Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 21)


Hello everyone!! Dreamy here wid epi 21. I hope u guys loved the previous epi. I know that there is a lot of suspense n u all wanna know wht’s gonna happen next n dat u guys r very eager 2 read my next epi’s. But I’m really sry for not being regular. I’m trying my best guys. I’m having regular assignments, weekly exams n project works. I’m really busy. I hope u guys understand n shower unending love for my ff. I promise u dat I’ll keep posting this ff as soon as I find time. Okay now back to the story.

Scene 1 @ Maheshwari Mansion

After getting ready both Sanskar n Laksh come down. They see Annapurna n Sujatha talking in the hall. They go to them n takes blessings from dem.
AP: Khush raho… Aap dono kahi jaa rahe ho??
Laksh: Ha maa… Ms. Gadodia ko dekhne jaa rahe hai.
AP: Acha… She’s ur junior right??
Laksh: Haa…
AP: But u never go 2 see anyone naa… I mean kabhi gaye nahi ho toh isiliye pooch raha hoon.
Sanskar: Ha mom… Actually lucky is not able 2 stay widout seeing her. Hain na Lucky??
Laksh: (Hits Sanskar wid his elbow) No mom. Nothing like dat. Just wanna check how she is. That’s it. Yeh Sanky na kuch bhi bakwaas karta rehta hai.
Sanskar: Acha… (Wid a smirk)
Laksh: Haa… now come on. Let’s go.
Sanskar: See mom. He’s not even able to wait for 5 mins.
Laksh: Sanskar… If u don’t shut up I’m gonna punch u hard.
Sanskar: K let’s go.
Sanskar n Laksh: Bye mom n choti mom.
AP n Sujatha wave bye to them. AP laughs after they leave.
Sanskar n Laksh were abt to get in the car when they see another car cmg in. Sanskar looks at the person in the car n gets happy. The person gets down the car n is equally happy 2 see Sanskar. Sanskar immediately hugs her.
Sanskar: Hey monkey… I missed u so much.
Uttara: Bhai… I missed u too.
Sanskar: How r u?? Itni late kyun ho gayi clg se aane mein??
Uttara: Who bhai… traffic.
Sanskar: Hmm…
Laksh: Uttara… tum andar jao.
Uttara: But where r u gng??
Sanskar: Woh… (Cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: Imp kaam hain… We’ll be back in an hour.
Uttara: K bye bros.
Sanskar n Laksh: Bye.
Sanskar n Laksh get into the car n Laksh starts the car.
Sanskar: Why did u lie??
Laksh: Lie??
Sanskar: Haa… why did u lie 2 Uttara abt where we’re gng??
Laksh: Woh… It’s getting late na. If I tell her u both r gonna tease me agn n that’s gonna take another hour. That’s why.
Sanskar: Theek hai… chalo.

Scene 2 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini n Swara r sitting in their room n were playing candy crush in their mobile.
Swara: Chalo Ladoo… Let’s see if u r gonna beat me in this level.
Ragini: Haa… I’ll win for sure.
Swara: Acha… So confident??
Ragini: Haa…
Swara: Chalo ek kaam karte hain. Bet lagate hai.
Ragini: Bet?? Okay. Bolo bet kya hai?
Swara: If I win u have 2 hug the first person that is gonna enter the house.
Ragini: Wht?? This is not fair.
Swara: Kyun?? Dad is not home yet. May be he’ll come.
Ragini: But wht if he doesn’t??
Swara: That’s ur problem. Bet is a bet. Ooo… I get it. U r scared dat u r gonna lose.
Ragini: No way. I’ll win.
Swara: Then agree to the bet.
Ragini: Fine. But if I win u have 2 take me 2 shopping n also a girls day out wid our friends.
Swara: Come on Ladoo. U know dat I don’t like day outs n stuff. Why do u always do this?
Ragini: Because u have no other option. Bet is bet.
Swara: Acha…
They both start laughing.
Swara: K done. Let’s start the level.
Ragini: Okay.
They start playing.

Scene 3 @ Unknown Place

Karthik gets shocked seeing the reports. He immediately takes some pics of the reports n leaves the hospital in his car. He is driving while thinking something.
Karthik: How is this possible?? The symptoms n the causes for her death r due to the poison. But why she had to drink poison? Is this suicide or planned murder. I have 2 find out.
Just then his phone starts ringing. He checks the phone n it shows unknown. He lifts the call.
Karthik: Hello…
Other side: ….
Karthik: Hello… Anyone there??
Just then a truck comes from the side n dashes his car. His car somersaults and falls on the side of the road. Karthik gets heavily injured. He tries to call someone but falls down unconscious.

Scene 4 @ Car

Laksh is driving. Sanskar is bored. He turns on the radio. Ye kaali kaali aankhen song is playing. He immediately starts imagining Swara.

Ye kaali kaali aankhen
(He imagines Swara’s big n round eyes)
Ye gore gore gaal
(He imagines Swara’s red cheeks)
Ye tikhi tikhi nazaren
(He imagines her angry looks)
Ye hirni jaisi chaal
(He imagines her walking style wid attitude)

Dekha jo tujhe jaanam
Huaa hai boora haal
(He imagines Swara scolding him)

Main mila Tu mili
Hai tu mili Main mila main mila
Tu mili tu mili Main mila
(He imagines the airplane scene when he falls on top of Swara)

He starts smiling. Laksh notices this.
Laksh: Sanskar… Has kyun rahe ho??
Sanskar: Nahi… kuch nahi.
Laksh: Okay.
Sanskar: Sanskar… Have u gone crazy?? Why r u thinking abt angry bird?? Ho kya raha hai?? Control Sanskar… control. (In mind)
Laksh: Chalo… We’re here.
Sanskar: But Laksh how do u know her address??
Laksh: Actually I dropped her once.
Sanskar: Hmm… I’m seeing a new Laksh haa..??
Laksh: Arey nothing like dat. She had some problem wid her scooty. That’s why I dropped her.
Sanskar: K. Noe let’s go in.
Laksh: Haa…

Scene 5 @ Gadodia Mansion

Swara n Ragini r involved in the game. They r trying 2 distract each other.
Swara: Ragini… someone came. See who it is . Cuz u have 2 hug him/her.
Ragini: It’s okay. I’ll see after I’m done playing. Btw Shona… u got some mail. See if it is from CBI??
Swara: I’ll see afterwards. U r not gonna trick me.
Ragini: Let’s see.
Swara: And yes!! I won!!!
Ragini: Me too!!
Swara: Let’s see who got the high score.
Ragini: Ek minute. On count of 3 we’re gonna turn the screens. Okay?
Swara: K.
Ragini: 1…. 2….
The bell rings.
Swara: Someone came 2 hug you.
Ragini: Let’s see. And 3.
They turn the screens towards each other n see each other’s scores.
Swara: YES!! Mein jeet gayi.
Ragini: Shit… no!!
Just then Sharmishta opens the door.
Person: Namaste Aunty…
Sharmishta: Namaste… Aap kaun??
Person: Mein Laksh Maheshwari aur yeh mere bhai Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar: Aunty hum Ragini ko dekhne aaye…
Sharmishta: Andar aayiye…
Sanskar n Laksh: Ji…
Just then Sanskar gets a call.
Sanskar: Laksh u go in. I’ll be back in 5 mins. Have 2 attend this call.
Laksh: Sure.
Laksh goes in.
Swara: So… looks like someone came. R u ready to hug him/her?
Ragini: Shone… I’m scared. Wht if it is someone else.
Swara: It’s okay Ladoo… Tell them abt the bet afterwards.
Ragini: Okay.
Ragini turns to the main door. Just then Laksh comes. Ragini gets shocked 2 see Laksh.

Will Ragini hug Laksh?? Wht will Laksh think?? Is he gonna scold her?? Will Sanskar see Swara?? Are they gonna come face 2 face?? How will Sanskar react?? How will Swara react?? To know keep reading.
Dreamy signing off.

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