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Dp was sitting on his private room.. he was restless. . he was thinking about a solution. . that time laksh enter in to the room.
“papa. . ” laksh called in a concern tone..
“ha laksh.. tell me” dp asked
“papa I’m ready to marry ragini” his words shocked dp..
“laksh think first before saying” dp warned him.
“I’m sure about my worda papa.. I love ragini.. ” laksh said in a determined tone
“this is not a kid’s play.. this is about a girl’s life.. and she is already in pain.. I can’t allow you to add more pain in her fate” dp said in a serious voice..
” papa trust me.. l always loved ragini. but she loved sanskar so I back off.. now I wanted to say the truth to her she is my life. . I can’t live without you” laksh said in calm and composed voice.. dp think a while..
“are you sure laksh” dp asked in confusion
“yes dad.. I’m very sure” laksh said..
“then let me talk with parvati ji. if they agree then ragini will be yours” dp said by patting laksh’s shoulders. laksh’s face glowed by happiness. . He leaves the room.. ap was hearing all this from outside the room.. she enterd in to the room.
” ji aap going to talk about laksh’s proposal ?” ap asked in doubt. dp’s face became red by anger.
“don’t talk to me.. those who can’t see my pain my helplessness have no right to question me” dp said coldly. .
“but it is the matter my son’s life.. to save one of my son’s I can’t let other one’s life in danger” ap said
dp became more angry..
“what is wrong with you annapporna? why you are blaming a poor girl and ruining her life” dp yelled at his wife..
” ji try to understand. . sanskar’s life will be in danger if he marry her.. ” dp cuts ap’s words..
“just shut up.. I decided something. . now I won’t listen anyone” dp left the room leaving a shocked ap behind..

sanskar’s room. .
“laksh is it true? you love ragini? ” sanskar asked in amusement
“yes sanskar. . I loved her abd always will love her and I said to papa that I’m ready to marry her” laksh said happily. sansjar hugged him..
“I’m so happy laksh. this is a best news. . why didn’t you told me earlier? oh god I’m feeling immense pleasure. . I had a guilt that I spoiled ragini’s life.. but now I’m feeling very happy that I take a right decision” sanskar said. . he had tears of happiness in his eyes.
” sanskar at last you take the right decision. . otherwise I would have gone to sanyas.” laksh said with a beautiful smile..
“oyee I understood now someone was very desperate to unite me and swara. I think that it was love for brother. . now understand it was love for brother fiancee” sanskar laughed. laksh embarrassed.
“acha.. then from now onwards didn’t expect any help from me.. ” laksh said
“that is cheating bro.. now your matter is okay and you didn’t care a bit about thus poor sanskar? what kind of a brother r u?” sanskar emotionally blackmailed laksh.
” oyee drama king.. don’t think to trap me in your fake emotional drama.. I will help you. Because you are my brother and you are very important for me” laksh said by patting sanskar’s cheeks..
” ek hazaron mein.. mera laksh bro hei” sanakar teased laksh..
” sanskar.. you are being naughty day by day.. ” laksh slapped sanskar’s shoulders playfully. .
“ok ok now be serious. . I want tell this to swara” sanskar said.
“then don’t wait sanskar go and tell. and listen that randhir also will be there” laksh “no worries laksh.. your brother is great na. I will take care of all the matters” sanskar left the room
laksh (monologue ): he is very happy. . oh god please fill his life with happiness. Please make swara understand his love and please make ragini understand my love.. ”

sanskar goes towards swara’s room.. he was about to knock the door. but the voice from inside the room stopped him.. he listen to it .
” Randhir now durga prasad maheswari will suffer.. he will plead for his death.. we have to execute our plan properly” swara said to randhir. sanskar who was listening to it get shocked and fumed in anger.
“yes swara.. he will suffer for his deeds . but promise me you never put your life on risk anymore. . for seeing durga prasad’s pain you consume poison yourself. . never ever do it again. ” Randhir’s words affect sanskat like a thunder storm. he couldn’t believe what he hear.. the girl whom he trusted more than him is betraying him.. his family..
sanskar pushed the door in a strong force.. swandhir shocked to see sanskar. . sanskar’s eyes was red in anger.
“sanskar… vo..” swara tries to explain. .
sanskar stopes her..
“don’t try to explain your ugly deeds miss. swara . ” sanskar came near her.. his sharp gaze made swara weak and scared..
“sanskar stay away from her” randhir warned. .
” don’t raise your voice mr. else you will see my real face” sanskar was burning in anger..
” how could you swara? how could you? my papa cared you like a daughter. . Our family treated you as one of us.. maa, papa , me , laksh all cared you so much. . loved you.. did you know how much it hurts when someone close to hurt betrays us? did you have any idea swara? ” sanskar’s words was like fire.. swara compose herself. . she looked in to his eyes. . she saw pain in them.. she didn’t saw any hate in it.. only pain..
” why the hell you are silent? answer me damn it” sanskar banged the wall..
” I know you may have reasons. . else you will not do this na.. but I don’t care about your damn reasons. . I want to tell you one thing.. if anyone try to harm my parents I will kill them.. my parents are god figures to me.. I will destroy all obstacles in their life..” sanskar said in a dangerous voice.. swara smiled at him bitterly. .
“which parents sanskar? which parents matter you are saying? your parents died when you are 7 years old. . then which parents?”
swara’s words shocked sanskar like hell.. it changes sanskar’s world..

so guys it is revelations time.. guys we are very sorry for late update.. and love you guys..

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