Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 8)


Hi guys!! Dreamy here wid my next epi. I hope u guys like my ff.
If u guys have any questions or suggestions just tell me in the comments below.
I know u guys r waiting for Swasan’s meet but main leads ka meeting itna simple toh nahi bana sakti na…
Kuch drama… kuch twist… aur damkedar hona chahiye ki nahi?? Isliye thoda time lagega yaar… pls understand.
And thank u so much for ur luv. Keep luving my ff n I’ll keep giving u my best.
Well bahut bak bak ho gaya… Ab story ke aur badte hain.

Scene 1 @ Maheshwari Mansion – Sanskar’s room

Sanskar is busy dng his last minute check n arranging all the stuff. He finishes his final packing n goes 2 the hall. All r in the hall waiting for him. But two persons r almost on the verge of crying. They r Annapurna n Sujatha. Seeing Sanskar coming down they get up from the sofa. Sanskar comes 2 dem n takes der blessings.
Ram: Jeete Raho beta… take care n ha any problem I’m just a call away.
Sanskar: Ji chote papa.
Annapurna: Khush raho… Haa take care beta. Will miss u.
Sanskar: Ha mom… Will miss u too <3
Sujatha: Sanskar… Eat ur food on time, sleep on time. Don’t get so involved in case ki u forget sleeping n eating. Okay… Karo promise. (wid a pout face like a small child)
Sanskar: Haa chote mom… pakka promise.
Adarsh: Yaar… I’ll miss u bro.
Sanskar: Me too bro…take care.
Parineeta: All the best Sanskar!!
Sanskar: Thank u Bhabhi!!
Uttara: Bhai… Come soon. Will be waiting for u. And haa rock ur case.
Sanskar: Thanks my lil sis…
Uttara: Bhai… I’m not lil. (wid fake angry face)
Laksh: Acha… but u r lil for us. Anyways take care Sanskar. Show dem wht Indians can do. I know u’ll be successful.
Sanskar: Thanks bro. Bye take care. Will miss u a lot.
Laksh: Me too.
Ram: Ab… It’s getting late for the flight Sanskar let’s go.
Sanskar: Ji…
Sujatha: Aur Sanskar don’t eat outside food aur … (she was cut off by Sanskar)
Sanskar: Chill chote mom… Why r u acting as if it is my bidaai. I’ll come back in a week…okay. Now smile.
They all smile at his words n wishes him good luck. Sanskar gets into his car n waves bye 2 everyone. He then heads to the airport along wid the driver.

Scene 2 @ USA

Swara is studying when her phone beeps. She checks n sees a message from an unknown number. She opens the text n reads the message.
Text: Hi Swara!! How r u??
Swara: Who’s dis??
Text: Oh poor… U didn’t remember me. Hmm… let me remind u. I’m the one who is responsible for ur so called condition n ur hatred for boys.
Swara: Uuu… How dare u text me?? And how the hell did u get my number??
Text: Baby… I can get anything I want. Then dis number is nothing. I just have a regret dat I couldn’t get you. Last minute me mere plan par Pani Pher diya tum dono behne. Don’t think dat u have won. I’ll come back in ur life 2 destroy u completely. I’ll make ur life hell. 😀
Swara: Just shut up u fool… U couldn’t do anything dat time then wht will u do dis time. I pity u. Even though u r the reason for my condition I don’t curse u. U know why cuz of u I came 2 know whom 2 trust n whom not 2. Thank u so much for teaching dat 2 me. And never dare calling or texting me again. I’ll kill u dis time.
After sending dis text she switches off her phone. She gets ready for college n goes there. But her mind is occupied. She’s still thinking abt the text n the person who texted her. She thinks of something.

Flashback starts
Swara: Yaar… stop it na. If u do dat I won’t talk 2 u. (wid a pout face)
Person: Swara… I’m sry. Acha tell me wht shud I do 2 make u normal. Shall I do sit ups?? Frog jumping?? Sing a song?? Tell na…
Swara: Idk.
Person: Acha… chalo I’ll sing a song.
He starts singing…
Munda sada doli chad gaya
Band baj gaya
Oye hoye hoye
Munda sada doli chad gaya
Band baj gaya
Oye hoye hoye

Chad ki saariyan
Ek baariya
Dil nu laiyaan ki bemariyan – 2
Munda munde naal paunda yaariyan – 2
Shera panda noore aunda
Khwabe maa da ujad gaya

Maa da laadla

Maa da laadla bigad gaya
Maa da laadla bigad gaya
Maa da laadla bigad gaya
Maa da laadla bigad gaya
He sings it in a very funny n girly voice. Swara was trying 2 control her laugh till now but at the end she couldn’t do it anymore. So she burst out laughing at the end. The boy seemed as if he was relieved looking at her laugh. Then the boy goes n starts tickling her 2 make her laugh even more.
Boy: Haha… I did it. I made u laugh. (While tickling)
Swara: Hahah… plea…se st..op it.. na.
Boy: Then tell me dat u r not angry wid me. (Asking this he stops tickling her)
Swara: Acha baba… I’m not angry on u. now leave me.
Boy: Okay. Chalo let’s go 2 a movie.
Swara: Now…
Boy: Ha yaar…pls chalo na (wid a pout face).
Swara: Kk…
Flashback ends
Swara gets tears in her eyes thinking abt those moments wid him. She thinks something.
Swara: Why the hell did u do dis 2 me?? I’m not angry on u for doing dat but I’m angry on myself for trusting a person who is so insane. I don’t hate u but I hate myself. And also I don’t hate boys as everyone thinks but I try 2 protect myself from people like u so dat I don’t regret in my life again.

Scene 3 @ CBI ofc

Laksh enters the ofc n goes directly towards Ragini’s cabin. He knocks on the door n hears a sweet voice asking him 2 come in. He opens the door n gets inside.
Laksh: So Ms. Gadodia. R u ready 2 execute our plan?
Ragini: Of course. I’m always ready. Let’s do dis.
Laksh: K. Let’s change n get gng.
Ragini: Yep I’ll be there in 5 mins.
Laksh: K… will be waiting outside.
Ragini: K. 

Scene 4 @ Unknown Place

Person: Wht?? How’s it possible?? Just cross check once more. I need that person’s details ASAP. Did u get that?? (on call)
Other side: Yes sire. Will try my best.
The person hangs up. He goes 2 another room. He opens the door n it’s full of his wife n his love’s photos along wid him n their cute lil daughter. And there is a huge photo in the center of the wall opposite 2 the door. He goes 2 dat pic n tears start rolling from his eyes. He keeps staring at her pic in silence. Just then his servant opens the door slightly n peeps in as no one is allowed into dat room.
Servant: Sir… Someone came 2 meet u.
Person: Who’s dat??
Servant: Ji ACP saab…
Person: I’m cmg. U go.
The servant goes from there. After the servant leaves he caresses the pic n wipes his tears. He immediately goes 2 meet the person.
Person: Hello ACP saab… Pls have a seat. Tea, coffee or juice.
ACP: Water is enough. Thank u.
Person: Go n bring water for Sir (orders the servant).
Servant: Ji…
ACP: I just wanna tell u dat we culdn’t gather any more evidence from the crime scene. So we think it is a clear cut accident. We’re closing the case.
Person: Wht?? ACP sir dis is not an accident okay?? It is an attempt 2 murder n the brakes of the car… someone failed dem damnit. Don’t u get dat??
ACP: I can understand ur frustration but we’re bound by our duty. We gotta do our duty no matter what. I’m so sry for ur loss.
Person: No… no one can understand my pain. U never can. Just get lost from here. If u stay here for another minute idk wht I might do.
ACP leaves the place wid a sad face. The servant comes wid water but sees the ACP gone.
Servant: Sir… ACP Saab.
Person: Can’t u see. He left.
He hits the tray wid his hand making it fall n the glass breaks. He goes from der angrily 2 his room n shuts the door.

Scene 5 @ Airport

Sanskar boards the flight n puts on headphones. He starts 2 watch a movie. The flight takes off. After watching the movie for some time he sleeps widout knowing. He wakes up at the time of lunch n had his lunch. He starts playing games again. He’s getting bored cuz it’s a long journey n it’s his first time travelling for dat long. So he logs in2 fb n starts looking at the posts n random stuff.

Scene 6 @ Car

Laksh n Ragini r gng 2 opp. party leader’s home 2 execute their plan. Ragini is disguised as an old woman n Laksh is wearing informal… a tee n a jeans.
Laksh: So Ms. Gadodia there shudn’t be any confusion in executing our plan. If he gets doubt then he’ll not leave us. So be careful. Don’t be irresponsible like always.
Ragini got furious at his statement on her being irresponsible.
Ragini: Okay Sir. (wid lil angry face)
They reach the politician’s house n gets down the car after arranging microphones, cameras n stuff 2 their clothes. They shake hands as a token of good luck n looks at the house.They starts going in when the security stops dem.

So guys done wid this epi. I hope u like dis part.
Pls tell me if u njoy my ff. Otherwise I’ll try changing the plot.
Keep on showering ur luv on me n my ff.
Thank u n bye bye. Love u all <3

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