hi guys Jwala and shan back with a new update. . we are thankful to everyone who support us so far. we love you guys. . Please continue your support and love..
one more thing if you are a reader of Jwala’s ss : story of revenge /hatred/lust tgen didn’t miss next update. a very shocking twist is waiting for you in that.. probably tomorrow will update the next part. If you miss it you may loss the connection.

so let us move to next part.

Ragini swara and randhir was talking.. that time door bell rings and randhir opened the door. . he shocked to see the sight in front of him.. laksh was holding sanskar by wrapping his hands on sanskar’s shoulder. . sanskar’s head has injured. . all shocked by seeing this.. ap came from kitchen. . she was shocked and worried for sanskar..
“sanskarr…. beta what happened to you?” a worried ap asks to sanakar..
“nothing serious maa.. a small accident but nothing to worry. . calm down” laksh consoles ap.
“ha maa.. don’t cry please” sanskar also try to console ap..
ragini and swara had tears in their eyes.. ragini came and side hug sanskar..
“ragini you too. . why you all are crying. . nothing happened to me”
sanskar and laksh try to make situation light.. and crack some jokes also.. ap’s heart filled with a fear..

sanskar’s room..
sanskar was trying to sleep.. but his head was paining. . due to this sleep was far away from his eyes. . he heard knock on his door.. door was not locked. sanskar told the person to come inside. . it was swara.. she came near his bed and sat on it..
“are you feeling well sanskar” swara asked him in a soft voice.. sanskar feels happiness by her sweet gesture. .
“yeh swara.. I’m feeling better “sanskar smiled at her..
“you have to be careful while driving. . look your maa and ragini was in more pain than you. . so be very careful” swara said in a slight scolding tone..
“did you feel sad swara” sanskar asked in curiosity. .
“yeh.. you are my friend and definitely I will feel pain na.. ” swara’s words resembles her care..
sanskar forget his pain.. happiness and joy overcome it.. swara care for him.. as a friend. but it was ok for him.. at least she has concern over him..
“ok.. I’m not disturbing you for a long.. take rest. . and good nyt.. ” swara was about to go.. sanskar hold her wrist. .
“what are you doing sanskar”? swara’s asked
“thank you so much swara” sanskar replied.. and remove his hand from hers. .
” buddhu.. no thank you. . no sorry we are friends. .” swara give him her million dollar smile. .

Midnight. .

Ap was much worried.. she called laksh in to room.. laksh was worried by seeing ap.
” maa.. what happened? sanskar ia fine.. don’t take stress for that matter” laksh said in concern voice..
“no beta.. not that.. ” ap was still in tension. .
“then tell me.. what’s the matter” laksh asked.
” your papa didn’t come yet beta.. ” ap was in a verge of crying.
” papa may be busy in office. is there any meeting today?” laksh didn’t take it seriously.
” no beta.. papa call me 3 hrs before and said that he is coming. but he didn’t reached yet” tears fall down from ap’s eyes.. laksh hugged ap.
“maa.. don’t cry please. . I will call him” laksh was about to take his phone.
“his phone ia switched off beta. I tried many times. I’m feeling very scared beta. if anything happens to him I will not live” ap cries badly.
“maa.. I will go and search you don’t worry please. let me call swara and randhir. don’t say this to sanskar.. he should get rest.. be brave maa.. nothing will happen to papa.. ”
laksh called swara and randhir.. swara consoles ap randhir and laksh goes to search dp..
They search the entire night. but didn’t get any information on dp. they called every persons whom they know but they didn’t get any idea.. it was morning 4 pm.. they are still searching. . but didn’t get any information on dp.. laksh lose his hopes.. he sat on the car as a lifeless body. randhir tried to console him..
” what will I do now? where is my papa.. oh god.. why you are giving this much pain to us” tears roll down from his eyes..
“laksh please. . we will find him.. nothing will happen to him.. randhir consoles him.

screen shifts..
dp was tied in a chair. he was unable to move his hands or legs.. he saw a goon coming towards him.
” what you want? leave me I will give money.. Please leave me” dp pleaded to him.. goon laughed.
” money? no we don’t want your money. . we want your life.. and we will destroy you and your family” goon said in a cruel voice.
“if you want kill me.. but please spare my family” dp pleaded again..
” no use for pleading in front of me.. we are doing our job.. our boss is deciding all.. our boss have no mercy.. we get order to torture you. . and our boss will destroy your family.. everyone. . ” goon laughed..
dp was in hell shock.. he didn’t understand anything. . who is this boss?
that time goon get a phone call.. it is written that boss calling..
“hello boss he get conscious. . he is pleading to me”
caller: don’t do any mercy to him.. he want to suffer a lot.. I will destroy him and his blo*dy family.. ” caller laughed. .
“we are with u boss” good said politely. .
“good.. I will call you after sometimes. . thwn will say what to do next..
caller cuts the phone.. and smirked at herself. yes.. it is a lady..
her face is shown.. she is …
SWARA… yes. the heartless queen..
shocked? or expected? comment must on this part.. else next part on next month. . lol. .

With love
Jwala and shan

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  1. Anniya

    Di, I just got mini heart attack. Somehow I managed to survive.
    This is big wala shock…

  2. I no swara have some reason for this superb episode

  3. Oh my god…am shocked….speechless.. I know she is heartless queen.then thought how it possible she is so sweet….but I didn’t know that…she is the villain…thussi great hop..jwala and shan biggest twist….loved this one…..

  4. awesome

  5. Not unexpected but it came little bit early I think. Anyways liked d part so much.
    Update ASAP.

  6. Soujanya

    Awesome. ..expecting swara

  7. Sathya

    Oh my gosh… Swara is the heartless queen… Thats unimaginable. Jwan what u guys did yar… Mind blowing job. Hats off to u both. Excellent twist.

    Why next update on next month? Pls don’t delay too much yar

  8. shocked

  9. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Oo, what the??? I am dumbstruck. Waiting for nxt jwan di.One side she cares for sanky, other side she behave cruel with dp, what’s the connection???I don’t know what to say.Plz nxt post part ASAP????.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

  10. Mica

    next update on next month ????? you both definitely the next heartless queens :'(
    and pleeaseee don’t be….. you better be cute kindhearted jwala and shan. OK! :3 *wink

    got heart attack to know swara’s action….woow she will be the best villain ever,
    the most cruel devil in cute angel face. luv it sooo much

    for hatred/revenge/lust,… update soon, u know i luv the “lust” one :3

  11. It’s really shocking..!! I didn’t at all expected this..!! omg..!! Waiting for next part..!! Please post next part soon..!! Or else I will die with this suspense..!! Superb…!! Loved it..!!

  12. SNY

    Awsm dr…!!
    Nxt one update asap dear…!!

  13. Astra

    Shocking twist….didn’t expect…

  14. Omg???.
    Swara seriously. I felt ki swara is upto something but I didn’t expect this .I thought ki she is trapping sanskar by her sweet gesture. But this is really a mini heart attack wali news.420 bots shock lag gayi mujhe ye pad kar.will be waiting for next part.post asap

  15. Expected..but shocked due to the early revelation.
    Awesome part jwan dearies.
    Buy the jwala dear, please update your story ‘my heart still beats for you’.eagerly waiting to read that one.

  16. i expect this

  17. Vaikha

    Omg????… Whats that twist??? Update soon dear..

  18. Alia

    what? seriously i am also hell shocked , i mean our sweet innocent swara become heartless queen ,but still i hope swara quickly turns positive , as i can’t see her in a negative character….

  19. Heltej

    From 1st episode i had a doubt… Who is heartless queen… But.. Somewhere in my mind it was telling… Swara is heartless queen! Dp and family had some connection with her past… Hope so… She might be oreo… M not sure

  20. Khushiii

    Oh my God what a shocking twist

  21. knew it..waiting for d nxt one..

  22. Kaynatk01

    oh no least expected

  23. Nice

  24. yep expected one… I guess swara nightmare is connected to DP… its just my guess..!!

  25. AnuAnn

    Too shocking

  26. Shubhangi

    From my side I actually expected it long back but at last it happen waiting for next part

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