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Episode 2

swara became the favourite of annapoorna . they gel very easily.. swara helps annapoorna in household works.. sanskar didn’t talk to her much.. he scared that he will fall in love with her if he talk to her.. he maintenance a distance from her.. laksh and swara became friends soon.. sanskar was little jealous of their friendship. . laksh used to drop swara at college.. sanskar didn’t like this. but no way to oppose. . Ragini used to stalk swara every times. . she feels insecure about swara..one day in college..Ragini was talking to sanskar about her dreams about life.. mostly parties. .ragini loved parties more than anything in her life.. that evening they had a party. sanskar’s friends bday party.. ragini was talking exitedly about it..

Ragini: sanskar which dress should I wear for the party? all should notice me..
sanskar: I don’t know ragini.. better ask to any girls..

Ragini saw kavita and kavya coming towards them..

Ragini: hey kavita.. which dress suits me more? give a suggestion.
kavita: Black ragini..
Ragini: I’m very fair na.. black will suits me more hei na?
kavya: no Ragini.. your heart is black. so if you wear black then it will be perfect combination. .

kavita and kavya gives a hifi..Ragini fumes in anger.. she tried to slap kavya.. but sanskar stops her..

sanskar: Ragini please behave yourself. . they mean a joke.. don’t take it seriously. .

that time kavita saw swara approaching them .

swara: hey guys can anyone tell me who is HoD of physics department?kavya : it is Naira mam.. are you new student?
swara: yes..
kavita: what is your name?
swara: swara kapoor..
kavya: waw sweet name like you..

swara smiles.. sanskar was glaring her . he totally lost in her.. ragini was feeling very angry .swara left..

kavita: she is very gorgeous like a doll .
kavya: ha.. she has beautiful features. .

Ragini irritated. .

Ragini: is she beautiful than me?
kavya: I don’t know to compare beauty.. but she is really an angelic beauty..

Ragini burn in jealousy. .night..sanskar was ready to go for party.. laksh also joined him.. sanskar wants swara also join them..

sanskar: laksh we are going for party. but swara will be alone na?
laksh: alone? no way.. maa is here na?
sanskar: no laksh swara may feel bored..
laksh: sanskar tell me frankly you want to take swara with us in the party.. I’m watching you from few days.. something happened to you..
sanskar: no laksh.. nothing. . I don’t have any feelings for swara..
laksh: oyee.. did I ask you that? hehe.. so there is something ha..

laksh started to tease sanskar.. sanskar began to chase him.. they make the bedroom a mess..suddenly they hear a knock in the door.. it was swara.

laksh: hai swara.. do you need anything?
swara: ha.. I want a pendrive.. mine is missing. and tomorrow I want to present a project .
laksh: sanskar give your pendrive to her..
sanskar: no way I didn’t give my things to anyone..
swara: sanskar please. .

his name from her voice. . he feel immense pleasure in his heart.

sanskar:but you have to give something in return..

swara and laksh looks at him .

swara:what you want?
sanskar: a chocolate. .

swalak brust in to laugh..

laksh: hehe mera bacha .. chocolate ha.. in which class you are studying? first grade ha?
sanskar: only kids and girls can have chocolate ?what if a boy asked for chocolate ? I too want.
laksh: I will give you na.. how many you want. . ?
sanskar: did I asked you anything? I want chocolate from swara..

swara smiled and go to her room then come back with a large chocolate bar.. she give it to sanskar..sanskar take a small part of it and stretched it to swara.
sanskar: will you accept my friendship?
swara didn’t understand what he was trying to do..
laksh: swara if you accept his friendship then open your mouth and he will feed this chocolate to you. . this is his method of making friends. .

swara smiled and parted her lips a little.. sanskar feed that piece of chocolate to her..

laksh: hehe from now onwards you both are official friends. .
swara: laksh I think you are the biggest crazy guy in the world. . but your brother also mad..

sanskar and laksh looked her with fake anger..

sanskar: what you called? mad? we will teach you our madness..

sanlak chases swara swara laugh and run.. they were laughing . finally swara lost her balance and bumped in to sanskar’s chest.. sanskar feels that he is in heaven.. feeling of her soft body in his chest gives him goose bumps all over the body.. swara also felt like electric current passed through her body.. they had an eyelock..laksh was watching this scene . he adored their pair.. he felt smell of something burning. . he turns back and saw ragini boiling in anger and jealous. . laksh laughed in his mind..

Ragini: what the hell is going on here?
laksh: arey ragini you are looking hot..
Ragini: did I asked you anything? swara.. you are only a guest in this house. don’t cross your limits..
sanskar: what rubbish you are talking ragini? it was just she lost her balance and nothing else..
Ragini: did you lost your balance sanskar?

ap who was resting in her room came out by these sounds (poor ap).

ap: Ragini beta .. why are you speaking such loudly ? and sanskar , laksh you want to go for party na? do one thing take swara also with you . she will be bored here.. I’m going to sleep. and dad will come late.. so four of you go for party.. give some peace to me (lol)ap left to room..

Ragini: sanskar come let us go to party..
laksh: Ragini even swara and me also coming. so wait for sometime. . let swara be ready..
swara: is it needed? I will stay here.. you guys can go and enjoy..
laksh: no if you are not coming no one will go..
sanskar: ha swara. come na..

swara nodded and goes to her room to get ready..after 15 minutes she came.. she was wearing a dark blue knee length off shoulder gown.. with open hair and just kajol and lip gloss as make up..sanskar totally lost himself. . he thought that an angel is coming from heaven.. how can a girl be gorgeous like this. . sanskar felt an urge to hug her and kiss her. but he came in to real world when ragini hits his back..

Ragini : now what all are waiting? she came na? let us go..

Ragini’s mind filled with hatred of swara.. laksh was admiring his cute friend swara and he understood his brothers feelings for swara.. sanskar was damn confused . he feels guilty that he engaged to a girl and liking some other girl.. but he can’t help. he tried to love ragini after his dad ordered him to marry ragini. but he can’t. . ragini’s behaviour is irritating him…..

sorry guys we didn’t follow the precap. but we will try our best to show it on coming updates. and we are not giving swara’s views . because (there is a reason) . guys this story is very different so many suspenses waiting for you. soplease be sure you are commenting.

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