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Episode 19

Dp and dadi was in discussion..” parvati ji I can understand ragini’s pain. but sanskar is not ready to marry her.. and ap also against this marriage. in this situation what can I do? Please forgive me” dp literally pleaded to dadi.
” what about my ragini? her life ruined . I will not let anyone live happily after ruining my ragini’s life. now just watch what can I do with you and your family” dadi threatened dp.
” I have a solution for this” dp said
” solution? what solution? ”
” my laksh agreed to marry ragini. he loves ragini”dp said
” laksh? but your properties are in sanskar’s name.. what about it?” dadi asked .
dp remains silent….
” Then we have only one option left” dadi said evily.
” what is that parvati ji? ” dp asked
” sanskar… Kill Him ” dadi said in delvish voice..
dp became numb..
” it is the only option with us. if he died his properties will be on laksh’s name. . then ragini and laksh can live happily. ” dadi said
” how dare you think that I will agree to kill my son” dp’s voice was like storm. his eyes were red with anger.” sanskar is my son. we are not his real parents but me and annapoorna love him more than laksh. it was my mistake that I lost my brother. but I want peace to his soul. ” dp’s voice shivered.
dadi understand dp’s feelings and change the play..
” ha ha. I just said a joke. how can we kill sanskar.. leave it.. I will talk to ragini about laksh’s proposal ” dadi said .

dadi leaves the place. dadi got a call.
caller: what is dp’ s decision?
dadi said everything to caller.
caller: mr. durga prasad maheswari had adores him.. ha ha.. but we want to do our job parvarti ji. sanskar is not ready to marry ragini. so he should die..
dadi: you are right. he want to die.. but not with the hands of a professional killer..
caller: yes.. sanskar should be killed by a person whom he trust and love. .
caller started to laugh evily. . dadi too laughed. .

swara , laksh and sanskar was talking. .
” laksh don’t be nervous you have be cool in frontof ragini”
swara try to boost his confidence.
“swara what if she rejected me” laksh has nervousness in his voice.
” don’t worry bro.. she will accept you. else don’t worry. . priya is here na.. she will be good match to you” sanskar said with a naughty smile.
laksh took the pillow from his bed and throw it on sanskar.
” I will kill you. . priya and me? how could you sanskar? you don’t understand your brother’s feeling. . I will not talk to you” laksh said like a small boy.
swara and sanskar laughed in his actions.
” sanskar stop teasing my friend. laksh you are very handsome. any girl will fall for you.. ” swara console laksh.
” yes bro. even deepika padukone will fall for you.” sanskar said.
” I don’t want any deepika. I want only my ragini” laksh said dreamily.
” acchaa. . this much love.. ragini is so lucky” swara said by smiling at laksh..
” swara you are also lucky .. ” laksh said..
” why?” swara asked
” randhir loves you so much na” laksh said ( laksh don’t know any convo of swasandhir.. he don’t know any truth)
” laksh don’t waste time. go and propose ragini” sanskar said.
” oh no.. I forgot everything. . I want a rehearsal” laksh again nervous.
” oh god laksh. you are not going for shooting or dance or music pgms.. you are going to convey your love to your loved one. .” swara said in a little anger.
” ha laksh.. just go..” sanskar said.
” one minute. . I want to go to washroom” laksh runs to washroom. .

” sanskar your brother will not change at all.. mad.. ” swara said.
” hey oreo. . don’t call my brother mad. ok?” sanskar said .
swara place her fingers on sanskar’s lips.
“sshhh.. don’t call that. . if anyone hear this what will happen? ” swara said
” oh I’m sorry swara.. don’t worry. . no one will came to know that you are oreo.. oh.. sorry shona..” sanskar’s eyes met her eyes.
swara had a drop of tear in her eyes..
” please sanskar.. don’t call that name.. I’m swara. only swara…. ” swara said.
sanskar wiped her tears with his fingers and hugged her……
” don’t cry.. you are brave.. and nothing should affect you. we have a big mission to complete..but I hope my laksh will not suffer due to this.. l can’t see his pain” sanskar said.
” laksh will not suffer.. he is an innocent soul.. don’t worry sanskar..” swara console him.
“If ragini accepts for laksh proposal then our route will be cleared…. I will talk to my so called papa about out marriage…. “(s swara accepted his proposal)
Swara blushingly said “sanskar will it work??? ”
“Sure k answer me u like me right??? ”
“S i like you…. “swara said
“Then no pblm surely one day u will love me”….
“U have soo much confidence sanskar”….
Sanskar went near her ears and said “oreo i am waiting for u from my childhood…. My love is true…. So that only it brought me to you…. ”
Swara opened her mouth to say something but sanskar interrupted and said”c i know what u r thinking my heart somewhere told me i know u soo long thats the reason i fall for u…. Now i m very much happy that i have fallen for my oreo”…..
“Hope i will keep up ur expectations “…..
“U will dear…. ”

dadi was brainwashing ragini to marry laksh.
” beta laksh truely loves you. if you agree for this marriage our reputation will be saved. and he willmake you happy. Please agree to this ” dadi pleaded to ragini.
” dadi what rubbish .. I love sanskar and I want him.. if he will not marry me I will suicide. . no other options left” ragini said in anger
” ragu beta.. Please. . try to understand. sanskar doesn’t loves you. . ” dadi try to make her understand.
” no way dadi. I can’t let sanskar marry anyone other than me.. and laksh is nice.. but I want sanskar.. I don’t care he loves me or not. I just want him.. ” ragini goes out without listening to dadi further.
dadi stood helpless. .dadi (monologue) sanakar will not give any happiness to my ragini. and she will not understand this.. sanskar should die. then only ragini will agree to marry laksh.. I want to do this for my ragini’s life..
dadi dialled that caller..
caller: so decided who will kill sanskar?
dadi: yes.. decided.
caller: who??
dadi smirks evily. .

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