Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 18)


Hello everyone! Dreamy is back wid the next epi. R u guys excited 2 know wht happened 2 Ragini n Swasan’s next meet? Toh challo let’s start.

Scene 1 @ Maheshwari Mansion

Annapurna n Sujatha are doing their daily chores. Seems like there’s no one at home except Ap n Sujatha. They are cooking in the kitchen. Ap gets a feeling that someone is watching her. She turns back n sees but finds none. They agn get involved in cooking. Just then the power goes.
Sujatha: Jiji… Candle kaha hain??
Ap: Uss top right drawer mein hain.
Sujatha: Ji…
Sujatha searches for the candle but does not find it.
Sujatha: Jiji… It is not here.
Ap: Search properly Sujatha. I put it there in the morning only.
Sujatha: Nah Jiji. I’m not able to find it.
Ap: Wait… I’m cmg.
Ap goes 2 Sujatha n searches for the candle. Even she is not able 2 find it.
Ap: Arey… Candle kaha hai? Mein toh yahi rakha tha…
Sujatha: May be u have put it somewhere else Jiji.
Ap: No way Sujatha. I remember it very well.
Just then they hear a noise cmg from the living room. They both go to the living room n looks here n there but finds none. Agn they hear a footstep. They both get scared this time. They both hold hands n turns back n sees a person holding candle in his hand, the light is falling directly over his face. They get scared n screams.
Ap n Sujatha: Ahhhh… =O

Scene 2 @ Gadodia Mansion

A car stops at the entrance. A pretty girl gets down the car. She gets really happy seeing the house in front of her. She immediately pays the driver, takes all her luggage n runs into the house. She sees a lady doing pooja at the tulsi plant. She waits for her 2 complete her pooja. When the lady opens her eyes she is shocked 2 see the girl.
Lady: Shona… tum yaha kaise??
Swara: Maa… Aap bhi na. Ur daughter came from US after 4 long years n u were standing there n asking me questions. Won’t u even hug me??
Sharmishta: Of course Shona…. How r u? I missed u so much… Why didn’t u inform us abt ur arrival? (Hugs her n tears start rolling down her eyes)
Swara: Why r u crying maa?? Pls don’t. I thought to give a lil surprise.
Sharmishta: Yeh toh khushi ki aansoo hai… Chalo let’s go in. Ragini n ur dad will be so happy 2 see u.
Swara: Haa… but mom mein use surprise doongi. Aap jake apni remaining pooja complete kar lo.
Sharmishta: Chalo theek hai.
Swara goes in n sees the living area empty. She then goes 2 kitchen n sees an old lady cooking. She back hugs her.
Old lady: Kaun?? Swara… tu kab tut padi??
Swara: Abhi… So wht’s my dadi cooking??
Dadi: Mein toh Ladoo ke liye juice bana rahi hoon. Uski tabiyat theek nahi hain na…
Swara: Hmm… She told me. Waise kaisi hai wo??
Dadi: Ab better hain.
Swara: Theek hai. I’ll go see her.
Dadi: Hmm…

Swara goes to the dining area n finds a person reading newspaper. She gives a smirk n walks behind him silently.
Person: Sharmishta where’s my breakfast??
Swara: Yeh rahi aapki bf… (In Sharmishta’s voice)
Person: Thank u 🙂
Swara: Kya hai Shekhar hamesha news padte rehte ho… bore nahi hoge?? Kuch aur karo na… like dance, sing.
Shekhar gets shocked listening dis as Sharmishta never speaks like dis. So he lifts his head n looks at the person. A smile appears on his face. He gets up n hugs Swara.
Shekhar: Swara… Kab aayi thi beta??
Swara: Abhi papa…
Shekhar: Bata deti toh main aajata airport pick karne…
Swara: Isiliye nahi bataya. Mein kya bacchi hoon. I can take care of myself papa…
Shekhar: Pata hai beta…
Swara: K papa… I’ll meet Ragini n come.
Shekhar: Hmm… woh terrace pe hain.
Swara: Terrace… what’s she dng on terrace?? (Thinks in her mind)
Swara goes to terrace n sees Ragini standing wid her back towards Swara. She silently goes to her n stands at the back of her. Ragini was abt 2 turn.
Swara: Bhooo…..
Ragini: Ahhh… =O
Swara laughs….

Scene 3 @ Medical college

Uttara is shocked 2 see a guy beating the goons. He finally beats all the goons n comes towards Uttara.
Guy: R u fine??
Uttara: Yah… All thanks 2 u 🙂
Guy: No worries. Btw who r they?
Uttara: Oo…oo… I don’t know dem.
Guy: Okay… I’m so sry I forgot 2 introduce myself. I’m Nikhil Kapoor. (Guys imagine Nikhil from the serial)
Uttara: I’m Uttara Maheshwari.
Nikhil: I know.
Uttara: Wht??
Nikhil: I mean I study in dis college too. So I know u.
Uttara: But I never saw u.
Nikhil: How will u see me when u r so into ur books? U shud stop studying dat much. U shud njoy ur life. It’s small.
Uttara: I know but it’s my dream 2 become a doctor. So I’ll not waste a single sec njoying life. U can also njoy after achieving ur dream.
Nikhil: Hmm… nice philosophy. I like it.
Uttara: Thanks!! Okay bye. My car is here.
Nikhil: Yep bye… take care.
Uttara: U too…
Uttara gets in her car n the car drove off. Nikhil also goes in his bike.

Scene 4 @ Maheshwari Mansion

Ap n Sujatha: Ahhh… =O
Person: Ahhh….
Ap n Sujatha stop screaming n looks at the person in confusion. The power comes back n their confused faces turned into happy faces.
Sujatha: Chora tum??
Ap: Sanskar tum kab aaye??
Sanskar: Abhi… par aap chilla kyun rahe ho??
Sujatha: Hame laga ki bhoot hai.
Sanskar: Kya choti mom… Aap bhi na.
Ap: Sanskar tum jao n get freshen up. U might be tired na… I’ll get u something 2 eat.
Sanskar: K mom. Bye choti mom.
Sujatha: Bye… 🙂
Sanskar goes 2 his room n gets freshen up.

Scene 5 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini: Ahhh… =O
Swara: Hahahaa…
Ragini: Shona tum…
Ragini hugs Swara.
Swara: Kaise ho??
Ragini: I’m fine but wht a sudden surprise. How? When? Why?
Swara: Ladoo chill out. I’ll tell u everything. But first u tell me ur rest of the story.
Ragini: K…

*Flashback starts
The people looks in the direction of the door. They were abt 2 see me but someone pulled me from der holding my shoulders. I think I fell in the narrow passage way dat is invisible 2 the people in the room. Due 2 the sudden pull I lost my balance n I fell flat on the floor wid my face towards the floor. But the floor was soft. I couldn’t see wht I fell on as it was completely dark. Then I remembered dat I had a cell phone in my hand n so turned it towards the floor. I’m shocked 2 see Laksh Sir.
Ragini: Laksh Sir…
Laksh: R u okay??
Ragini: Haa… but how did u come here.
Laksh: I came 2 the address u gave me n came a lil forward. I saw ur scooty near the woods n when I came near it I saw the den.
Ragini: Good dat u came. These people are traf… (Cut off by Laksh)
Laksh puts his hand on her lips.
Laksh: Shh… Someone’s cmg.
We were silent n after the person left the place we stood up.
Ragini: They are trafficking organs.
Laksh: Wht?? (Shocked)
Ragini: Here I captured some pics. But I was not able 2 see their faces.
Laksh checks the photos n gets shocked.
Laksh: We gotta catch dem. Do one thing call our ofc immediately n ask dem 2 come here ASAP.
Ragini: Yep.
Ragini calls someone n asks dem 2 come there ASAP. But a person sees dem n shouts.
Guy: Yeh… Who r u?? Wht r u dng here?
He aims a gun at dem. Both Laksh n Ragini get shocked.

So guys how’s the epi?? I hope u njoyed it? Tell me ur valuable comments in the comments box below. Bye guys. See u next week.

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