Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 9)


Hello everyone!! How r u all?? R u njoying my ff??
K I’m here wid epi 9 of my ff. Actually I had 2 write dis in hurry as I’m busy wid my studies n projects. So if there r any questions on dis part just ask me n I’ll try 2 reply ASAP!! Any mistakes just ignore dem!!
Thank u all for ur appreciation n love. I luv u guys <3
Now let’s start the epi.

Scene 1 @ USA

Swara n her friends r preparing for the finals in Manasa’s house. Swara is helping her friends by clearing their doubts.
Manasa: Yaar… I’m not getting dis. How boring is dis?? 
Harshini: Haa yaar… I just can’t read any more.
Swara: Guys… It’s easy only. If u concentrate n njoy the subject it’ll be very easy. I promise.
Manasa: U say dat only. U r actually topper in our class. U always get a GPA of 3.9 or 3.8 out of 4. U get awards n honors. So it’s easy for u. But wht abt people like us?? Who r so not in2 studies n stuff…
Swara: Just focus na pls… Acha chalo I’ll teach u guys the concepts in a fun n easy way. Okay??
Manasa n Harshini: Haan 

Swara starts teaching the concepts. Her friends r listening very carefully. Swara while teaching was asking some questions as well. They r answering dem very well. When she is done teaching she asks dem if they have any questions.
Swara: So u guys have any questions??
Manasa: No yaar… U teach so well. If u teach like dis then there is no scope for any questions.
Harshini: Haa… and I feel ki I can just go 2 the exam hall n give my exam right now.
Manasa n Harshini: Thank u so much Swara!! We love u <3
Swara: Luv u too guys!! K now we’ll start another subject.
Manasa n Harshini: K

Scene 2 @ Politician’s house

Laksh n Ragini as old woman n a young guy r gng in2 the politician’s house when the security stops dem. They get shocked n turn 2 the security guard who is cmg 2 dem. Ragini in fear holds Laksh’s hand. Laksh gives an assuring look 2 Ragini. She signs okay.
Security: Hey u… who r u guys?? Why r u gng in?? Do u have appointment??
Laksh: Ooo… Actually we live in the nearby area. She is my mother. We’ve come 2 talk wid Sir abt our area problems.
Security guard: Appointment hai??
Laksh: No… but once we’ll meet him n go. Pls.
Security guard: No… I can’t allow anyone widout appointment.

Laksh starts pleading the security guard but he doesn’t listen. Just then the politician comes to his balcony n sees Laksh arguing wid security. So he calls the security n orders him 2 let dem in. Laksh n Ragini goes 2 the politician n introduces demselves.
Laksh: Namaste Sir… I’m XXX n dis is my mom XXX. We’re here 2 discuss something.
Politician: Haan… tell me.
Laksh: Sir… actually my dad used 2 work for govt. when he was alive. After he died my mom shud get retirement money but we’re not getting those money. It’s been 2 years since my father died. Pls Sir do something n grant our money.
Just then the politician gets a call. So he goes 2 attend the call.
Politician: Sure… I’ll be back in a min.

Saying dis he goes n attends the call. Here Laksh signs Ragini something. There is a person near the door looking at dem. Ragini calls him 2 come 2 her. The person goes 2 her.
Person: Wht??
Ragini: Beta… I’ve 2 go to bathroom. Can u pls tell me where it is??
Person: Go in then take a right, then one more right n the door on the left side is the bathroom.
Ragini: K… thank u!!

Saying this the person goes 2 the door n keeps an eye on dem. Ragini gets up n shows Laksh thumbs up. She goes in n on finding no one in there starts searching for some clues. She goes into the kitchen n sees a servant there. She hides behind the freezer. Someone calls the maid n so she leaves. Ragini comes out n searches in some cabinets n vessels to find something like black money. She then slowly goes 2 a room which looks like a master bedroom. She enters dat room n starts searching. She is searching the cabinet when she hears someone unlocking the door. She gets shocked.

Scene 3 @ USA – Airport

Sanskar gets out of the plane n goes 2 the immigration check. He completes all the formalities n waits 2 collect his baggage. After collecting he starts gng out of the airport. He hires a cab n goes 2 his hotel. He gets freshen up n goes 2 the Indian embassy ofc. He is welcomed by the embassy people n then they explain him all abt the case n briefs his work. He was then sent 2 Interpol. He reaches the ofc n goes directly 2 the head of the case. She is a lady American police officer who is well known for her encounters. But she is so jovial n funky (cool). Her name is Lexi. Sanskar introduces himself n then gets involved in the case. There r a total of 15 police officers involved in the case. They start discussing after studying the case for some time.
Officer 1: Officer Lexi, I think we shud start investigating from the last place he visited to get some clues as to where he might be.
Lexi: Hmm… Wht abt the hotel he stayed? May be we can find something there.
Sanskar: No Ms. Lexi. I don’t think he is dat foolish 2 leave clues in a hotel where he stayed. We shud start our search from the place we can never expect him 2 be.
Lexi: Like??
Sanskar: Like… a college, a restaurant, a church etc.
Lexi: Hmm… good point. Mr. Jason, can u pls send some officers to all churches, colleges and restaurants?
Jason: Sure.
Lexi: And Mr. Sanskar. I think we shud go 2 the hotel now.
Sanskar: Sure.

They go 2 the hotel 2 gather some evidence. When they r searching the hotel Lexi gets a call.
Lexi: Hey… Lexi here.
Other side: Ms. Jason here. We’ve found a person who’s roaming suspiciously in a college.
Lexi: Oh my… Could u tell me the college name pls??
Jason: Stanford University.
Lexi: K… will be there in 15 mins. (Cuts the call) Mr. Sanskar gotta go 2 Stanford U. There is a guy who is suspicious.
Sanskar: Sure… let’s move.
They get in the car and heads towards Stanford University.

Scene 4 @ Politician’s house

Ragini gets shocked seeing someone opening the door. The person opens the door and gets shocked n it is none other than the politician himself. He goes 2 the drawer n sees it open. He looks around n finds no one in the room. He thinks dat he didn’t close the drawer. He closes it n takes his imp files. He locks the door n gets out. Ragini heaves a sigh of relief who’s hiding behind the curtains. She comes out n quickly checks the remaining cabinets n finds nothing. She gets out of the room n comes 2 Laksh. She signs ‘no’. He seems disappointed. The person who’s keeping an eye on dem comes der.
Person: Hey u oldie… why it took so long for u?? Wht were u dng in there?
Ragini: Ooo… oo.. (she was cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: She has diabetes so it takes bit long for her.

The person believes Laksh n goes. Ragini sits beside him. Just then the politician comes n discusses wid dem n assures dem dat they would get their retirement money. They acts as if they r so happy n leaves the place thanking him. They gets 2 their car which was actually parked in the other lane. They start taking off their costume.
Laksh: Ms. Gadodia… Wht happened?? Can u explain everything clearly?
Ragini: Yes… (She tells him how she checked the kitchen, the room n found nothing. Not even a single clue)
Laksh: Hmm… Our plan is a flop.
Ragini: Laksh Sir… may be we’re doubting him unnecessarily. May be he is innocent.
Laksh: May be but I don’t think so. The way he talked wid full confidence as if he’s gonna win the elections cuz he never told us ki we shud go 2 the current leader 2 solve our issue. He is so sure dat he’ll solve our issue. And our issue is only solvable when someone is in office. He needs 2 be the leader right?? Now my doubt is not baseless.
Ragini: Hmm… u r right. I didn’t observe dat.
Laksh: Hmm… we shud think of something else.
Just when they were talking Laksh sees someone behind Ragini n gets shocked.

Scene 5 @ Maheshwari Mansion

Annapurna, Sujatha n Parineeta r discussing abt NGO event. Just then Uttara comes home n runs 2 Annapurna.
Uttara: Badi ma… How r u?
Annapurna: I’m fine Uttara… How was ur day??
Uttara: Like always… Cool
Sujatha: Tum kabhi na sudroge… (Holding her ear)
Uttara: Ahh… mom it’s hurting. Leave me na… 
Seeing her face Sujatha leaves her. They all start laughing.
Annapurna: Sujatha!! Leave her… Oh meri bachi… Is it hurting?
Uttara: Ha bade mom…

They r talking like dis when they hear a noise at the door. They turn 2 see some people looking like rowdies n gets tensed. The rowdies come in n sit in the sofa.
Rowdy 1: Nice house… And nice figures. (he talks wid a weird look)
Annapurna: Hey … mind ur tongue n language.
Rowdy 1: Acha… Wht will u do??
Sujatha: Will kill u bastard!!
Rowdy 1: Oh… aisa hai. K kill me… come on kill me!! (He keeps on gng closer 2 Uttara saying dis)
Parineeta: Don’t go near her…
Rowdy 1: U shud not have messed up wid someone when a beautiful girl is in ur house. If one day she comes home in an ambulance or u guys receive a call conveying her death news would it be good?? Nooo… (He indirectly threatens dem)
Annapurna: How dare u??

She is abt 2 slap the rowdy but he holds Annapurna’s hand n twists it. She shouts in pain.
Annapurna: Ahh…
Sujatha: Hey chodo use…
Uttara: Badi maa… (shouts)
Parineeta: Pls leave her. Pls take anything u want but pls leave us alone.
Rowdy 1: Main yaha kuch bhi lene nhi aaya. I came here 2 warn u n ur husband 2 withdraw from the elections. If he doesn’t all those things I have told abt ur daughter might become true. So take care ladies.

They leave from there after warning Maheshwari ladies n calls someone n tells him dat the work is done. After they’re gone Annapurna falls on the sofa n starts weeping. Sujatha comes 2 her n consoles her.
Sujatha: Jiji… Don’t let the evil win. Aap aise haar man jayenge toh ham kya kare… Till my sons r wid us nothing will happen 2 our family. I have full faith on them.
Uttara: Ha badi maa… Nothing will happen 2 me till my Bhais r wid me. Don’t worry.
Parineeta: Ha badi ma… Now smile pls (she asks dis wid a cute pout on her face).
Seeing their belief and hope Annapurna gains confidence n smiles. They all smile but are worried inside.

So how will Swasan meet?? Is it through a fight?? Drama?? Or Murder??
Who’s the person Laksh saw behind Ragini?? Why did he get shocked??
Who’s the person who warned the Maheshwari’s?? Why did he/she warn dem??
To know stay tuned… will be back soon.

Phew… done wid another episode. Literally it took me 2 hours 2 complete dis epi.
I hope my hard work pays off. Pls pls guys read my ff n tell me if u have any suggestions.
Take care. Until then good bye.
With love, Dreamy <3

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