Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 2)


Hello Swasanians!!
I’m back wid the 2nd part of my ff. Hope u guys njoy this part.
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Pls forgive me if I make any mistakes. Now let’s start

Scene 1 @ Arthur Road
Two girls are waiting for the bus 2 come. They are chatting while waiting for the bus.
Girl 1: When will the bus come??
Girl2: Idk

Girl1: Yaar… this place is so deserted. I’m getting scared.
Girl 2: It’s okay. The bus will come.
In the meantime someone put their hand on the girl’s shoulder. Girl gets shocked n turns 2 see the person. There r 4 people who r looking like rowdies. They have a smirk on their face.
Girl 2: Who r u?? What do u want??
Rowdy 1: Oh baby… U r waiting for the bus from a long time, so thought 2 give u lift.
Rowdy 2: Come wid us babes.
Girl 1: No… We won’t come wid u. Pls let us go.

Rowdy 3: Oh poor girls got scared. Hahahaa… (Laughs wid a smirk)
Girl 2 holds Girl 1’s hand n they start running. The rowdies follow them. They run for some time n stop near a temple. The rowdies surround them. Unexpectedly, some people came from the temple n surrounded the rowdies wid guns in their hands. Then one girl removes her dress revealing that it’s a boy disguised as a girl. After removing he comes near the rowdies n glares them.
Guy: What u guys thought ki CBI is so dumb?? They wouldn’t be able 2 catch u??
Girl: U know what? U guys did very wrong by playing this game wid Sanskar…Now he’s not gonna leave u.
Sanskar: Haa Ragini… they’ll surely be punished.
Yes they are Ragini n Sanskar disguised as college girls 2 catch the persons who r troubling the girls of that colony.
Sanskar: Guys take them along wid u 2 our ofc….
Other person: Yes sir.

The persons take the rowdies along wid then. Sanskar turns 2 Ragini.
Sanskar: Thank u so much Ragini. If u were not there, I would have not been able 2 find these culprits.
Ragini: Come on Sanskar… I just did my duty as a CBI officer.
Sanskar: Well it was not ur case. Still u helped me.
Ragini: If friends don’t help each other who will?? We r friends right??
Sanskar: Off course Ragini…
N they shake hands.

Ragini: So mission Arthur Road accomplished.
Sanskar: Haa… almost. Just dat they gotta tell who is actually behind this.
Ragini: They will Sanskar. Don’t worry.
Sanskar: Thank u once again.
Ragini: But u told we r friends na..?? Then why u saying thank u. Don’t u know the rule of friendship. No sorry n thank u in friendship.
Sanskar: K, I take my tq back.
N they both burst out laughing. Then they go back 2 their ofc. While Ragini was entering her cabin someone call her from behind.
Vivek: Ragini where were u yaar? Did u forget dat there is meeting wid Laksh sir??
Ragini: Oh shoot… Run Vivek
Saying this Ragini starts running to Laksh’s cabin followed by Vivek. She knocks the door n they hear Laksh’s voice asking them 2 come in. They both go in n stand wid the others. Laksh asks Ragini 2 come forward. Ragini is shocked n is thinking something in her mind.
Ragini: Oh no… Did he get 2 know abt me gng wid Sanskar?? Pls save me someone :s

Scene 2 @ USA (6:30 AM)
Swara is sleeping peacefully. Her sleep was disturbed when her phone starts ringing. She picks up the phone.
Swara: Hello… Swara here. Who’s there??
Person: Hello Shona beta… It’s me.
Swara: Mom… how r u?? And papa??
Sharmishta: Papa n me r fine beta. How r u?? Did I wake u up?? R u eating properly?? Have u become thin??
Swara: Mom… Just give me some space 2 answer ur questions. I’m fine mom n I’m eating properly. But u did wake me up.
Sharmishta: Sry beta… Here ur papa wanna talk 2 u.
Shekhar takes (literally snatches it) the phone from Sharmishta.
Shekhar: Hello Shona!! How r u my big princess??
Swara: I’m fine Papa but pls stop calling me princess. I’m not a kid anymore.
Shekhar: But u r for us.
Swara: k leave all that… Is Ragini back home??
Shekhar: No beta… We’re waiting for her only.
Swara: k
They trio talk for some time. Ragini enters just then n calls out Shekhar.
Ragini: Papa… I’m back.
Swara: Hey Ladoo… How many times shud I call u??
Ragini: Swara… How r u?? Wo.. Phone was on silent mode n I was busy cr…. (Pauses for a moment)
Swara: U were busy in what Ladoo??
Ragini: Busy in work Swara.
Swara: k that’s not a problem. At least text me ki u r not free. I’ll be tension free na…
Ragini: Sure Swara… btw when r u cmg yaar?? I’m missing u so bad.
Swara: Idk… but I promise I’ll be back soon.
They talk for some time n then Swara hangs up the phone as she needs 2 get ready for college. Meanwhile Ragini thinks something while sitting on the bed n starts crying.

Scene 3 @CBI ofc
Sanskar goes to the rowdies n starts investigating them. He tries 2 make them tell truth in every possible n good way but they r too bad 2 tell the truth. So he starts the ideal way to treat culprits i.e. beating them.
He beats them badly n then one of them tells the entire truth.
Rowdy: Sir… I’ll tell the truth. Actually MLA sir gave us money to do dis. He only ordered us 2 scare the girls n not 2 do anything 2 them. We just obeyed his orders as we’re getting money.
Sanskar asks the rowdy to tell the whole thing again while he records it in his cell phone. Then he takes some of his assistant’s n police n reaches the MLA’s house.
Sanskar: Hello Mr. Anand. How r u??
Anand: Hello Sanskar. Have a seat pls.
Sanskar: tq
Anand: would u like 2 have something?? Tea?? Coffee?? Or Drink??
Sanskar: I would like 2 take u.
Anand: What?? (Confused n serious look)
Sanskar: Oh… I’ll explain. Here is the proof u gave me on the first day of our meeting if u remember.
Anand: I very well do.
Sanskar: And here is the proof that I’ve collected against u. U r the one who gave money 2 some cheap rowdies in order 2 scare the residents of Arthur Road.
Anand: N why the hell would I do that??
Sanskar: In order 2 occupy their land damn it.
Anand: Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, hold ur tongue. Don’t forget ki u r talking 2 the MLA.
Sanskar: And Mr. Anand u don’t forget ki u r talking wid a CBI officer.
Anand: U’ll not listen like this Sanskar. I’m gonna call Commissioner.
Sanskar: No use Mr. Anand. I’ve already talked wid him. And I’ve got a warrant 2 arrest u. So u r under arrest.
Anand: What the hell… U can’t do this.
Sanskar: Inspector arrest him.
Inspector puts handcuffs to the MLA n takes him from there to the station. After the police takes the MLA from there he searches his entire house n finds some more proofs against him. He then goes to his ofc to safeguard the proofs. After dng his remaining work on the case he locks his cabin n is abt to leave. Just then he sees Laksh cmg from his cabin.
Sanskar: Hey Laksh. Done wid ur work?? Shall we make a move?
Laksh: Sure Sanskar.
Then they both get into the car n drive towards their home.

Scene 4 @ USA (8:00 AM)
Swara goes to college n searches for Manasa n Harshini. She looks everywhere but cud not find them. So she goes to the library to study for the semester finals as there is still an hour for her class to start. When she is studying a handsome Indian guy comes 2 her.
Guy: Hey Swara…
Swara: Hi… How can I help u??
Guy: Swara… It’s me Yuvraj.
(Guys imagine Yuvi from tashan e ishq as Yuvraj)
Swara: So??
Yuvi: I just wanna tell u something.
Swara: Ha tell.
Yuvi: Oooo… I
Swara: I what??
Yuvi: Ooo… I was telling ki I am in love wid u.
Just then Manasa n Harshini enters the library n listens their convo.
Manasa: He is out today.
Harshini: Swara will kill him for sure.
Swara: What?? How dare u??
Yuvi: Why dare in saying I love u yaar..?
Then there was a sound as Swara slapped Yuvi.
Swara: How dare u say I love u 2 me?? I know abt boys. They just get attracted 2 them n nothing else. I don’t luv u. In fact I don’t luv anyone. And she storms out of the library followed by Manasa n Harshini. She just goes 2 class n starts behaving as if nothing has happened a while ago.

Scene 5 @Gadodia Mansion
Ragini is crying sitting on the bed. Just then Sumi enters wid some snacks for Ragini. She sees her crying n goes 2 her. Seeing Sumi cmg she wipes off her tears.
Sumi: Ladoo… What happened?? Why r u crying??
Ragini: Ma… I’m not crying. Something fell in my eye that’s why tears r cmg.
Sumi: Will u even lie 2 ur mom??
Ragini: Mom…
She starts crying keeping her head in Sumi’s lap. And narrates what all happened in her ofc.

*Flashback starts
Ragini: Oh no… Did he get 2 know abt me gng wid Sanskar?? Pls save me someone :s
Laksh: Did u study the case Ms. Gadodia.
Ragini: Yes Sir.
Laksh: Did u do that today after our meeting in the morning.
Ragini: …..
Laksh: Answer me… (Wid angry look)
Ragini: N…Nn…No Sir.
Laksh: Can I know why??
Ragini: Sir… wo… main
Laksh: What wo… main?? Speak up damn it??
Ragini: I was busy wid… (Cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: Busy wid what?? Okay let me guess busy wid personal stuff. Right??
Ragini: No sir… (Cut off by Laksh again)
Laksh: Shut up!! Just shut up! I’ve never seen such an irresponsible n overacting person in my life. Sometimes u act as if u r working so hard but the next moment u’ll start behaving so carelessly. I sometimes feel ki u r not even suitable for this job. Ms. Gadodia pls behave as a CBI officer from now onwards. Understand??
Ragini: Y..yy…yyesssss Sir (almost crying)
Ragini came straight 2 home after the meeting is over.
*Flashback ends

Ragini: Maa… Why does he scold me always? I know ki he hates girls but that doesn’t mean ki he can scold me for small things also na..?
Sumi: Beta… U r only telling na ki it’s a small thing then why r u taking it 2 ur heart?
Ragini: But mom… How can I not?? I’m also a human being n I’ve emotions as well.
Sumi: Haa beta… k do one thing. Laksh hates girls right?? First find why he hates girls so much n then try 2 remove his hatred. Until u don’t know a person completely, u shud never come 2 conclusions beta. Specially in the matters of life…never.
Ragini: k mom.
Sumi: Now smile na…
Ragini smiles a little n then Sumi gives her plate to eat n she goes to the kitchen. Ragini is talking to herself.
Ragini: Mom is right… I gotta know why he hates girls to the core n I’ll find for sure. Mission Mr. Khadus ko Mr. Normal banana start :p

So guys done wid the 2nd part as well.
I hope u njoy. Pls silent readers comment so that I can get more encouragement.
If u guys have any questions just ask me in the comments below.
Thank u for reading n showering ur luv guys.

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