Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 20)


Hello everyone!! Dreamy here wid the next part of the ff. I hope u guys enjoyed last part. So sry for not posting for 2 weeks but I was in my granny’s village n here there is no Wi-Fi. Well now here I am. I hope u guys understand. I’m so happy 2 receive such appreciation n encouragement on my first ever ff. Thank u so much guys 🙂 Luv u all <3

Scene 1 @ Maheshwari Mansion

Swasan had an eye lock. Swara tries to get up but falls on Sanskar agn as she is not able 2 balance. Sanskar feels some current passing through his body when she touches him. He gets lost in her. Just then he hears a male voice.
Male voice: Arey Sanskar… What's dis??
He looks at the door. But the door is closed. He gets confused and looks at Swara. He gets shocked.
Sanskar: U?? What r u dng here??
Voice Over: WTH?? Wht am I dng here?? Sanskar u have gone crazy.
Sanskar: But Laksh…
Yes the person Sanskar imagining as Swara is Laksh.
Laksh: Wht but?? I just wanted 2 meet u as u have come from US. But wht r u dng?? Asking stupid questions??
Sanskar: Wo Lucky… I'm sry. Mujhe laga…
Laksh: Wht??
Sanskar: Koi aur hai.
Laksh: Koi aur matlab??

Sanskar: Wo… nothing Lucky. Leave it.
Laksh: Theek hai. But can we get up now??
Sanskar: Haa??
Laksh: Maine poocha can we get up from the bed?? Or aise hi rehne ka irada hai??
Sanskar: Nahi… I mean haa. We can get up.
Laksh: Thank u!
They both get up from the bed n hug each other.
Laksh: Waise… How was ur trip??
Sanskar: Awesome…
Sanskar tells everything 2 Laksh including Swara.
Laksh: Ahh… How cud u arrest someone widout enough evidence yaar?? U just spoiled her career.
Sanskar: Wahi toh… I'm feeling really bad. But I asked her 2 let me help and she rejected my help. She has so much ego.
Laksh: Who toh ladkiyon mein common hain.
Sanskar: Lucky… tum phirse shuru mat ho ja.
Laksh: Theek hain. U take rest. I'm gng out.
Sanskar: Out matlab??
Laksh: Wo… Ms. Gadodia ke ghar.
Sanskar: Wht?? OMG!! Lucky tum theek ho na?? I mean tum Ragini ki ghar jaa rahe ho?? Kya chal raha hai tum dono ke beech?
Laksh: Ek thappad padega tumhe?? There's nothing like dat.
Sanskar: Then why r u gng??
Laksh: Actually wht happened is…
Laksh tells everything 2 Sanskar from Ragini following dem n he gng there 2 save Ragini n then snatching the gun from the rowdy.

*Flashback starts
Laksh's POV
We were running out of the den. Someone hit me on my head when we were running. I fell down. I tried getting up but they hit me agn. I don’t know wht happened after dat. I fell down unconscious. When I woke up after some time I found myself tied up. I looked on all four sides but found nothing. Then I heard a scream from the other room. I tried 2 free myself. But all my attempts went in vain. After trying for some time I got tired n my gaze went down. There I saw a pocket knife. I pulled it towards me with my leg n reached it wid my hands. I took it n cut the ropes. Then I went 2 the room from where the scream was cmg. I was shocked 2 see the scene in front of me.

Scene 2 @ Gadodia Mansion

Swara: Ladoo… I'll go sleep for some time. I'm really sleepy. Jet Lag I guess.
Ragini: Sure Shona!!
Swara goes 2 her room n sleeps on the bed. She wakes up after 3 hours. She washes her face n checks her mobile. Suddenly she remembers something n opens her laptop. She hurriedly n nervously checks her email 2 see a mail from CBI. She gets tensed n opens the email. After reading the email she gets shocked. Immediately she runs to Ragini's room holding the laptop in her hands.
Swara: Ladoo… Ladoo…
Ragini: Swara… Why r u shouting?? I'm right here. What's wrong??
Swara: Yeh dekho…
Ragini: Wht??
Swara shows her the email n even Ragini gets shocked after reading.

Scene 3 @ Unknown Place

A guy is seen playing wid his daughter. He is so happy. The girl is playing wid a ball n the guy is admiring her.
Guy: She's just like u… Whenever I see her she reminds me of you. I'm lucky 2 get her as a token of our love. I promise I'll never let anything wrong happen wid her (In mind).
Girl: Papa… Come we'll play in the garden.
Guy: Beta… No. It's cold outside. If u go out n play in the cold u r gonna get sick. Okay. Go n play in ur room.
Girl: But papa… I wanna play wid u.
Guy: K u go n start playing I'll come in some time. Okay??
Girl: Okay papa… Luv u <3
Guy: Luv u too beta… <3
The girl goes from there. The guy then takes out his wife's pic from his shelf. He holds the pic in his hands. Tears start rolling down his cheeks.
Guy: Why did u leave me?? I'm not able 2 live widout u. But I'm living only for our daughter. She needs motherly love. Pls come back to us. Pls come back to me.
He starts weeping a lot.
Guy: I swear I'll kill the person who did this 2 u. I'll kill him. I WILL KILL YOU SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.

Scene 4 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini gets shocked seeing the email. She then looks at Swara n hugs her in excitement.
Ragini: Shona… They asked u to attend the interview. OMG!! This is amazing. I told u no one will be able 2 say no to u.
Swara: Haa Ladoo… U r right. R u happy now??
Ragini: Arey Shona… U just got a good news yaar. Show some excitement.
Swara: Ladoo… It's just a call for interview. U r acting as if I got in.
Ragini: Uh… Whatever. But u r gonna give me a treat after ur hired. Deal?
Swara: Deal!!
Ragini: K… So how was ur sleep??
Swara: Good. Chalo now tell me wht happened next??
Ragini: Ooo… the story??
Swara: Yep.
Ragini: K… here u go.

*Flashback starts
Ragini's POV
Someone hit Laksh Sir on the head. He fell down unconscious. Then they tied him up. They took me 2 a different room. The room that I saw first which was like a slaughter house. They tied me up to a bed. I don't know what was happening. All I understood was that they were preparing 2 kill me. I was so scared n helpless. I thought of everyone mom, dad, u, dadi etc. I got teary eyed. They came near me.
Guy: So… R u ready 2 die??

Guy 2: Ready or not?? Here we come??
They came towards me holding a knife. I was scared. I closed my eyes. I remembered every one of u. They were abt 2 slash my throat when someone started fighting wid them. At first I couldn't see the person cuz my eyes are all watery. Slowly I saw the person's face n got shocked n surprised.
Ragini: Laksh Sir… Aap??
Laksh: Ragini… Try 2 free urself. I'm gonna take care of them.
Ragini: K.
I tried 2 free myself but couldn't.
Ragini: Laksh Sir… I'm not able 2 do it.

Laksh: It's okay….
Laksh Sir was looking at me when someone hit him from the back. He turned n beat them so much. After beating every one he came 2 me n started opening the ropes. But a rowdy came to him n hit him with an iron rod.
Ragini: Laksh Sir… (Scream)
Laksh: Aah…
But Laksh Sir started beating the rowdy. He fell down unconscious. Laksh Sir also fell down. But he tried getting up. Just then Laksh Sir shouted.
Laksh: Ms. Gadodia… Dodge!!
I was confused. I didn't understand. I turned back n was shocked 2 see a person trying 2 hit me wid a rod. I dodged in time. But unfortunately the rod hit me on my leg as my legs r still tied up. I winced in pain.
Ragini: Aah…
Laksh Sir came running n hit the guy in the face n knocked him down. Then he came 2 me.
Laksh: Ms. Gadodia… R u fine??
Ragini: Yeah… but my leg. It's hurting a lot. I just can't bear the pain.
Laksh: K… let me take u 2 the hospital.
Just then the people from CBI came there.

Vivek: Laksh Sir… Ragini… R u guys okay??
Laksh: I'm fine. But looks like she got hurt. I'm gonna take her 2 hospital u guys arrest them all, collect evidence n come 2 ofc.
Vivek: Okay Sir.
Laksh Sir lifted me in his arms n took me 2 the hospital nearby. He took care of all the formalities n even called mam n dad. The doctor checked n told that I broke my bone. He put the bandage, gave some medicines n discharged. Mom n dad brought me home.
*Flashback ends

Ragini: So that's my story.
Swara: Wow yaar… Tum toh ek hi din main itna adventure kar di. Not bad.
Ragini: Hmm… Agar Laksh Sir nah hote toh mein toh mar ga…
Swara: Ladoo pls aisi baatein mat karo. Nothing will happen 2 u.
Ragini: Theek hai… but tell me when is the interview?
Swara: Actually it is tomorrow.
Ragini: Wow… Great. I think u shud go n prepare now.
Swara: Yeah… I will. Bye Ladoo. Tc, call me if u need anything.
Ragini: Sure.
Swara goes to her room.

Scene 5 @ Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh: So this is wht has happened.
Sanskar: Oh no… Why didn't u tell dis 2 me till now??
Laksh: I thought u will be busy wid the case n so didn't feel like disturbing u.
Sanskar: Laksh… Wht r u talking?? U r my bro n she's my friend. Is that case imp to me than u people. No…
Laksh: Sry… Acha from now I'll tell everything 2 u even if u don't want me to.
Sanskar: Hmm… But even I'll come 2 Ragini's house. I wanna see her as well.
Laksh: Okay… u get ready. I'll come in 10 mins.
Sanskar: Sure.
Laksh: K.
Laksh goes to his room to get ready n Sanskar gets ready in his room.

So guys wht do you think. Is Sanskar in love wid Swara?? Who's the person trying to kill Sanskar?? Wht happened to his wife?? Wht did Sanskar do?? Is Ragini developing feelings for Laksh?? Is Laksh changing?? Are Swara n Sanskar gonna come face 2 face agn?? Wht happens when Sanskar finds out abt Swara being Ragini's sis??

To know keep reading my ff n shower ur love.
Wid love,

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