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Sanakar awake from the deep sleep (because of medicines) . he feels thrust but jug was empty. so he decided to go and take water.. while passing through dp’s room he hear the weeping of his maa
. Sanakar was shocked. dp was lying in the bed. sanskar understood that something wrong is happened.
“maa” sanskar call ap with care and concern.. ap suddenly wipes her tears and try to smile..
“ha sanskar .. did you need anything” ap asked..
” what happened to papa? ” sanskar asked in return..
” vo.. nothing beta.. go and take rest..you need rest.. ” ap tries to calm him down.
“no maa.. say who did it with papa? I will kill him . say the truth maa.. ” sanskar asked in painful voice.. ap said everything to him. tears fall down from the eyes of sanskar.. sanskar sit near the bed.. and starts to caress dp’s forehead.
” I’m sorry papa.. some devils give this much pain to you. but I couldn’t do anything .. I’m sorry papa.. but I promise you .. I will find them and give more pain to them. ” sanskar face filled with anger and pain..
” sanskar ” dp open eyes and called him
“papa” sanskar called him with care and concern..
” what happened to your head”? dp asked pointing towards his forehead. .
sanskar said everything. .
“annapoorna I want some tea” dp told to ap for talking privately to sanskar..
ap left to kitchen. .
“sanskar beta.. I think someone is planning against us.. we should be careful now.. somebody want to destroy our family” dp said in a serious tone..
” right papa.. me too think the same.. there is someone who want to ruin us.. but who will be?” sanskar asked in confusion.
“we should find them soon and give punishment to them” it was laksh’s voice. .
laksh came to the room and wrap his hands on sanskar’s shoulders.
“so mission started..” laksh forward his hand. dp and sanskar place their hands on his.. sanlak looked together and smiled. dp bless his both sons..

swara was fighting with randhir..
” randhir if you don’t come with me I will not talk you.. ” swara said angrily..
” I’m very sorry jaan.. I promised my friend to meet him today. Please try to understand ” randhir pleaded to her..
sanlak heard this and goes towards them.
“what is going on guys” laksh asked..
“laksh see this randhir is not coming with me for shopping. . ” swara pout her lips.. sanskar smiled at her antics. .
” areey I had a small meeting with my friend. I can’t change.. sanskar , laksh please help me guys..” randhir said to them.
” swara we will come for shopping with u.. don’t worry. . ” laksh said..
“hmm .. then ok.. I will change and come now.. wait here” swara said . then she goes to her room for changing dress. .
” guys today you are over. . she needs minimum 12 hrs for shopping.. ” randhir said in low voice. . sanskar shoots a death glare to laksh..
” don’t worry randhir. we have more time to waste.. ” sanskar said mocking on laksh..
” randhir today swara will finish her shopping in 1 hr.. it is my promise” laksh said proudly..
” ha.. I heard many promises earlier. . so u trust my brother.. ” sanskar said teasingly. .
” laksh if you do it I will obey whatever you says.. oh no I’m getting late.. bye guys.. ” randhir escaped. . sanlak waits for swara..
After 30 minutes swara came down. . in a green color long skirt and black crop top.. her belly was slightly visible.. only pink lip gloss as make up.. sanskar couldn’t take his eyes from her..
” staring is rude bro” laksh teases him..
sanskar embarrassed. .
“am I looking beautiful guys” swara asked..
” swara you are looking more than beautiful. . in fact you are looking handsome” laksh said in a funny way..
” what? how mean laksh.. ” swara looked angrily at him..
” ha swara you are looking manly” laksh said by laughing. . sanskar gives I will kill you look to laksh.. swara’s eyes wide open.. she removes her sandals and run towards laksh to beat him.. laksh too run to escape from her.. sanskar enjoys this.. atlast swara caught laksh and started to beat him..
” oh god.. sanakar.. my angel bro. help me from this devil” laksh screamed. . it made swara beat him again..
atlast swara tired and both laughed. . sanskar adore their bonding..
“hello.. I’m also here” it was ragini. she was wearing a blue jeans and black full sleeve shirt..
“hi ragini .. we are going to shop.. will you join us”? swara offered. .
ragini felt happy..
” of course. I’m also coming.. ” ragini said happily.
“so why we are waiting let us go.. ” swara said in excitement. .
They left for shopping. .
swara was selecting dress items . before she could select anything laksh interrupts. .
“swara only few dress looks classy here.. look that red, pink and white only looks good. . other all are low class items.. I think you select one from those three.. ” laksh said like an experienced fashion designer. .
and whispers in sanskar’s ears..
” bro look now she will select a dress from that 3.. I save time na.. how is my no. 1 superhit idea? ”
sanakar didn’t say anything. . they here ragini’s voice. .
“laksh was right swara.. this shop didn’t have good dresses. let us check somewhere else”
“ya ragini.. laksh was right.. cone let us search another shop” laksh shocked by their talking. . he looked sanskar with a puppy dog eyes.
” your idea is superhit laksh.. now come we can follow them.. ” sanskar said by hitting laksh’s shoulder. .
They moved to another shop..
ragini selected a yellow short dress
“sanskar this dress is beautiful na” she asked.. sanskar just nodded..
” no ragini this will not suit you red and black suits you more” laksh said suddenly. .
“is it right? this dress will not suit on me”? ragini asked in confusion. . laksh select a red dress and give it to her..
” This will perfectly suit you ragini.. you will look like a princess in it” laksh had a glow in his eyes. . swara noticed it..
“hmm.. it is good thank you so much laksh.. let me try it.. ” ragini goes to trial room.. laksh’s eyes follow her lovingly. . sanskar was busy in admiring swara.. she was selecting jeans and tops..
“she is really like a doll.. oh god how can someone be so beautiful as her.. it is hard to take eyes from her” sanskar said to himself. .
That time priya also comes there for shopping. swara saw her first..
“priyaa” swara called her. sanlak turns and find priya. laksh’s face became pale..
“hey swara.. sanskar..laksh.. you guys here? ” priya hugged swara..
” laksh you have to buy a dress for priya.. ha. your future wife na.
laksh started sweating.
” no no I don’t want dress and all” priya’s words give a little relief to laksh.
“I want a watch from my future husband” priya’s words shocked laksh.. he looks sanskar for help
” priya we are little busy today tomorrow laksh will take you for an outing. . that time you can buy. . ” sanskar said.. laksh gives death glares to him..
“waw outing.. I’m so happy. . then why tomorrow? come let us go now.. ” laksh was about to faint.
“no priya . today laksh is really busy.. he want go to mandhir to pray for you” sanskar said..
“waw mandhir.. even I want to come.. today we can go to mandhir.. tomorrow we can go to outing. .” priya said in a dreamy voice..
“then day after tomorrow go for a romantic dinner date” swara said..
” Enoughhh.. ” laksh screamed loudly. . whole people on the shop stared at him..

hope you all like it..

with love
Jwala and shan

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