Swasan ff: Haunted by past (Intro)


Hi guys… I am Dreamy n I’m a huge fan of Swasan. So thought of writing an ff.
This is my first ff guys, so please wish me good luck. Please tell me if the plot is good or not.

Setting: Mumbai n USA

Character Sketch:

Helly Shah as Swara Gadodia (Main female lead) – She is 23 years old. Used to be bubbly and childish but something made her mysterious. Never shows her emotions to anyone (not even to her family). Loves her family. Very strict. Hates boys to the core. Shares great bond with her sister. She is doing her final year of Bachelor of Science in Criminology in Stanford University in USA. Loves singing.

Varun Kapoor as Sanskar Maheshwari (Main male lead) – He is 25 years old. Responsible n caring person. Never hurts anyone intentionally. Loves his family to the core. Respects women a lot. Emotional person. Fun loving person. Shares a great bond with his brother. He is the Senior Superintendent of Police, CBI. He is the youngest officer to become Senior Superintendent of Police, CBI. Respects his job n does his duty without any hesitation.

Tejaswi Wayangankar as Ragini Gadodia (Another female lead) – She is 22 years old. Childish and fun loving person. Never hurts anyone intentionally. Shares great bond with her sister. Always teases people and makes the environment light. Believes in destiny. Waiting for her prince charming. Works as Deputy Superintendent of Police. Loves her job n her family a lot. Can do anything for them. Emotional person. Loves dancing.

Namish Taneja as Laksh Maheswari (Another male lead) – He is 24 years old. Loves his family n his brother a lot. Shares great bond with his brother. Hates girls to the core. But loves his sister. Works as Additional Superintendent of Police. Respects his job n is very sincere. Strict only with girls. Never shares his problems with anyone.

Nagesh Salwan as Late Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari – Father of Sanskar and Laksh Maheshwari. Died in an accident 2 years ago.

Shalini Kapoor as Annapurna Maheshwari – Mother of Sanskar n Laksh Maheswari. Strong n determined person. She believes that her husband’s death was a murder. Head of NGO for women empowerment. Also head of the family. Loving n caring mother. Loves her family a lot.

Amar Sharma as Ram Prasad Maheshwari – Father of Adarsh n Uttara. Political leader. Running candidate for CM of Maharashtra. Loving person. Loves both Sanskar n Laksh as his own sons along wid Uttara.

Sonica Handa as Sujata Maheshwari – Mother of Adarsh n Uttara. Fun loving person. Assist Annapurna in NGO work. Loves her family a lot.

Tarun Singh as Adarsh Maheshwari – Son of Ramprasad n Sujata Maheswari. Strict person outside home. Works Commissioner of Police, Mumbai. Loves his brothers n sister.

Akanksha Chamola as Parineeta Maheshwari – Wife of Adarsh Maheshwari. Loves his husband a lot. Cares for her family. Self-dependent and strong person. Works in NGO.

Khyati Mangla as Uttara Maheshwari – Daughter of Ramprasad n Sujata Maheshwari. Pampered by everyone in the family as she is the only daughter of the house. Loves her brothers a lot. Studying MBBS 2nd year in top medical college of Mumbai, Seth GS Medical College. College topper.

Sachin Tyagi as Shekar Gadodia – Swara n Ragini’s father. Humble person. Loves his family a lot. Pampers Ragini a lot. Respects his wife. Responsible father. Government employee.

Parineeta Borthakur as Sharmishta Gadodia – Swara n Ragini’s mother. Loves her daughters n husband a lot. Supports Swara in almost everything. Takes good care of her family. House wife.

Alka Kaushal as Parvati Gadodia – Dadi of Swara n Ragini. Loves both of them equally. Traditional Marwari. Does not like boys of this generation.

Abhijit Lahiri as Deendayal Gadodia – Dadaji of Swara n Ragini. Loves his family. Always teases his wife.

Tanima Bose as Shobha Bose – Swara n Ragini’s Nani. Loves Swara n Ragini. Always supports Ragini. Fights with Parvati Gadodia (Silly fights).

Nikita Sharma as Kavitha – Neighbor of Swara n Ragini. Software Engineer.

Anuj Sachdeva as Sahil Sen Gupta – Sanskar n Laksh’s neighbor. Researcher in Plant Sciences.

More characters will be added as per the plot.


Scene 1 @ Maheshwari Mansion

A boy wearing black shirt with white pant n white blazer is talking with someone in the phone n was getting ready 2 go 2 office. He was looking dashing in that outfit. He is trying to wear his watch with one hand as he is holding his phone wid the other. He is facing difficulty in wearing the watch. Suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder n turns 2 see his brother …. Laksh Maheshwari. He was all ready in a black shirt with light brown pant n light brown blazer. He helped the person in wearing his watch. The person signs him thank you n asks him 2 sit for some time. Laksh sat on the bed n took a file which is on the bed n started reading it. After 5 minutes the person has ended the call n came to his brother.

Boy: Hi Laksh!! U ready??
Laksh: Yep Sanskar… Shall we make a move?
Sanskar: Off course…. Btw did u know abt the case where someone is trying 2 harm the girls of Arthur Road.
Laksh: Yes… I’ve heard abt it but don’t exactly know the details.
Sanskar: Hmm… they are trying 2 scare the girls but don’t know why.
Laksh: What do u think abt this??
Sanskar: I don’t know Laksh… I feel like they are trying to scare the residents so that they would vacate the place n then they can have the place for themselves.
Laksh: Do you suspect anyone??
Sanskar: Not exactly but I think some politician or business man is involved in this….
Laksh: Hmm….
Sanskar: Anyways let’s make a move… getting late for office.
Laksh: Sure
And then they went down to have breakfast. There at the bf table they were wished by a lady sitting.

Annapurna: Gud mrng Beta.
Laksh n Sanskar: Gud mrng mom ^_^
Annapurna: Wait I’ll serve u guys bf.
Another lady comes out from the kitchen just then n says

Another lady: No Jiji…. U sit. I’ll serve them.
Annapurna: K Sujata… Thank u!!
Sujata: Jiji… why r u saying thank u. They are my kids also. I’ve the right 2 serve them.
Laksh: Choti mom… U r so sweet.
Sanskar: Ha Laksh… cuz she is my mom.
Laksh: No she’s my mom also.
Annapurna: U guys stop fighting like kids. She is both of ur mom.
N they all smile.

Just then they see a girl running on the stairs…. Because of running she was abt 2 fall but two strong hands stop her from falling.
Girl: Adarsh Bhai… thank you so much.
Adarsh: How careless u r Uttara… what if u fall?
Uttara: Chill bhai… I didn’t fall na… and also I know that my three bros will not let me fall. Hai na bhai??
Sanskar n Laksh: True.
Uttara: See
Annapurna: Hmm… Uttara stop ur masti n come have food.
Uttara: Oh shoot… I forgot badi maa… I have 2 submit a project n I’ve 2 reach college early. Sorry badi maa I’ll have bf at college.
Annapurna: But Uttara… at least eat some.
Uttara: Nahi badi maa… I’ll eat at college promise.
Annapurna: k
Adarsh: I’ll drop u at college… the driver is not here today cuz of some personal problems.

A lady comes from Kitchen
Lady: But Adarshji… what abt bf??
Adarsh: No Parineeta. Even I’m getting late. I’ll eat at ofc.
Parineeta: Ji.
Laksh n Sanskar: Mom…where is chote papa??
Sujata: He went to ofc early morning only… Didn’t even eat bf.
Laksh n Sanskar: K mom… we r done. Gng 2 ofc.
Annapurna n Sujata: Take care beta.
N all of them left for office. Adarsh n Uttara in one car. Laksh n Sanskar in one car as they both work in the same ofc.

Scene 2 @ Gadodia Mansion

A girl covered wid blanket fully wakes up due to the sound of alarm. She got up n looked at the alarm.
Girl: O God. Again late… Please save me. My boss is so khadus.
And she runs into the washroom, gets ready n comes out within 15 mins. Just when she was abt 2 open the door her mom opens the door wid a plate in her hand.
Her mom: Ragini…U woke up. Come now have ur bf.
Ragini: No mom… it’s so late. I’ll eat at ofc.
Mom: But beta…
Ragini: Please mom (wid a pout face)
Mom: kk… I can’t win over u.
Ragini: haha…

Just then they hear a male voice calling them.
Man: Sharmishta… Ladoo woke up??
Sharmishta: Ji…

Ragini went to him running n hug him.
Ragini: Dad… Gud mrng
Dad: Gud mrng princess.
Ragini: Dad…I’m in a hurry. Will talk 2 u later bye…
Dad: K Bye beta… take care
Sharmishta: Shekar…she’s not a kid anymore.
Shekar: ha… I know but she is my little princess.
Sharmishta laughs n goes in.

Scene 3 @ USA

A girl is seen jogging. She is so slim n wearing a tee n jogging pants. She’s looking so pretty in that outfit. While she was jogging she sees a man teasing a girl. She gets so angry. She goes to that person n slaps him hard on his face.

Boy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…………. How dare u hit me??
Girl slaps him harder this time.

Boy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….. Why r u hitting me like that??
Girl: Why r u teasing that girl??
Boy: It’s my wish to tease or not….what is ur problem?
Girl: Actually I shud hit u more hard. Then only u’ll come on track.
Boy: Do u know who I am??
Girl: Why don’t u know who u r??
Boy: Hey…mind ur tongue
Girl: First u mind ur behaviour…teasing a girl n giving attitude like u r dng a great thing. Chiii…
Boy: I’ll not leave u…
Girl was abt 2 hit him again but just then her friends come there n pull her from there.
Friend 1: Swara…R u mad??
Swara: Ha Manasa…If punishing someone for their bad deed is being mad then I’m mad.
Manasa: But yaar…
Friend 2: It’s not ur work to teach him lesson. It’s that girl’s responsibility. Until the girls r like this then these things won’t stop.
Swara: I agree Harshini…but that doen’t mean I’ll just be watching him tease her.
Manasa: Haa Swara…but that’s not right to interfere in some one’s life.
Harshini: What if she really likes his teasing??
Swara: But Harshini…How can anyone like someone teasing them yaar??
Manasa: In love they do Swara…

Swara: That’s all bull shit Manasa… I don’t believe in all this. Also all boys are same. They just wanna use girls n then leave them…. That’s way I hate boys.
Harshini: k…just chill n lets go from her.
After that they go 2 a café n order 3 hot chocolates. After having that they go 2 their respective rooms n get ready for clg n go 2 clg.

So guys done wid the intro… tell me how it is guys.
I’ll post it if u guys like it. As I’m new at writing ffs, please forgive me for any mistakes.
If u have any questions just ask me in the comments…
I’ll try replying 2 every comment as soon as possible.
Thank u all for spending ur valuable time on my ff.

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