Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 4)


Hey guys!! Dreamy here wid the 4th epi of my ff.
I know dat all r confused on if it’s a Swasan or Raglak story. Well, it’s both.
U guys just have 2 wait till Swasan meet n then I’ll give equal imp 2 both the couples.
K now lets’ start the epi.

Scene 1 @ Maheshwari Mansion

A car stops at the gate n Sanskar comes out of the car. He goes in n starts gng 2 his room. But he sees Annapurna n Sujatha sitting in the couch n talking abt their work at NGO. Sanskar goes 2 them.
Sanskar: Mom, when did u guys come from the event??
Annapurna: Sanskar beta… U came? We came an hour back Sanskar. How was ur day at ofc?
Sanskar: Good mom. Btw how was the engagement??
Sujatha: It was so good Sanskar. They decorated the entire house n it looks so beautiful. U missed on all the fun Sanskar. Could’ve took leave for a day na??
Sanskar: No Choti mom. I had so much work.
Sujatha: hmm… U go n get freshen up. I’ll get something for u 2 eat.
Sanskar: Thanks Choti mom.

Then Sanskar goes 2 his room n is abt 2 close the door. Just then someone enters his room pushing him back n closes the door.
Sanskar: Laksh?? What’s dis??
Laksh: Sanskar ke bache… Why did u tell abt my personal life 2 Ms. Gadodia?
Sanskar: What r u telling bro?? I never told her.
Laksh: Acha… then how she knows ki I went for an engagement ceremony? (Asked raising his eye brows)
Sanskar: Ooo… Wo she was in my cabin when u called me n I put the call on speaker cuz I was working.

Laksh: Kya?? (Shocked) U put the phone on speaker? Means she heard everything we spoke.
Sanskar: Ha… When she is in the cabin she will hear it right?? It’s so obvious Laksh.
Laksh: Why the hell did u put the call on speaker?? Yaar… she heard everything.
Sanskar: Laksh. It’s okay yaar. We didn’t speak anything very personal.
Laksh: But we spoke personal stuff only naa…
Sanskar: Chill bro.
Laksh: Acha Sanskar chill. I’ll show u how to b chill.
Sanskar: Laksh… no.

Laksh tries 2 catch Sanskar but he starts running in the room. They keep on running for some time n then finally Laksh catches Sanskar.
Laksh: Chill… hai na.
Sanskar: Laksh… Nahi. I was just kidding bro.
Laksh starts tickling Sanskar n Sanskar tries 2 stop him. Sanskar is struggling 2 get out of Laksh’s hold. While struggling Sanskar’s leg slips n so they both fall on the bed. Laksh leaves Sanskar n sleeps next 2 Sanskar. And then they both burst out laughing.

Sanskar: Yaar… hahahaa. Why do you always try 2 hide everything related 2 ur life?? Nobody knows wht u do outside ofc. Why r u so mysterious man??
Laksh: Yaar… it’s just how I’m. I don’t wanna mix up my personal life wid professional. No one from the ofc shud know or talk abt my personal life. I wish everyone would be like me. Then no one at ofc would find any gossips 2 talk abt n they will work sincerely man.
Sanskar: Haa… that’s true. But not like u – hiding every little thing.
Just then they hear a knock on the door. Laksh goes n opens the door 2 find Sujatha standing there wid snacks for Sanskar.

Sujatha: Laksh… what r u dng here?? Sanskar kaha hai?
Laksh: Choti mom… We were just talking abt some ofc matters. Sanskar is inside. Come inside na??
Sujatha: Actually, I’ve 2 help Jiji wid some stuff. So can u just give dis plate 2 Sanskar? N tell him 2 eat all otherwise I’ll beat him.
Laksh: Ji Choti mom.
Sujatha goes from there. Laksh gives the plate 2 Sanskar n goes 2 his room.

Laksh: Sanskar. I’m keeping the plate on the desk. Eat all n I’m gng 2 my room. Will see u later. Btw do u remember abt my treat?? U have 2 give me double treat for letting Ms. Gadodia know everything.
Sanskar: Thik hai yaar… Will u eat me now?? (Laksh laughs listening dis)
After Laksh goes from there, Sanskar goes 2 washroom 2 get freshen up.

Scene 2 @ USA

Swara wakes up n goes 2 the wardrobe 2 take out her clothes. She is abt 2 open the wardrobe but feels dizzy. She somehow controls herself from falling n takes her clothes. She gets ready n goes 2 her college. When she is gng 2 the class she feels dizzy agn n collapses on the floor.

Swara opens her eyes after sometime 2 find herself in the room of college nurse.
Swara: Nurse. Why am I here?
Nurse: Swara… U should take rest for some time.
Swara: But what’s wrong wid me??
Nurse: Ntg serious Swara. U fainted cuz of stress. Btw why r u stressing urself?? Is it abt the semester finals or some personal issues.
Swara: No, actually I was not able 2 sleep enough from a week cuz of these finals.
Nurse: Ooo… k. But take more rest Swara. U can go 2 ur class after 10 mins.
Swara: Thanks Ms. Allen.
Nurse: U r most welcome. Take care sweetheart. See u.
Swara: Yep. Have a nice day.
Nurse: U too.
The nurse goes from there. Swara sleeps there for some time n then goes 2 her class wid an excuse note from the nurse for being late. She goes in2 the class n sits wid her friends. They ask abt her well-being n all of them gets involved in the lecture.

Scene 3 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini comes home early that day as Laksh was not in the ofc.
Sumi: Ladoo… U came so early today??
Ragini: Ooo… Laksh Sir didn’t come today. That’s why.
Sumi: K. Go n get freshen up.
Ragini: Haa… but papa didn’t come yet.
Sumi: No beta. Now a days he is very busy in his ofc. I think they got a big project or something.
Ragini: Hmm… I’ll go 2 my room.
Sumi: K.
Ragini goes 2 her room n gets freshen up. She sits on the bed n starts researching abt the opposition party’s leader standing for elections. She finds so many controversies n scams on his name when he was in ofc before 5 years. She thinks 2 inform abt dis 2 Laksh.

Ragini: I’ll inform dis 2 Laksh Sir. This will also be useful for our case. No no… he will scold me if I call agn for sure. So I’ll inform him in the mrng.
Just then she looks at the invitation card n gets excited.

Ragini: My Sunday is all filled up. It’s gonna be a lot more fun wid dis event in plan. I’ll make Pooran Poli for Laksh Sir. How will he react?? Will he be angry or happy for bringing his fav food item?? I’ll try 2 talk 2 Laksh sir on Sunday n will know something abt his personal life. Oh God… I’m gonna die cuz of excitement.

Scene 4 @ USA

The classes r over. Swara n her friends go 2 the cafeteria.
Manasa: What do u wanna have guys??
Harshini: A chicken sandwich n chocolate milk.
Swara: Margherita pizza n coke.
Manasa goes 2 get them. After she brings the food they all start eating n talking.

Swara: Guys, there r only 3 days for the exams. Tomorrow is Sunday. So shall we do combine studies??
Harshini: That’s good idea. We can study n spend time together.
Manasa: Haa… But where??
Swara: My room.
Harshini n Manasa: Done.
After having their food they start leaving 2 their rooms. Swara takes a metro bus from her college 2 her room. She has 2 walk a bit 2 reach the bus stop. She is walking 2 the bus stop. After some time she feels like someone is following her. She turns back n finds no one. So she continues walking. She gets inside the bus n puts on her head phones to listen music. It takes at least 15 minutes to reach her room. After 15 mins she gets down the bus n starts gng 2 her room. She again gets the feeling of someone following her. She again finds no one. So she goes in her room n starts studying after getting freshen up.

Scene 5 @ Café (Sunday)

Ragini goes 2 the café n is waiting for Sandhya. Sandhya comes after some time wid her husband. She introduces her husband to Ragini.
Sandhya: Hey Ragu… This is my hubby Ankit. Ankit, this is Ragu. I mean Ragini.
Ragini: Hi Ankit, nice 2 meet u.
Ankit: Same here.
Ragini: Come have a seat.
Ankit: No. I’ve got some work. I’ll join u later.
Ragini: Sure, no prob.
Sandhya: So what’s up? How r u?

Ragini: I’m gud. How r u??
Sandhya: Great. Actually wanna meet 2 invite u for n event.
Ragini: What event??
Sandhya: Actually I’m organising an event 2 help poor children by donating some stuff for them n by educating them on some imp stuff.
Ragini: Oh wow. That’s so nice of u. I’ll come for sure. When is it??
Sandhya: It’s this coming Saturday.
Ragini: I’ll come for sure.
They talk like this for some time. Enjoy their time wid each other n then leaves the café. Ragini goes straight 2 her room n starts thinking wht 2 wear for the evening party.

So guys what do u think will be Laksh’s reaction when he sees Ragini wid Pooran Poli? Will he scold her or thank her? Who’s the person following Swara?? Keep guessing guys n tell ur guesses in the comment box below.

So guys done wid another part.
I hope u guys njoy my ff. Pls give ur feedback on this part.
Thank u so much for reading.

With lots of love, Dreamy.

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