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Episode 1

A college is shown…. Its a very big and famous college in Mumbai…. Only rich people and scholarship students study here…..

A group is shown sitting in the canteen…. Its none other than our sanskar,laksh, karthick,sahil and ragini….

At that time kavitha and kavya came there….

Kavitha:sanskar hows is ur engagement???? U didn’t invite us???
Kavya:s sanskar…. U had invited karthick and sahil but didn’t invite us…. (actually kavitha and karthick, kavya and sahil are in relationship)
Sanskar:nothing like that girls…. I told…
Ragini:(interrupted)u guys can come on our marriage….
Sanskar:ragini i told u to invite them right???
Ragini:sanskar i dont want them to come…. I already told u not to talk with girls…. But u r not listening me….
Sanskar:ragini pls kavitha and kavya are my frnds….
Ragini:no sanskar ur only friend is me…. I m ur everything….
Sanskar:(irritated)sry guys….
Kavitha/kavya:no pblm sanky…. We are going to class…. Bye guys….
Ragini:excuse me…. Dont call him sanky…. U guys dont have any rights to call him as sanky….

Irritated with ragini’s talk kavya and kavitha went from there…. Sahil and karthick too went from there to convince them….

Sanskar and laksh too irritated with her talk…. They stood from their place and went to their class…. Ragini too went after them to her class….

At that time a bmw car came and stopped in the parking area…. A man and lady of 40’s came down…. Behind them an young girl of age 18 came down…. They are none other than Neil,Sakshi and their beautiful princess Swara…..

Neil:beta dont get tensed….
Sakshi:haan beta…. If u r afraid of anything then hold ur ganesha pendant…. Everything will be alright….
Swara:ma now i m 18…. I m not a kid…. I wont get afraid of anything…. Ur swara is a strong and bold girl…. If someone misbehaved with me then i will show them my karate talent…. (does some actions of karate)

Seeing that both laughed and blessed her and went from there….

All this actions of swara were seen by another one person…. Its none other than our hero sanskar…. He felt something connected to her…. He loved all her actions…. He started to love her…. Ragini noticed this and felt jealous on swara….

Ragini:sanskar shall we move… (said with anger and jealous)

Hearing her voice sanskar came to his sense and brushed his thoughts…. He also cursed his mind for loving swara forgetting that he is engaged to ragini….

Sanskar is in his final year engineering…. Laksh is in his 3rd year…. Ragini is in 2nd year…. Swara is 1st year student….

All went to their respective classes… In the class sanskar was fully thinking about swara and his decision to get married to ragini…. He felt that fate is playing a game with him….

Then in the evening after class finishes sanskar, ragini and laksh came to their car…. At that time swara too came there…. Neil and sakshi is waiting for her in the parking area….

She went to them and happily said that she enjoyed the class and got many frnds…. Seeing her happy neil and sakshi also felt happy…. Then all went from there….

Ragini felt jealous and anger as sanskar is fully concentrating on swara rather than her…. Then she told sanskar to start the car…. After that they went home….

Swara told neil and sakshi that she want to eat ice cream…. So all went to ice cream parlour…. Swara ordered 4 flavours…. Neil and sakshi were very happy seeing her enjoying…..

Ragini went to her home…. She started to throw her bag, slippers everything whatever comes to her hand…. Seeing her anger Sharmistha and shekar do no what to do as ragini gets anger its very tough to control her anger….

Dadi came there and saw her anger…. Only she can control her anger…. Seeing dadi ragini ran to her….

Dadi:laadoo my princess what happen to u????
Ragini:dadi today a girl joined our college…. By seeing her my sanskar lost his sense…. I haven’t seen that love in his eyes for me…. But he is seeing her lovingly….
Dadi:laadoo dont worry… Keep it in mind always that sanskar is urs….
Ragini:dadi what if that girl snatched my sanskar from me???
Dadi:dont worry laadoo…. Dp has to listen to me…. If he didn’t listen i will reveal his secret…. So dont worry….
Ragini:what secret dadi???
Dadi:its not important rago…. Sanskar is urs…. Sanskar wont go against his dad words….
Ragini:wow dadi…. Love u soo much….

Ragini hugged her dadi and kissed her and told that she is going to sanskar house….
(Gadodia and Maheswari house are opposite to each other)

Ragini went to maheswari nivas….at that time sanskar came down the stairs….

Ragini: sanskar I want to talk to you. . can you take me to a drive?
sanskar: I’m so tired ragini.. we can go tomorrow..
Ragini (angrily): what the hell sanskar? you don’t have any time for you..

That time ap come to there..

ap: ragini beta come I make special kheer for you.. come and have it..
Ragini: no aunty I don’t like kheer..

ap feels bad.. sanskar notice it..

sanskar: please ragini.. you will like it..
Ragini: sanskar don’t force me.. I don’t like these stupid foods.. I will ate pizza , sanswich noodles and all..these indian traditional foods are very boring. .

sanskar was damn irritated by her behaviour. .That time a car came to the house.. it was dp’s car.. dp came to the living room.. one girl,a lady and a man was with him..sanskar and ragini shocked to see her.. it was swara, neil and sakshi….

Ragini: oh god what she is doing here. . I will kill this girl..
dp: annapoorna this is my business partner neil kapoor, she is his wife sakshi kapoor a well known doctor in goa and this is neil kapoor’s daughter swara kapoor.. they are living in goa.. but she got admission in kolkata’s famous xyz college. . so she will live here as our guest..

sanskar face glowed by hearing this.. ragini was buring in anger..

ragini (in mind) I will make your life hell swara..

screen freez

Recap: ragini’s evil plan on swara, swasan knok jok , ragini’s jealousy, some try to kill dp..


Frnds hows it???
Comment ur views….
We r sure u guys will enjoy this ff….

Bye bye…. ??
Jwala and Shan

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