Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 5)


Hi guys!! Dreamy here. How r u all?? I hope u r luving my ff.
If u have any questions ask me in the comments.
So let’s start wid 6th episode of my ff.

Scene 1 @ USA

A person takes Swara from there 2 his house. He makes her sleep on the bed n goes 2 call someone.
Person: Guys!! Where r u?? I’ve done my work. She’s sleeping in my room. U gotta hurry up or she might wake up any time. K, bye. Come fast.
The person then sits on the couch next 2 the bed n starts playing candy crush in his mobile. After sometime he gets bored n goes 2 eat something after locking the room door so that Swara cannot come out. Here in the room Swara gains consciousness. She gets up from the bed n observes the place.
Swara: Oh God!! Where am I?? Why am I here?? Who’s the person that has kidnapped me?? I have 2 escape from here. But how??
She searches the entire room for any clues of the person who has kidnapped her. She doesn’t find anything. So she decides to leave from there. She tries all possible methods like opening the door, windows and bathroom windows. But there is no way she can get out of there. All are locked carefully. Just then she hears some footsteps n they r coming towards the room. So she quickly takes a flower vase in her hands n hides herself behind the door. She is waiting for the person 2 open the door. After sometime the door knob turns around n someone opens the door. They come inside. Now there r 4 people. On finding the bed empty the person goes 2 check in the bathroom. Swara slowly comes out from behind the door n is about 2 hit the person standing in front of her facing his back towards her.
But the person sees this in the mirror in the front n catches Swara’s hand before she cud hit him. When the person turned 2 Swara she is beyond shocked. The person takes the vase from her hand and throws it on floor.
Person: Swara… Wht r u dng?? Will u kill me??
Person: Haa…main.

Scene 2 @ Anniversary event

Laksh: Pooran Poli…(he screamed).
Ragini: Haa… (She is scared dat Laksh will scold her)
Laksh: R u serious??
Ragini: Main tho gaya… (In mind)
Laksh: Wow… thank u so much!!
Saying this Laksh started eating the Pooran Poli like a kid. Ragini is beyond shocked 2 know dat he didn’t scold her. Her face is blank n she is speechless.
Laksh: Wow… It’s just awesome.
Ragini: Than… (she was cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: I just wanna hug the person who made this. It’s so delicious. I’m sure ur mom might have made this. Right?
Ragini: Ooo… (shocked)
Laksh: Ooo… Kya?? Ur mom made this right??
Ragini: No, actually I made it.
Laksh almost choked on the words of Ragini. He almost spit the Pooran Poli on Ragini but controlled at the nick of time.
Laksh: Wht?? …. U kn..know how 2..ma..make Pooran Poli??
Ragini: No. This is my first time cooking something. My sister gave me the recipe n I just followed it.
Laksh was speechless as to how come she made Pooran Poli this gud on her first try cuz it’s not so easy. Just then Sanskar comes n sees the Pooran Poli in Laksh’s hands.
Sanskar: Woh… Pooran Poli?? Who got this??
Laksh: Ragini brought it. Actually she made it.
Sanskar: Oh really. Let me taste.
He takes some n eats it. He makes faces as if it is not at all good. Ragini gets worried seeing his face.
Sanskar: It’s amazing. I just feel like eating the whole box.
Laksh: No Sanskar. U r not.
Sanskar: But this is not fair. Its ur fav I agree but dat does not mean u shouldn’t share wid people. This is so bad Laksh.
Laksh: Acha… don’t cry. Here take this.
Sanskar takes it n starts eating.
Sanskar: Wow Ragini. U r really a pro.
Laksh: No Sanskar. She made it for the first time.
Sanskar: Wht?? (shocked)
Laksh: Haa… N she made it so well ki I wanna hu… (realised wht he was about 2 say n stops).
Sanskar: U wanna what Laksh??
Laksh: Woo… nothing. Share some wid me na. U r eating everything.
Sanskar: Ha eat na… who stopped u?? U know wht Ragini… Laksh always says dat taste does not come from the recipe but from the hands of the people who make it. Hain na Laksh?
Laksh: Ha… Aa. Why not.
They eat like kids n have fun talk. Ragini is still in shock seeing Laksh behave so kiddish n also that Laksh praised her so many times in one day. She is beyond happy 2 see Laksh like dat. She starts smiling seeing him. They talk for some time n then someone calls Ragini. So she goes 2 them. Laksh looks at her gng n thinks…
Laksh: I just can’t believe ki she made this in her first try. She’s so talented. She just followed the recipe n made it dis gud. Not bad Ms. Irritation.

Scene 3 @ USA

Swara: Tum??
Person: Haan…main.
Swara: But why u kidnapped me??
Just then she looks at the person who actually brought her here.
Swara: U… U proposed me on dat day?? Yuvraj right?? WTH r u dng here??
Yuvi: Swara…just chill.
Swara: Wht… chill?? Can anyone tell me why u guys brought me here?
Girl: Swara…listen.
Swara: Wht listen Manasa? U guys scared me 2 death.
(Yes guys they r Manasa, Harshini, Noah n Yuvi)
Noah: It’s just for party Swara. U know ki there’s only 1 week for the college 2 end n we don’t know where we r gonna be after college. That’s why.
Swara: Party?? Is dis the way 2 take someone for a party?
Harshini: But if we tell u… u’ll not agree 2 come na… that’s why we had 2 do dis.
Yuvi: Btw it was all my plan. Don’t scold dem.
Swara: I can understand u guys wanna party wid me but wht is Yuvraj dng here??
Manasa: Ooo… he told dat he has moved on n he also wanted 2 join us. So…
Swara: U guys r ridiculous. U know I hate boys. Still u took his help n involved him in our group that too the guy who proposed me?? Like seriously??
All three: So sry Swara.
Swara gets angry n sits on the bed widout talking 2 anyone. Then they all go 2 her n try 2 convince her. Finally she gets convinced n they make her laugh. Seeing Swara convinced Yuvi gets happy.
Yuvi: I think I shud leave u guys alone. U can party here.
Swara: Just a minute.
Yuvi stops n turns 2 her.
Swara: U can party wid us. But don’t propose me again.
Yuvi: Sure. Thanks for joining me in ur group.
Swara: I said u can party wid us. But I didn’t say dat we’ve joined u in our group. Did I?
Yuvi: No… K then thanks for letting me party wid u guys.
Swara: But we’re not gonna party here.
All four: Then??
Swara: We’re going 2 Chik-fil-A restaurant. We’ll party there.
All four: Done.
They all go 2 Chik-fil-A n order the food. They talk a lot, have a lot of fun n took selfies. Then they completed having food n went for shopping. As usual boys are gonna carry their shopping bags. But Swara carried her own shopping bag. After done wid shopping they went 2 their respective rooms n slept.

Scene 4 @ Anniversary Event

Ragini goes n starts talking 2 her friends n colleagues. But Laksh is staring her. After eating Pooran Poli Sanskar goes 2 have a coke. Laksh is abt 2 go 2 Ragini 2 give her the box but couldn’t find her.
Laksh: Arey… Where did she go? She was here before.
Just then he hears a mobile ring n checks his phone but it’s not his phone. He looks around n finds another mobile on the table.
Laksh: Whose mobile is dis?? Shall I lift it? No it’s not good 2 lift others mobile. But what if it’s something imp??
Thinking dis he lifts the call.
Person: Hello… Ragini beta.
Laksh: Oh… so dis is Ms. Irritation’s mobile (in mind). Hello… actually Ragini is not here. Is it anything imp??
Person: No beta. Actually…(he tells Laksh wht all had happened). Ragini beta asked me 2 call her after I reach home. Can u tell her dat I’ve reached?
Laksh: Yah… Sure uncle. Take care, bye.
Person: Bye beta.
Laksh hangs the call.
Laksh: Oh so that’s why she was late for the event today. I thought ki she was late as always. But I was wrong. Hmm… till now I thought ki she’s irresponsible but I was wrong. She is somewhat responsible. Oh God… for the first time I was wrong abt a girl. She’s different from others.
Thinking dis he smiles unknowingly. Just then Ragini comes der searching her phone. She searches on the table but couldn’t find it. Laksh forwards his hand 2 Ragini. Ragini sees her mobile in Laksh’s hands n takes it from him.
Ragini: Thank u Sir.
Laksh: Actually a person called n told me dat… (he tells her everything).
Ragini: Oh…okay. Thank u.
Ragini is abt 2 go but Laksh calls her.
Laksh: Ms. Gadodia…
Ragini: Yes Sir??
Laksh: Oh… here is ur box.
Ragini: oh, thanks.
Laksh: Thanks for the Pooran Poli. Btw how u know ki it’s my fav?
Ragini: Actually Sir pls don’t scold me??
Laksh: Wht?? No I will not.
Ragini: Oh… oo… I heard u n Sanskar talking in call. I’m so sry.
Laksh: Oh yeah. Its okay. But from now don’t listen like dat. It’s not good manners Ms. Gadodia.
Saying this he leaves the place wid a smile on his face.
Ragini is taken aback at his statement as she thought he would scold her. But she’s happy as he didn’t. She too goes from there wid a smile on her face.
The episode ends on the smiling faces of Ragini n Laksh.

So guys wht do u think?? Is it the new beginning?? R they gonna become friends?? Is this the start of a new love story?

Done wid another epi. So guys how’s it?? Did u guys njoy??
Tell me in the comments below.
And guys I need a suggestion from u guys how shud Swasan’s meeting be?? A fight?? Normal?? Dramatic?? Pour ur ideas in the comment box below. I’ll pick the idea dat is somewhat different n fun.
With love, Dreamy <3

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