Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 16) – Maha Episode

Hello Guys!! HAPPY DIWALI everyone. I hope ur Diwali is filled with laughter and joy. I know ki u all missed me n the ff but kya karu fever itni hai ki I couldn’t even get up n sit. I’m so so sry for not posting from almost two weeks. That’s why I’m posting a maha episode. So enjoy kiddos… K now enough of my bak bak. Let’s start 🙂

After two days…

Scene 1 @ USA Airport

The airport is very busy wid all the people. There a handsome hunk is checking in his luggage. There is a women assistant at the desk.
Assistant: Hello Sir. How r u?
Guy: As always, great.
Assistant: Hmm… How many Sir??
Guy: 2 check in n one carry on.
Assistant: May I know ur good name, please??
Guy: Sanskar Maheshwari… Why u wanna propose me??
Assistant: No Sir. To check in our records (smiles a lil).
Sanskar: So u don’t wanna ask me out. How mean?? Am I not handsome?? (Haha guys… this is the flirty Sanskar outside office.)
Assistant: Sir ur gate is number 12. U may go now.
Sanskar: Why?? U want me 2 go? Don’t u like me?
Assistant: Sir… Pls. I have 2 check the next passenger.
Sanskar: K k. I’m gng. I’ll never come back.
Saying dis he goes 2 his gate n sits on a chair cuz it’s not yet open.

Scene 2 @ Gadodia Mansion

A girl is sitting on the bed reading some magazine. She gets a message n checks her phone. It is from Shona.
Girl: Hey Shona sis… How r u??
Swara: I’m good Ladoo… How r u?
Ragini: I’m great… sitting on the bed… with a broken leg 😀
Swara: Kya… Ladoo tum theek toh ho na?? (worried face)
Ragini: Ha Shona… I’m perfectly fine. Just broke a bone.
Swara: But how??
Ragini: Oo… (She thinks something)

*Flashback starts
Ragini is gng home on her scooty. It was so late at night.
Ragini (to herself): ADITI… Aditi naam hai na uska? Haa… She’s such a chipkali yaar. Whenever I see she’s always wid Laksh Sir. Behave toh aise kar rahi thi jaise ki hone wali biwi ho… Friend hai toh friend ki tarah raho naa… Itni close hone ki kya jarurat hai. Aur Laksh Sir ne tho kamaal kar diya. Ladki ko dekhke hi chidne wala us Aditi se itna close kyun hai. Khair mujhe Kya?? Main kyun itni bad feel kar rahi hoon? Ragini… just chill.
Just then her scooty stops.
Ragini (to herself): Ab ise kya hua?? Ek dam se ruk kyun gayi?? Start bhi nahi ho rahi hai… Ab kya karu? Itni sun saan jagah pe ruk gayi?? Shit!
Not being able 2 do anything she sits on a big stone on the side of the road. She quickly opens her mobile 2 call someone but does not find network. After sometime she sees a vehicle that is approaching towards her n gets up 2 ask for lift. The vehicle passes by without stopping for her. She curses the person in the vehicle for not stopping. But they stop after some distance n a person gets out. Looks like there is a problem wid the vehicle. Ragini walks 2 dat vehicle. There r some men looking like rowdies. She gets suspicious n so stands at a distance keeping an eye on dem. They’re changing their car tire as there is a puncture. When they’re busy in their work Ragini notices something coming out from the back of the car n gets shocked.
*Flashback ends

Swara: Ladoo… I’ll talk 2 u later. I’ve 2 go now. Tell me the rest of the story later. Take care of urself, okay??
Ragini: Sure Shona… U also tc, bye.
Swara: Hmm… Luv u <3
Ragini: Me 2!
Ragini cuts the phone n again starts reading her magazine.

Scene 3 @ Airport

A girl wearing a crop tee and jeans is sitting in the waiting area n is busy in her phone. She immediately gets up when the announcement says that the gate is open 2 board the plane. She goes inside the gate n boards the plane. She goes 2 her seat n arranges her luggage. She then sits in the window seat. She turns on the TV n puts on her headphones. After sometime she sees a person sitting next 2 her n gets shocked.
Person n Girl: Tum…??
Girl: Wht the hell r u dng here?
Person: I'm not feeling well so came here 2 consult a doctor….
Girl: Wht??
Person: Otherwise wht will people do in a plane?? I'm flying 2 India.
Girl: Shoot!! Do I've 2 bear him hear as well (Blabbers).
Person: Kuch kaha aapne??
Girl: Nothing.
Person: Arey yaar… Yaha bhi is angry bird ko jhelna padega??(Blabbers)
Girl: Did u say something??
Person: Nope… nothing. Ms. Gadodia se kya keh sakta hoon.
Swara: Hmm… (Turns 2wards the window) I think Mr. Maheshwari has no work. Hamesha mere peeche pade rahta hain.
Sanskar: Oh God!! Is angry bird se mujhe bacha lo… Warna India Sanskar Maheshwari nahi sirf dead Maheshwari jayega.
Swara: I shud talk 2 Ragini once before the flight takes off.
She goes 2 the flight attendant.
Swara: Excuse me… Can I make a call real quick??
Attendant: I'm so sry mam… U can't call anyone. But u can message till the flight does not take off.
Swara: K… Thank u so much.

Scene 4 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini gets a message from Swara. She checks the message.
Swara: Tell me wht happened dat day. Quick I don't have much time.
Ragini: Okay, but aren't u done wid ur exams?? Then why r u in a hurry?
Swara: Yaar… I have 2 go 2 an event wid my friends. U tell na…
Ragini: Okay…

*Flashback starts
Ragini gets shocked seeing blood cmg out of the car. She gets scared. So she thinks 2 follow dem 2 find abt it. She goes back 2 her scooty n tries so hard 2 start it. She bends the scooty sideways n tries 2 start agn. Finally it gets started n she waits for them 2 start gng. After replacing the tire they start gng n Ragini follows dem. She tries 2 overtake dem sometimes 2 not make dem doubt her. They finally stop at a place which looks like a den n takes something from the car n goes in. She messages someone before gng in. She parks her scooty in the woods so dat no one wud see. She then goes in following the rowdies n enters into a den. She tries 2 follow dem but misses as there are so many turns. She finally finds a door n tries 2 open it. Seems like it is locked. She opens it using her hair pin n enters the room. She is shocked at the sight in front of her eyes.
*Flashback ends

Swara: Yaar… I'll hear the rest after cmg. Okay.
Ragini: Cmg?? But where??
Swara: I mean after cmg from the event. U tc. Bye.
Ragini: Bye Shona… Njoy wid ur friends.
Swara: Hmm… (Enjoy… my foot. I gotta njoy wid dis idiot police right next 2 me – in mind)

Scene 5 @ Airplane

Swara switches off her mobile n starts watching an action movie. After some time air hostess comes there 2 give them their dinner.
Air hostess: Mam… Sir here's ur dinner. Njoy ur meal 🙂
Swara n Sanskar: Thank u…
They look at each other as they said it together. They start having their dinner.
Sanskar: Umm… yummy. Hai na??
Swara: Sry I'm a vegetarian.
Sanskar: Oh… but u shud try non veg. It tastes delicious n is also gud for ur health.
Swara: Did I ask u??
Sanskar: No I was just suggesting… (Cut off)
Swara: Keep ur suggestions 2 urself. I don't need dem.
Sanskar: Huh… Kitni badtameez ladki hai yaar (in mind).
Sanskar: Btw why r u watching an action movie?? Do u like dem?
Swara: Hmm…
Sanskar: But u know wht? U shud watch romantic movies. They'll be really good u know.
Swara: No thank u… I hate romantic movies. I feel like slapping the director blue n black.
Sanskar: But why?
Swara: Its none of ur business.
Sanskar: But wht I'm trying 2 say is… (Cut off)
Swara: I'd really appreciate it if u cud eat without talking. It's not good for ur health.
Sanskar: Okay… (He turns 2wards his TV n eats his dinner while watching the movie).
Swara: Ahh… irritating. Why did I get a seat next 2 him?? God… Feel like killing him.

Scene 6 @ Maheshwari Mansion

A guy comes home n goes directly 2 his room. He gets freshen up n starts reading something. When he is reading he recalls something.

*Flashback starts
Laksh's POV
I was in my cabin talking 2 Aditi when I got a message. I checked it n the name Ms. Gadodia was flashing on the screen. I opened her message immediately n was so confused.
I was shocked on reading the message. Without thinking anything I rushed out of my cabin n ran 2 my car. I got in n drove as fast as possible 2 the address Ms. Gadodia mentioned in dat message. I came 2 the address n found none. I got scared for a sec. Then I heard some people talking. I went in the direction of the voices n found a den. I wanted 2 go in but the rowdies r sitting near the entrance as if protecting something. I thought of a plan. I made a sound 2 distract dem by throwing a stone 2 the other side n they all went in dat direction. I ran 2 the entrance ASAP n entered it before they saw me. It was all dark. I started searching for Ms. Gadodia. I was very tensed as 2 wht might have happened 2 her. Is she alright? Did they do anything 2 her? My mind is full of unanswerable questions.
*Flashback ends

Scene 7 @ Airplane

Announcement: Hello everyone! We're now landing in Dubai International. Thanks for flying with Emirates!! Have a nice day.
Swara: Finally I don't have 2 bear dis Mr. Nonsense anymore. From the beginning he is talking nonstop. Koi itna kaise bol sakta hain?
Sanskar: K… Have a nice day. Btw r u gng 2 India r anywhere else?
Swara: India.
Sanskar: Me too. 🙂
Swara: Maine poocha?
Sanskar: Nahi… Aise hi 🙁
They get off the flight n goes in different directions. Swara goes 2 McDonalds as she is hungry. Sanskar gets done wid his check in n directly goes 2 his gate as he has 2 catch the connecting flight 2 India. He sits in the waiting area. Swara goes 2 her gate after she's done having her food. She also sits in the waiting area. She takes out her mobile n messages Ragini.
Swara: Toh story continue karogi?

Scene 8 @ Gadodia Mansion

Ragini checks her phone n sees Swara's message. She texts back.
Ragini: Didn't u sleep yet?? It is night in US right??
Swara: Yeah… but I've an assignment 2 complete. That's why. U tell na…
Ragini: Hmm…

*Flashback starts
I was in utter shock. There r dead bodies everywhere. They r hanged all around the room. It was full of blood. In a word it was like slaughter house. I got really scared seeing all dat. I heard 2 people talking but couldn't see their faces as their back was towards me.
Guy 1: Let's remove all the organs n sell dem tomorrow.
Guy 2: Hmm… Today is our lucky day dat we were able 2 kill these many people. We're gonna get millions.
Guy 1: Haha…

Ragini: So they r killing people n selling their body parts. God… Organ trafficking. I gotta gather evidence. And who r those people? I wish I could get a quick glance at them.
Saying dis in mind she starts capturing photos in her mobile widout making any noise. After taking the pics she tries 2 see the person's faces but fails. While trying 2 see their faces she pushes the door a lil which makes a creaking noise. The people get alert n looks at the direction of the door. I was shocked!!

Will the persons in the room see Ragini? If yes, then wht will happen 2 Ragini? Will Laksh be able 2 reach on time? Will he be able 2 save Ragini? Is it the start of a new luv story? What abt Swasan? R they gonna meet agn? How? Where? When? How will destiny bring them together agn? To know stay tuned. Dreamy signing off.

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  1. Fairy

    Oh god dreamy!!!!!!wt a marvellous update yaaar…reallly a maha dhamaka ….organ traffickng oh god!!!!n my poor rago is dere…oh no…hope laksh wl save her…m oooo worried……????? waitng eagerly for nxt part…. Keep rockng n tay blessed dear….n wish u a veryyyyyyyyyyy happppppy vala diwali sweety????????????????????

    1. Dreamy

      Thank u Fairy n wish u a very very happy Diwali. Will post next part soon 🙂

  2. Simin

    Flirty sanskar huhuhuhu

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    Wow awesomeee ?

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  5. A.xx

    hahah Flirty Sanky and what about Ragini what hapened to her???
    I think Lakshya is slowly starting to realise he loves Rags,,
    what’ll happen when Sanky finds out Swara is his bf’s sister,
    and how will rags react seeing Swara..
    waiting eagerly to find out.xx

    1. Dreamy

      Keep waiting dear… Will post soon 🙂

  6. Arshaanya

    Loved swasan part…
    Jus wanna ask y u wrote dis ff as swasan if u gonna give equal or more raglak part…
    Srry if i hurt u its ur story n u can write accrdng to ur wish u can gve imprtnce to raglak as much u want bt ur title is misleading fans as i dun read raglak stories dat much…

    1. Dreamy

      Thanks for liking n I’m not trying 2 mislead anyone. It’s just the beginning n so I’m giving equal importance 2 both the couples but slowly I’m gonna add more Swasan scenes when their luv story starts. I’m sry if u think dat I’m misleading cuz I’m myself a Swasan fan n I can’t do that. I’m just writing the ff cuz of my luv for Swasan n not to mislead or misguide anyone. It’s ur wish whether u read it or not. But I just wanna share my luv for Swasan wid everyone of u. That’s it. I’m sry if my comment made u sad or hurt u but it’s just my point of view. Sry Arshaanya.

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  8. Kakali

    Omggggg !!!! my Sanskar !!!! what happened to him? did he had any short term memory loss !!! Goshhh!!! he was making me more crazy for him…;-* love it..

    Loved d Raglak part also…

    waise i have 2 questions in my mind from ages !! may i,,
    1. u called us Kiddo,, then Grandmaa,, how much big u then us?
    2.Dreamy,, is ur real name?
    if yes, it’s beautiful…

    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Dreamy

      1. I’m only 18 years old. I told kiddos just like dat. That’s my habit.
      2. No dreamy is my nick name… I always dream abt something. That’s why my family calls me like dat n I also like dat name 😉

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