Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 7)


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Scene 1 @ Maheshwari Mansion – Laksh’s room

Laksh is talking 2 someone on his phone. He seems irritated.
Laksh: Wht?? That’s not possible. I think ur mistaken.
Other side: No Sir. I’m telling the truth. The person who informed us abt the politician’s black money through phone call… we found 1 crore at his home. So we’ve arrested him. We’re currently interrogating him.
Laksh: Hmm… do something but get the info out of his month. Get as much info as u guys can.
Other side: Sure Sir.
Laksh: If anything’s serious just give me a call. Will be there.
Other side: Yes Sir. Gud nyt.
Laksh: Gud nyt.

Laksh hangs up. He goes 2 get fresh up. He comes out from the bathroom after 10 mins. He checks his phone n sees nothing. He takes out a file from the cabinet n starts studying it. After sometime he keeps the file aside.
Laksh: I think I shud discuss dis with Sanskar. He might give me some advice or some lead on the case. And also he’ll be leaving 2 US tomorrow, so it’s better 2 go 2 him today itself.
Thinking dis Laksh goes 2 Sanskar’s room. He knocks the door n hears Sanskar’s voice asking him 2 come in.

Sanskar: Come in…
Laksh: Hi bro… Wht u dng…? (He stopped as soon as he saw Sanskar’s bed)
Laksh: OMG!! Bro wht’s dis. Is dis bed or a shop?
Sanskar: Haan… Ooo I’m packing for tomorrow. There’s not much time na… that’s why.
Sanskar’s bed is full of clothes, accessories, files n food items. Laksh burst out laughing seeing dis.

Laksh: Wht’s all this?? Why r u taking food items?? R u planning 2 settle there r wht??
Sanskar: No Laksh. Yaar u know abt mom n choti mom right?? They’re just adding stuff in my luggage from the time I told’em ki I’m gng 2 US. They r damn crazy man…haha.
Laksh: Haan who toh hain…
And they both burst out laughing. After they talk n crack jokes for some time Laksh helps Sanskar in packing stuff. After done wid packing they discuss abt the case. Even Sanskar supported Ragini’s theory of the opposition leader planting black money in the accused politician’s house in order to win the elections. Laksh also agreed wid him n thinks 2 keep an eye on the opposition party leader.

Laksh: K bro. Let’s call it a night. I’m so tired n sleepy. Well r u cmg 2 ofc tomorrow??
Sanskar: Yeah… I’m almost done wid packing n if anything is missing I’ll do it in the last minute.
Laksh: K
Sanskar: Gud nyt bro.
Laksh: Gud nyt.
Laksh goes 2 his room n sleeps on the bed but he is nt able 2 sleep thinking abt the case.
Laksh: I’ve 2 talk wid Ms. Irritation tomorrow. She might have something gng on in her little brain.

Scene 2 @ USA

Swara is getting ready 2 go 2 clg. She gets ready n gets out of her room. She’s walking 2 the bus stop n again feels the same strange feeling of being followed by someone. She turns back 2 see none. She just ignores that n goes 2 clg. There her friends r already waiting for her. After they see Swara cmg, they all wish her gud mrng n goes 2 class together. She goes 2 class n starts revising for the finals but is not able 2 concentrate. She thinks abt the feeling of her being followed by someone.
Swara: Is it real or just my imagination?? If it happens once then I can take it as my imagination but daily… not possible. Oh no… just stop Swara. Ur stressed na may be dat’s why feeling like dis. Anyway who’ll follow me in US?? Idk anyone here except my college friends.
Thinking dis she again starts revising her syllabus.

Scene 3 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini enters her home wid much excitement. She directly goes 2 her mom who’s in the kitchen. She hugs her mom from back n kisses her on her cheeks.
Ragini: Mom… U know wht?? I’m so happy today 
Sumi: Oh… so ur Laksh Sir liked my Ladoo’s dish right?? (asked wid raised eyebrows)
Ragini: Haa mom… I didn’t expect dis frm Laksh sir. I thought ki he’ll kill me today. But unexpectedly n surprisingly he praised me. U know how big it is not 2 get scoldings frm him n how much more big thing it is 2 get appreciated by him being a girl. It means a lot.
Sumi: Dekha Ladoo… I’ve told u ki no one would be bad by heart. Something makes dem dat way. If u can know the reason behind a person’s behaviour then u can change dem easily.
Ragini Haa mom u r so right.

Sumi: BTW did u get 2 know his past or any reasons on his behaviour towards girls?
Ragini: Nope but I’m sure I’ll know abt it someday n dat day is very near.
Sumi: Hmm… Acha now go n take rest. Gotta go 2 ofc tomorrow right??
Ragini: Ha mom… Luv u <3
Saying this Ragini goes 2 her room n gets freshen up n sleeps thinking abt Laksh. She has a smile on her face.

Scene 4 @ Unknown place

A person is sitting on a bed in his room holding a photo. He’s talking 2 the photo. He has tears in his eyes.
Person: I really miss u… Why did u do dis 2 me. U know na ki I luv u more than my life. Then why did u do this 2 me?? And I promise u I’ll not leave the person who killed u. I’ll kill that person so ruthlessly ki no one will ever dare 2 kill one’s luv.
He smirks. Just then someone enters his room. He wipes off his tears immediately n turns 2 her.
Person: Hey my baby doll?? Wht’s up honey??

Girl: Papa… I want mommy. U know all my friends sleep wid their mommy. Why don’t I have a mommy?? (she’s on the verge of crying)
Person: Nahi Arshu beta… Don’t cry. Ur mommy is in the clouds n will be watching u all the time. She’ll always be wid u n if u cry like dis mommy would get sad n she might go away. So don’t cry beta.
Arshu: K papa… I’ll not cry from today. I don’t want mommy 2 leave me. (She wipes away her tears)
The person is so touched seeing his cute n innocent daughter. He hugs her tightly n cries. The girl sees her papa crying n wipes his tears nodding her head in a no. He hugs her again.

Scene 5 @ CBI ofc
Laksh enters the ofc n goes directly 2 the interrogation chamber. He goes 2 the guy whom they’ve arrested yesterday n starts interrogating him.
Laksh: Hey u… U r the one who informed us abt black money right??
Person: Yes Sir…
Laksh: So what’s the money dng in ur house?? That too 1 crore?? Don’t u think that’s quite huge to have specially a person like u – a bank employee?
Person: Sir actually that’s my bank customer’s money. I’ve kept it wid me as there is no locker dat’s empty to put it in. That’s it.
Laksh: Oh… Is it?? K.

Laksh leaves the room n goes 2 his info tech official. He asks him 2 verify his statement by checking wid the bank n the customer. After checking the info tech official confirms dat he’s lying. Laksh gets very angry. He goes straight 2 the person n beats him for lying. He then tells the truth not being able 2 bear Laksh’s punches.
Person: Sir… pls I’ll tell u the truth. Pls don’t hit me pls. Actually the money is given 2 me by the opposition party politician to defame the other candidate. I did wht he told me to in order 2 get some money. But idk anything else Sir. Pls leave me.
Laksh: Hmm…
He goes out n tells his people to put him under custody. He goes to Ragini’s cabin. He knocks the door.
Ragini: Come in.
Laksh enters the room n Ragini gets shocked seeing Laksh as he didn’t come 2 anyone’s cabin till now. He always calls people 2 his cabin but doesn’t go 2 their cabins personally.
Ragini: Sir aap?? I would’ve come 2 ur cabin… why did u bother??
Laksh: It’s okay Ms. Irr…(He was abt 2 say Ms. Irritation but controlled himself). I mean Ms. Gadodia. I’ve 2 discuss something. He tells her wht all the person has told him.
Laksh: So Ms. Gadodia. Do u think we can go for the arrest of the opposition party politician?
Ragini: No Sir. I think we shud find more concrete evidence like a video of his black money or his accepting the crime. Cuz he might argue dat it might be the accused politician who did all dis conspiracy against him. We don’t know wht might happen. But sir I have a plan if u wanna proceed.
Laksh: Hmm… Yeah go on. What’s the plan??
Ragini tells him something which is muted. After she tells him his plan he has a smile on his face.

Laksh: Nice plan Ms. Gadodia. (He is abt 2 give hi-fi but then makes it look like he is brushing his hairs).
Now we’ll end the case wid full solid proof n put the culprit behind bars.
Seeing Laksh smile Ragini also smiles n they share a winning glance at each other.

Scene 6 @ CBI ofc – Sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar is studying his new case i.e. the international criminal’s case. He is so involved in the case. He is making notes n stuff abt the case. He checks the criminal’s profile in their records n finds him to be the dangerous one as he killed many people n even killed some police officers from various countries. So horrible is wht he thought. He decided dat he would come back 2 India only after catching dis moron.
He keeps on studying his case.

Scene 7 @ USA
Swara n her friends r in the canteen having their snacks n r chatting. But Swara is again lost thinking abt the happenings around her. She is feeling kind of weird.
Manasa: So Swara any plans?? Wht r u dng after college??
Swara comes out of her thoughts n looks at all of them wid confused face.
Manasa: What’s wrong Swara?? I asked u if u have any plans on wht u r dng after college.
Swara: Haa… Ooo.. I’m thinking 2 move back 2 India so dat I can stay wid my family.
Noah: Wht abt ur career?? I mean any job plans??
Swara: Haan… I’ll join the CBI dept. its just like the FBI in here.
Harshini: Oh wow… Cool Swara.

Manasa: Will u forget us after gng there?? 
Swara: Wht?? No. Of course not. How will I?? Even if I want 2 will u guys let me??
They all burst out laughing. They spend some great time together thinking that they might not meet ever again. Who knows?? After dat they all have a small n tight group hug n then goes 2 their respective rooms.

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