Sanskar:swara u r impossible…. Its not his its she….
Swara:oh so this is the reason u r not ready for this marriage right???
Sanskar:no no swara…. She is my sweet girl…. I do no where she is…. But wherever she is she must be happy… She should be happy….
Swara:sanskar i cant understand….
Sanskar:swara i havent shared with anyone but i do no y i want to share this with u….
Swara:sure sanskar… U can share it me…..
Sanskar:i was just 10 and she was only 6 u know…. She is soo cute…. We both always used to be together…. U know what all child will ask for chocolates but she is different she asks for oreo biscut…. So i kept her name as oreo…. If suppose laksh call her oreo thats it she will start to beat him and one day laksh teased her and called her oreo she bite him hardly(saying this he laughed loudly…. At that time swara lost her sense)from that time laksh stopped teasing her…. She only likes if i call her oreo….
Swara:wow so sweet Sanskar…. Where is she now???
Sanskar:do no…. When she is 10 she left me….
Sanskar:eiii dont think that she died…. No no she is somewhere alive…. But i do no where she is…. Surely she will be happy….
Swara:oh u love her so much….
Sanskar:ya a friendly love….
Swara:y she left u???
Sanskar:dont ask me more swara….
Swara:mm k sanskar…. Leave this….

Then they both talked for sometime and went home…. Sanskar is determined to talk to dp about his marriage….


Whether sanskar will be able to talk to dp and stop this marriage????
If so then what will be ragini’s reaction????
What dadi is blackmailing dp???
Who is this oreo??? Will she be a hurdle for swasan???
How laksh will express his love???

Ha ha this much questions…. Dont worry u all will get answers soon….

We are very sad seeing ur response…. I think u guys didn’t like our….. Guys if u all feel we did injustice by showing ragini in negative character then we can do one thing we will change ragini to kavya but ragini will nt be in our ff then laksh and kavya will be paired…. R u k with it??? Guys if u can accept sanskar as negative y u guys are not accepting ragini as negative??? Personally we loved ragini when she is in negative…. She fitted for negative character superbly…. Just tell ur views in comment section….

Bye…. ??
With love…
Jwan(Jwala and Shan)

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  1. Oreo is swara r8?

    1. Jwala

      hehe will not say anything about it..

  2. I liked the chappy… Awesome!

  3. Omg this dadi is really cruel. I hate her????.she is literally spoiling raginis life by always supporting her shit. N oreo hahaha?????.I think it’s swara only .but feeling sad for helpless sanskar. ????will be waiting for next part.post asap

  4. Kaynatk01

    no no dont change ragini plz i am with you plz but dont change ragini

  5. Mica

    ahai jwan please stick with your fabulous idea…i luv negative ragini, she is so funny
    actually she is not bad at all, dadi spoiling her character.
    she is just a spoilt arrogant girl as her dadi raise her in that way.

    1. Abirsha

      U clearly understood our view dr…. Thank u soo much…. We will stick with ragini itself….

  6. Im having a doubt.. Whether its swasan or raglak ff.. Title is swasan.. Thats y i started reading but now bcs of the story line going on i feel it will be raglak ff.. If so pls mention it clearly.. I think oreo is swara.. Right??

    1. Abirsha

      No its swasan ff dr…. Jwan are die hard fan of swasan but raglak will also be there thats it…. About oreo u will get to know it…. ?

      1. Jwala

        jwan is diehard fan of swara also.. hehe..

  7. nice..i think oreo is swara only.. update soon

  8. Deeksha

    I’m sure that oreo is swara…… Continue soon….. Sorry dear from today I will not be able to comment….. I will be off for few days from tu… Don’t worry dear I will surely Read it…….

    1. Abirsha

      No pblm dr…. U comment when u can dr…. ?

  9. NYC Dr.

  10. Pritha

    Hello Shan…I am a silent reader of your ff..it is really nice…I guess Oreo is Swara herself.

    1. Abirsha

      Thanks for breaking ur silence dr…. ?

  11. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Plzzz do continue

  12. Nice….

  13. Anniya

    Amazing part….
    Swara is Oreo….

  14. Sriya

    jwala and shan it was fantabulous chappy as usual no need to cahnge ragini character and i am sure that swara is oreo dear love u loads both thanks guys for commenting on my swasan ffs and supporting me guys keep smiling always and keep rocking with your ffs

  15. Awesome pls don’t change ragini and try to make her positive .Oreo is nice I like it dr

  16. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hey jwan di who said that we don’t like ragini in negative character.I love her in every character.So,don’t worry about it and keep writing.About chappy, awsm.I think oreo is swara. Anyway keep going. Love you too??.

  17. plz don’t change ragz she is very funny & there is no way i can tolerate kavlak so plz & guys silent readers are silent readers bcuz they are silent readers if comment regularly won’t we lose our tag hehehe

    1. Abirsha

      Ya we know dr but last update we got very less comments than previous updates…. We dont want many comments but at the same time dont want the comments to get decreased thats it dr….. No worries we thought as ragini is negative u guys r not reading…. Now we r happy that u guys like ragini as negative…. We wont change

  18. Awesome..rlly dadi is da great devil..i hate her.??..c is so cruel.. spoiling ragini…nd orea is swara only na…nd flng sad fr sanskar..update nxt part soon….

  19. awesome..!! Is oreo swara only??!!

  20. Really u both are doing superb wrk.. dont fed up with less comments.. many may read bt stay silent readers.. regular readers mite hv got sum wrk.. im sure ur wrk is superb… today part it ws emotional in sanlak scenes.. waiting for truth of dp. Nd OREO who is dat??? Okie if ur sad dhn i wil comment with diffrnt names.. do continue shawala… how is ur name guys????

    1. Abirsha

      Wow!!!!! Thanks for ur love on us that u r saying that u will comment with diff names…. No need for that dr…. Its just last update alone got less comments thats it…. But today seeing all ur response we both are happy….. No need of commenting with diff names dr…. Thanks for ur concern dr….. Shawala is nice dr…. ??

  21. Abirsha

    Guys we thought as ragini is negative u guys are not liking and reading it….. So that only we thought to change but now we wont change no worries….. Ragini will continue in our ff…. ?

  22. No need 2 change ragini character

  23. I think oreo has some link with swara or her past or maybe oreo is swara herself
    N coming to this fiction story u guys r doing it better,u both r awesome writers, d story is v nice
    Don’t stop it in between or also don’t change d plot
    Write it as u have decided

  24. Awsome part…loved it

  25. Oreo is swara right?

  26. Soujanya


  27. Thamizh magan

    make sanskar refuse this marriage and laksh marrying ragini

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