Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 5 – Maha Episode)


Hi guys Dreamy is back wid epi 5. First of all belated Happy Ganesh Chaturthi n Happy Teachers Day. I know u all r eagerly waiting for the event to know wht happens between Raglak n I was not able 2 post cuz of studies n festival celebrations.
So I’m here wid a *Maha Episode* guys. It’s quite longer than the normal epi’s. So just njoy n haa… don’t forget 2 give ur valuable comments. They really boost my confidence n encourages me 2 write interesting parts. K let’s start.

Scene 1 @ Gadodia Mansion
Ragini is pacing here n there not knowing wht 2 wear for the anniversary. Her entire wardrobe is on her bed right now. Just then Sumi enters Ragini’s room.
Sumi: Ladoo… what’s this?? Entire wardrobe is on ur bed only.
Ragini: Maa… I’m not able 2 decide which dress 2 wear for the event. Pls help me na… (wid a pout face)
Sumi: Haa… Ek minute.
Sumi looks at all the clothes for some time n puts some clothes on Ragini to check how they r looking on her.
Sumi: Ladoo…u look pretty in everything. But I think this pink dress will really suit on u. Everyone will be flat on u.

Ragini: Mom… Aap bhi na (wid little angry face). K I’ll go get ready. It’s getting late.
Sumi: hmm…
Sumi leaves the room. After some time Ragini comes out wearing a panther pink Georgette Salwar suit. She is looking breath taking in that dress.

Scene 2 @ Maheshwari Mansion
Sanskar n Laksh r getting ready for the event. They r also confused on what 2 wear. They try 2 take each other’s help n starts gng 2 each other’s rooms. But they collide in the middle of the hallway.
Sanskar: Yaar Laksh. I need ur help man.
Laksh: Me too Sanskar.

Laksh n Sanskar: Don’t know what 2 wear.
They both burst out laughing as they said the same words at the same time. They then helps each other n goes 2 get ready. Laksh comes out wearing a white shirt with an orange suit n Sanskar wears a grey shirt. They are looking dashing in those outfits. After wishing their family they both leave for the event.

Scene 3 @ Gadodia Mansion
Ragini is packing the Pooran Poli she made in a box. Sumi helps her in packing it as it is getting late.
Ragini: I hope Laksh Sir likes this Pooran Poli. Mom r u sure ki it is good?? (wid a worried look)
Sumi: Ha Ladoo… It’s so yummy n ur Laksh Sir will like it for sure. I promise.
Ragini: Tq mom. Acha… I’ll go now, otherwise I’ll get late n Laksh sir might scold me there also.
Saying this she laughs n goes from there. Sumi also laughs n thinks something.
Sumi: I hope Laksh n Ladoo’s friendship begins soon. I can’t see my Ladoo crying daily.

Scene 4 @ Anniversary Event
A hall is shown beautifully decorated wid colorful curtains n flowers. There is a stage in the center n chairs for the guests. There r 4 chairs on the stage for special guests. Just then Laksh n Sanskar enters the hall walking in style. They see people surrounding a person n goes 2 him.
Sanskar: Hey Vivek!! Congratulations bro on ur one year anniversary. (Forwarding his hand to shake)
Vivek: Thanks Sir… Oops sry Sanskar!!
Sanskar: That’s better.
Laksh: Congrats Vivek.
Vivek: Thanks Sir.
Laksh: Hmm… Did everyone come??

Vivek: No Sir. Actually Ragini… (He was cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: I know woh yaha par bhi late hi aayegi.
Sanskar: Laksh. Why u r always back of her?? Didn’t u listen the proverb – Don’t judge a book by its cover. Same…don’t judge people widout knowing them.
Laksh: I know her very well Sanskar. N u know right ki girls take a lot of time in getting ready. They have 2 make boys fall for them. (Sarcastically)
They talk like this for some time. Just then they see the special guests coming in. There r 3 special guests. The first person enters n he is a famous businessman. He helps the CBI people by providing tech equipment n also donates money for the development of the ofc. After some time another person comes. Sanskar n Laksh r shocked to see that person.

Scene 5 @ USA
Swara’s friends come to her room 2 study. They study, have lot of fun n what nots. After they r done wid studying they think 2 watch some movie.
Harshini: Swara… We will watch some movie as we r done studying.
Manasa: Haa Swara pls.
Swara: k done.
They clean up everything n sit on the couch n put some horror movie. They are watching it so seriously. They r so involved in the movie. Then they hear a loud scratching noise from the room.
Manasa: Swara… did u hear anything?? 😮 (scared)
Swara: Ha yaar… I heard some noise coming from the room. Let’s go check.
Harshini: R u mad?? What if there is something or someone?? No I’m so scared.
They gets scared n sits silently. After some time they hear another sound. This time it is louder. After gathering some courage they all go to the room n see a shadow on the window. They get shocked.

Scene 6 @ Road
Ragini is driving her scooty. When she is abt 2 cross the signal an old man appears in front of her scooty all of a sudden. This frightened Ragini n she applied breaks ASAP. She gets down 2 check on the old man who had fallen down due 2 sudden movement. She helps him getting up.
Ragini: Uncle… R u fine?? Did u get hurt??
Old man: Nahi beta… I’m fine (Ragini sees his hand bleeding).
Ragini: OMG!! Ur hand is bleeding. It’s all cuz of me. I’m so sry. Come uncle I’ll take u 2 hospital.

Old man: No beta. It’s ok. I’m absolutely fine.
Ragini didn’t hear him at all. She made him sit on her scooty n she took him to the doctor. The doctor checked him n does some first aid. She goes 2 the old man.
Ragini: Uncle… Come I’ll drop u home.
Old man: Beta… Thank u so much for helping me. And it’s okay, my son is coming 2 pick me up. I called him.
Ragini: K. I’ll stay here till ur son comes. And haa call me once u reach home. Here is my number: 91########.
Old man: K beta. God bless u.
They talk for some time n then the old man’s son comes there to take his father. They bid goodbye 2 each other n they leave. Ragini checks the time.
Ragini: Oh God. It’s so late. The event might have started as well.

Scene 7 @ USA
Swara n her friends are shocked seeing a shadow on the window. They get so scared. They hold each other’s hand n prays 2 God.
Manasa: Jai Hanuman ji… Pls save us.
Swara: Let’s open the window n check who’s there.
Swara is thinking something in her mind.
Swara: Who’s there?? Is he the same person who followed me earlier or was it just my imagination??
They all go near the window n Swara starts opening the lock. She finally opens the window but cannot see the person’s face cuz of darkness.
Swara: Who r u?? Wht r u dng here?? See I’m gonna call police. Just leave from here.
Saying this she is abt 2 close the door but the person holds Swara’s hand. Swara shouts being scared n seeing this her friends also shout.
Swara: Ahhhh…

Manasa n Harshini: Ahhhhhh…
Person: Ahhhh…
Swara gets shocked hearing him shout. He gets doubt n turns on the flash light in her mobile n puts it on the person’s face. They see the person n they heave a sigh of relief.
Swara: Oh God… U almost killed us.
Manasa: U dumbo, idiot, stupid, rascal. Does anyone come like this??
Harshini: Wht’s this Noah?? How can u do this??
Noah: Yaar… I thought of surprising Manasa but u guys only surprised me. U scared me actually.
All three: We… scared you…?
Noah: Ha yaar… U girls didn’t wear make up na… that’s why.
All three: Oh. (They don’t get what he said but when they r abt 2 turn back Swara understands what he meant)
Swara: How dare u?? U meant we’re like ghosts cuz we didn’t wear make up.
Noah: Of course yeah.
Manasa: What?? U r over today. U called me a ghost??
Seeing Manasa coming towards him Noah starts running followed by Manasa. They run like that for some time n then they all sit watching the movie together.

Scene 8 @ Anniversary Event
Laksh n Sanskar r shocked n happy 2 see the person as special guest. It is their chote papa. He is a politician of XXX party. He comes 2 them n greets them. They also greet him.
Ramprasad: Hello Laksh n Sanskar. How r u?? R u njoying??
Laksh: Hello chote papa. U r a special guest??
Sanskar: Ha chote papa… Why didn’t u tell us before??
Ramprasad: Arey… If I told u guys before, how would it be a surprise?
Laksh n Sanskar: Oh…
Sanskar: Btw this is so good. We can spend some time together. U didn’t even talk wid us properly for a week.
Laksh: Haa chote papa… too bad.
Ramprasad: Arey beta… Wht can I do?? My work is like dat. Busy wid some imp cabinet meetings. Sry (wid a pout face)
Sanskar n Laksh burst out laughing.
Sanskar n Laksh: It’s k chote papa. We’ve forgiven u.
Ramprasad: Acha… bachho
They talk like this for some time n have fun wid each other.

Scene 9 @ Hospital
Ragini runs to her scooty n drives to the event as fast as she can. She reaches the event hall n parks her scooty. She goes inside. She searches everywhere in the hall but couldn’t find Laksh. She sees Vivek n goes 2 him.
Ragini: Hey Vivek!! Congratulations on ur anniversary.
Vivek: Thanks Ragini. Btw why u so late??
Ragini: That’s a long story. I’ll tell later. Anyways did Laksh sir come??
Vivek: Haa yaar… he came long back n was scolding u for being late to the event as well.
Ragini: Expected. Btw where is he??
Vivek: Why?? Do u wanna get scoldings here as well?? Do u like him scolding u??
Ragini: Arey nothing like dat yaar. Just wanna meet him once.
Vivek: Ahem… something something. (He starts teasing her)
Ragini: Shut up Vivek. Just casual meet.
Vivek: hmm… (He shows Ragini where Laksh is standing)
Ragini: Thank u!!

She starts gng 2 Laksh. She is abt 2 talk 2 him but an announcement stops her.
Announcement: Good evening guys!! I hope u all r njoying the event. So we’re gonna start the event in a minute after introducing the guests. He announces abt the businessman n then Ramprasad.
Ragini: Ramprasad Maheshwari?? Is he related 2 Laksh Sir??
Then the announcer informs abt another person who has arrived just then. Ramprasad gets shocked seeing him. He is another politician from the opposition party of Ramprasad. He also sees Ramprasad n smirks evilly. Seeing his chote papa’s face expressions both Laksh n Sanskar turn 2 see the person. They look back at Ramprasad.
Laksh: Chote papa… Who’s he?? Why r u so tensed after seeing him??
Ramprasad: Ooo… He is my opposition party leader, Rahul Chintala. He is very dangerous beta. He can do anything 2 get the seat n I’m standing opposite him in elections. So he might do anything 2 our family. Laksh n Sanskar assure Ramprasad.
Sanskar: Chote papa… Until we’re here nothing will happen 2 our family n haa… u don’t worry. We’ll take care of him.
Laksh: Haa chote papa.
Ramprasad: But be careful beta.
Laksh n Sanskar: Ji.
Saying this they turn towards the person. He is evilly smirking at them. They give him a confident look conveying the message that they r the saviors of their family.

Scene 10 @ Gadodia Mansion
Shekar comes home wid a sad face n sits on the couch. Sumi comes there n sees them sad.
Sumi: Shekar… Kya hua?? Why r u so sad?? Is everything okay??
Shekar: No Sumi. Nothing is okay.
Sumi: Wht happened Shekar?
Shekar: That blo*dy politician is creating troubles for me.
Sumi: Who and why Shekar??
Shekar: That Rahul Chintala. He wants 2 get a govt. tender n he asked me 2 give the details. He is bribing me n I said no. He got angry n started making it hard for me in the ofc. He is dng something n putting those blames on me. Idk wht 2 do.
Sumi: Calm down Shekar. U r going in the right path n I’m there wid u in every decision of urs. U took a good decision by rejecting his offer. Always be honest Shekar.
Shekar: Haa Sumi. But wht if he try 2 harm my family. U, Ladoo, Maa, Dad n Dida. I can’t see u guys in pain cuz of him.
Sumi: Nothing will happen 2 us Shekar. I believe in u n also in my daughters. U guys can solve anything.
Shekar: hmm… (He gets thinking)

Scene 11 @ USA
After watching the movie they all have their lunch n they start talking.
Noah: Girls… let’s go somewhere. It’s Sunday n u r done studying. So why can’t we go 2 beach??
Manasa: Haa yaar. That’s a great idea. Pls Swara don’t say no.
Harshini: Haa… Pls Swara let’s go. It’ll be kind of refreshing.
Swara: Okay.
They all go 2 the beach nearby n starts having fun. They are playing hide n seek. Swara hides in a bush. Manasa is the seeker. She finds everyone but couldn’t find Swara. She gave up n called Swara 2 come outside. Swara thought of making her irritated n so stays there itself. Finally after some time she thinks 2 go n is abt to get up but someone puts a hand kerchief on her mouth making her unconscious. And the person takes her somewhere by carrying her in his arms.

Scene 12 @ Anniversary Event
The event starts wid a speech from the higher official of CBI. After that the special guests speak something abt the work of CBI n how they r successful in catching so many criminals. After the guests complete their speeches suddenly the announcer comes on stage n announces something.
Announcement: Hey guys!! Our event is gonna end wid one more thing. Though it’s the last event, it’s not the least one. In fact it’s the best once in order 2 appreciate the people who work hard n put their entire life in fulfilling their duty. It’s the award ceremony for those officers who worked so hard n solved some highly intelligent cases within a few days or a few weeks. K now I request our special guest Mr. Ramprasad Maheshwari 2 come n present the awards.
Ramprasad goes in the center of the stage. The announcer announces the first award.
Announcement: The first award if for that person who put his soul into the case that he even solved the case before discussing it wid the higher officials. This award goes 2… (There is complete silence in the hall. All r eager 2 know who that is) none other than our dashing n smart officer Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari for solving the Arthur Road case. Give it up for him…ladies and gentlemen. A big round of applause.

Sanskar is shocked n all numb 2 hear his name as he didn’t expect this. A huge sound of clapping engulfs the entire hall. Sanskar is still in shock when Laksh pat his back n asked him 2 go on the stage. He went there n received the award from Ramprasad. He felt so happy. His happiness is clearly visible in his face. The glowing of his face, the tears in his eyes, the smile on his face – all show how happy he is. He goes near the mike 2 tell how he is feeling.
Sanskar: I’m really out of words right now. I still can’t believe this. I never expected that I would do something like this 2 get a reward. And it gives me more pleasure n happiness in receiving the award from my chote papa. Even though he is my chote papa he is more than a father for me. He always supported, encouraged n treated me so special. Thank u chote papa. Thank u so much. And coming to this case I would say I’m not the only one who deserves this award. There is one more person who helped me like a true CBI officer. The person who helped me solve the case though this case is not of hers. And it’s none other than Ms. Ragini Gadodia. Give it up for her guys. Pls Ragini, come on the stage. I don’t deserve this without u.
Ragini is hell shocked hearing Sanskar take her name. She is all numb n don’t know wht 2 do. Here Laksh’s heart skipped a beat. He thought abt her always coming late 2 ofc, behaving like a kid n the way he scold her on that day for not studying the file.
Laksh: WTH… She n help. Wo bhi Sanskar ke case mein. I just can’t believe this. She is so careless, childish n irresponsible. How did he help him solve a case?? And did I do a mistake by scolding her that day?? Should I apologize?? (His chain of thoughts were interrupted by Sanskar’s voice)
Sanskar: Pls come on the stage Ragini.
Ragini gets back 2 senses n starts gng 2 the stage. She goes 2 Sanskar n they both share the award. Everyone claps for them. They both leave the stage after that.
Ragini: Sanskar… What’s dis?? I don’t deserve this award?? I just helped u as a CBI officer that’s it. U r the one who studied the case, u r the one who suspected the MLA, u r the one who made the plan n u r the one who caught the criminals. What did I do?? I just helped u execute the plan. That’s it na…
Sanskar: Ha Ragini… But when there is no proper execution of plan everything back fires. That is the main part of the plan – execution. And u helped me in the main part that means u helped me in the whole case.
Ragini: But… (Cut off by Laksh)
Laksh came 2 them 2 congratulate.
Laksh: Haa Ms. Gadodia. U deserve that equally.
Ragini is shocked again. Her ever scolding boss praised her for the first time since her joining. He is totally blank.

Ragini: Thank u Laksh Sir… (She said somehow managing n controlling her excitement)
Laksh: Congrats bro… U did a great job.
They are talking like that. Suddenly Ragini remembers that she brought Pooran Poli for Laksh. So she takes the box out n is abt 2 give it 2 Laksh. But their higher official comes there 2 talk wid them. So Ragini puts the box away.
Person: Sanskar n Ragini. I’m impressed. U both did a great job really.
Sanskar n Ragini: Thank u Sir.
Person: Btw Sanskar… I’m thinking 2 send a person 2 US on some official purpose n I think u’ll be the best fit for it.
Sanskar: Sir… US?? But wht’s the purpose??
Person: Yeah, the Indian embassy people in US need a CBI officer’s help in tracking some international criminal n so they r very keen on getting a smart n intelligent police just like u. And it’s only for a week.

Sanskar: Hmm… Sounds interesting sir. I’ll always be ready for duty.
Person: I know. And u gotta start tomorrow i.e. Monday night. U’ll reach there by Tuesday morning in US (Guys it actually takes 18 or more hours 2 go 2 US n since they r 12 hours behind us it looks like the travel time is less) n stay there till Friday n board the flight on Saturday night. Saturday they r gonna provide wid everything. It’s like a one day holiday for the trip. U can do whatever u want that day.
Sanskar: K sir. Thanks a lot. Sounds like a great duty cum vacation. I’ll surely make it.
Person: Thank u. And u Ragini I’m giving u an open invitation into my group if u r willing.
Listening this Laksh gets irritated. And thinks something.
Laksh: WTH!! How can she go to that group? I agree that she is kinda childish, irresponsible n all but she is really good at solving cases. I want her. Shut up Laksh. Wht r u thinking?? She’s gonna stay wid lifelong solving ur problems. Nooooooo way. She’ll accept his offer for sure atleast 2 avoid my scoldings.
Ragini: Thank u so much for the offer Sir. I would love 2 join ur group.
Laksh: I knew it. Anyways why am I feeling bad??
Ragini: But no thank u Sir. I’m comfortable where I am. And I’m very lucky 2 have Laksh Sir as my guide.
Laksh is totally shocked wid her statement n couldn’t believe his own ears. He is continuously staring her while she is talking wid the officer.
Person: K guys then it’s all sorted out. I’m gonna go u guys carry on. Have ur dinner.
Sanskar, Laksh n Ragini: Yes Sir. Thank u.
The person leaves from there after wishing them gud nyt. Then Sanskar also goes 2 his colleagues n assistants 2 chat wid them. Now Ragini n Laksh r all alone.
Laksh: K. So??
Ragini: So??
Laksh: So u did a good job.
Ragini: Thanks!!
Laksh: And Sry for scolding u on that day.
Ragini is again shocked. The person who always scold her, who hates girls, praised her n told sorry in the same day. She is so surprised. It seemed like a surprise day for her. This is the best day of her life is wht she thought. But she thought of teasing Laksh.
Ragini: Which day Sir?? I mean u toh scold me every day na… So I don’t know for wht u r saying sry.
Laksh: Woo… On the day..u hel..ped Sanskar in his case. I’ve…scol..scolded u for …not study..ing the case again na. For that only.
Ragini: Oh k. No problem.
Laksh: K, I’ll go have my dinner.
Ragini: Sir… Actually have 2 tell something. I brought something for u.
Laksh: What?? (shocked) For me??
Ragini: Ji…

She takes out the Pooran Poli box from her bag n gives it 2 Laksh.
Ragini: Sir… Open it na.
Laksh: What’s in there?? U r not planning 2 kill me right?? I mean I’m still so young. R u playing any prank on me for scolding u??
Ragini: Sir pls just open it na…(wid pout face)
Laksh: K.
He opens the box slowly thinking what’s in there. He thought of a mini bomb exploding on his face when he opened it or a clown showing his tongue out would jump out of the box. His chain of thoughts were broken by a smell. Delicious smell. He opened the box ASAP n is shocked 2 find his fav Pooran Poli. He literally screamed at Ragini.
Laksh: Pooran Poli… (he screamed).

So guys here is the end of this epi.
Wht u guys think?? Who kidnapped Swara?? What’s his purpose?? What is he gonna 2 her??
Wht will be Laksh’s reaction?? Will he scold her?? Or praise her??
Will Sanskar meet Swara in US?? How will they meet?? How will destiny bring them close??
Let’s wait and watch. Until then keep guessing.

Done wid the *Maha Episode* guys. Phewww.
I hope u enjoy the epi. It took me so long 2 write this part.
I hope my hard work pays off. Pls guys comment if u like it. Comment even if u don’t like it.
Tell me if u r happy with the plot or not?
Also any suggestions for any scenes is always welcome.
Thank u so much for reading n showering ur love on my ff.

With loads n loads of love, Dreamy.

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