Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 17)


Hey guys!! I’m back. How r u all? I hope u guys njoyed epi 16. Thank u so much for all ur valuable comments. And silent readers pls comment. I need support n luv frm u guys as well. Pls pls comment n share ur luv for dis ff. Okay now let’s know where our Swasan are.

Scene 1 @ Dubai Airport

Announcement: Gate 7 is now open. Flight 30879 is open for passengers.
Swara: Hey Ladoo… I’ve 2 sleep now. K bye. Will talk later.
Ragini: K Shona… Gud nyt 🙂
Swara turns off her mobile n goes 2 the gate. She shows her passport at the desk n den goes in 2 board the flight. She goes 2 her seat n sees a guy.
Guy: Hi. Pls have ur seat.

Swara: Thanks.
She sits in her seat but feels weird and so turns 2 look at the guy. He is staring her but looks in different direction when she sees him. Swara gets irritated and angry. The guy rubs his shoulder wid Swara’s. She gets really angry but stops herself as she’s in a flight. She goes 2 the flight attendant.
Swara: Excuse me… Can u pls change my seat?
Attendant: Mam… Is there any prob?
Swara: Yeah… I don’t like my neighbor. So pls.
Attendant: Sure mam. Give me a sec.
Swara: Sure.
The flight attendant goes n talks 2 someone. She returns back 2 Swara.
Attendant: Mam u can go 2 E23.
Swara: K thanks!

Attendant: Sure mam. Anything else?
Swara: No, thank u.
Swara takes her luggage n goes 2 E23. She sees a person sleeping wid blanket on his face. She sits next 2 him n starts reading a magazine. After sometime even she falls asleep.

Scene 2 @ Unknown place

A guy is seen investigating a place. Looks like it is a crime scene. He is taking pics. Just then he finds a poison bottle nearby a bush. He takes it holding it in a handkerchief. He takes pics of dat as well. Just then he gets a call.
He pics it up.
Guy: Hello, Karthik speaking.
Other side: R u detective Karthik?
Karthik: Yeah.
Other side: I’m inspector Sriram frm Gurgaon police station.
Karthik: Hi Sir. Any new case?
Sriram: Haa… Can u come in the evening?
Karthik: Sure, will come.
Sriram: Thanks. See u later.
Karthik: Yep.
He hangs up n looks at the bottle closely. He then goes 2 nearby medical shop n inquires where these type of poisons are sold. He then goes 2 some other places 2 inquire abt the poison bottle. But all his attempts go in vain as no one knows abt it. It’s a rare type of poison.

Scene 3 @ Airplane

The guy in E22 wakes up n sees a person sleeping next 2 him.
Guy: Oh Shoot!! Ab main bathroom kaise jaun?? Yeh toh aise soh rahe hai taki koi is seat se bahar kadam hi nahi rak paye. Ab kya karu??
He stands up n tries 2 put his leg out but is not able 2 as Swara is sleeping wid her legs fully stretched. He doesn’t know how 2 get out. When he’s trying 2 put his right leg out Swara moves her legs. As a result the guy loses his balance n falls on top of Swara. Her blanket gets off her face. Because of heavy weight Swara opens her eyes n gets shocked. The guy gets shocked as well.

Guy: Ms. Angry Bird. Yaha?? (Blabbers)
Swara: Mr. Nalayak Maheshwari yaha kya kar raha hai?? (blabbers)
Swara: Tum yaha kaise??
Sanskar: Mein India ja raha hoon.
Swara: Oh God! Tum bhi isi flight se jaa rahe ho?? Kuch aur flight me jaate.
Sanskar: Tum bhi toh jaa sakte the. Mujhe lagta hai ki tum mujhe follow kar rahi ho.
Swara: Haa tum toh Ranbir Kapoor ho na? (Sarcastically)
Sanskar: Nahi par mein usse kam nahi hun.

Swara: Hmm… whatever.
Sanskar: Yaar what’s ur problem? Tum itni rude kyun ho?
Swara: Hey Mr. Maheshwari. U pls mind ur business. That’s good for u.
Sanskar: Hmm…
He goes 2 bathroom not being able 2 fight wid Swara anymore.
Swara: Itni achi neend karab kardi. Hmm… Lagta hain ise koi kam nahi hai logon ko satane ke alawa.
She starts watching a movie.

Scene 4 @ Medical College – Mumbai

A girl is seen waiting for someone in front of the college gate. She is continuously checking her phone for time.
Girl: Arey ye driver kaha reh gaya? 5 baje ko aana tha par ab tho 6 bhi baj gaye…
She keeps on waiting. After 5 mins a jeep stops in front of her. Some rowdies get out of the jeep. On seeing them the girl gets scared. The rowdies go straight to the girl n surrounds her. She tries 2 go but they wouldn’t let her. She gets tensed.
Girl: Pls mujhe jane dijiye…
Rowdy: Itni bhi jaldi kya hai madam?
Girl: Pls mujhe der ho rahi hai…
Rowdy: Arey lagta hai aapka driver nahi aaya… Kya hum aapko drop kare?? Maheshwari mansion mein??
Girl: Ji nahi. Me khud chala jaunga…
The girl tries 2 go but agn they stop her.

Rowdy: Nahi Uttara ji… Hum hain na aapke service mein. Aayiye…
Saying dis the rowdy holds her hand. Uttara tries 2 free her hand but he’s holding tightly. Uttara shouts asking someone 2 help her. But no one comes front.
Girl: HELP!! HELP Me!! Koi mujhe bachao…
The rowdies drag her 2 their jeep but when they were abt 2 put her inside the jeep the rowdy holding Uttara falls down. Uttara n all the other rowdies get shocked n turn back 2 see a guy standing in full angry mode.

Scene 5 @ Airplane

Announcement: Good evening everyone! We’ve now arrived. Welcome to Mumbai!! We hope u have a great stay at Mumbai. Thanks for flying with Emirates.

Swara n Sanskar get down the plane n goes 2 the checking area. After getting done with the check in they go out n wait for a cab.
Sanskar: Oh Shoot!! Mere paas toh dollars hi hain. Ab mein cab wale ko paise kaha se doon?? Think Sanskar… Yes, Ms. Gadodia.
Swara: Excuse me, XYZ address chalenge??
Cab: Nahi madam. Sry.
Sanskar: Excuse me Ms. Gadodia?
Swara: Oh God… Ab kya??
Sanskar: Actually mere paas rupees nahi hai…
Swara: Toh main kya karu?
Sanskar: Agar aapke paas hai toh aap mujhe dollars ke badle rupees denge? Pls…
Swara: Okay… Kitna chaahiye??

Sanskar: 500 Rs.
Swara: Yeh lo… mujhe dollars nahi chahiye. What will I do wid them in India?
Sanskar: Thank u so much. If we meet anywhere anytime I’ll return ur 500 Rs.
Swara: Nahi 500 Rs. aap rakh lijiye. I hope we never meet agn.
Sanskar: Oh God!! Girls ko na thoda soft hona chahiye. Itni khadus aur rakhas nahi.
Swara: Main aise hi hoon. Aap kaun hote ho mujhe batane wale ki main kaise rahu? Woh meri marzi hain.
Sanskar: Thik hai. Main ja raha hoon. Bye.
Swara: Hmm… whatever.
Sanskar: God… Tum galti se isko aisa kiya hai kya? Crazy…
They both call a cab n goes from there. They’re very happy to see their families.

So guys what happened to Ragini? Did Laksh save her? How will Sanskar react when he comes 2 know dat Swara is Ragini’s sis? How will they meet agn? How will Swara bear Sanskar? Who’s the guy dat saved Uttara??

To know stay tuned to my ff…
Wid love,
Dreamy <3

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